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Aug 05, 2017

Paul Jackson x Mighty Jaxx – Darwins Revenge (8.5)


Mighty Jaxx just released Darwins Revenge, a clever polystone figure from artist Paul Jackson (6”, 100 pcs, $120).  It’s available directly from the Mighty Jaxx web shop.  Based on his 2016 Pearl Jam concert poster (below for reference), the black and gold ape head conceals a secret plot evolving within.  Held in place by magnets, the Ape’s face can be removed to reveal Charles Darwin piloting what we know realize is in actuality an Ape Spaceship! The concept slots nicely into Jackson’s Revenge series of illustrations featuring famous personalities piloting animal-shaped ships in cockpits filled with all manners of gears, switches, and instruments.  Ace stuff!

Paul_Jackson_Darwins_Revenge_Face_Off_9s_800xPaul_Jackson_Darwins_Revenge_Face_On_2s_800x (1)Pearl_Jam_ape_VIEWABLE_copy

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