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Aug 18, 2017

Huck Gee Steps Away From Art Toys


Huck Gee has announced that he’s closing his toy studio and is seeking a new adventure in the wide world of design.  We’re pretty sure he’ll land on his feet quickly.  We all know the art toy game isn’t quite what it used to be—rather large understatement—and Huck while extremely popular, wasn’t getting ahead and didn’t feel like he could keep going with a family to look out for.  If you haven’t already, take a few minutes to read his thoughts on the close of his toy journey.

It’s a sad day, Huck is one of the legends of the Art Toy scene and has been almost larger than life for me and many, many collectors for as long as I can remember.  And perhaps more importantly, he’s always been down to earth, ready with a wide smile, and extremely generous.   

On the toy side of things—rather bittersweet at the moment—Huck has an *awesome* Robotech project with BAIT.  We’re really excited to see that bad boy drop.  Pretty amazing that he went from his Livery Customs to a full blown licensed production toy, which apparently will become part of the official canon!

As for current projects, Gold Life will continue with Mighty Jaxx and plans are in the works to have Clutter oversee production of the Blanks.

Huck, here’s to finding a new path that brings you much deserved success and prosperity.   Thank you for all the joy and passion you’ve shared with all of us.

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Buff Monster – Chrome Mister Melty Set (8.16)

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Buff Monster is following up two previous Pink Chrome Mister Melty figures (3” and 5”), with the trifecta—a Chrome Mister Melty set featuring all three Mister Melty (3”) figures.  Featuring the classic and timeless chrome appeal, the set features the regular, zombie and two-faced toys complete with swanky velvet bags.  As with other drops, the two-faced is a combo resin (head) + sofubi (body) figure while the other two are 100% sofubi.  Very nice! Limited to just ten sets, these drop on Friday (8.16) at 7 AM PDT for $120 (+ s/h).

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