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Aug 09, 2017

Clogtwo x Mighty Jaxx--Toshi Neko: Kweeny (8.12)


Next up in the Toshi Neko vinyl series from grafftiti  artist/illustrator Clogtwo and Mighty Jaxx  is Kweeny—queen of the street and alley. Drawn from the artist and Mighty Jaxx founder Jackson Aw’s love of their cats, each character in the series features a different feline breed.  While not officially announced, Kweeny might  be an American Shorthair and follows Alleykat the Singapura cat.  

Kweeny (4”) will drop on Saturday August 12th direct from Mighty Jaxx.  While no price has been announced, the previously released Alleykat is currently available for $40. For more info on the genesis of Toshi Neko, head on over to Mighty Jaxx’s interview with Clogtwo.

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