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Jul 12, 2017

What’s New EP5: Sket One


For What’s New Episode 5, DeKevin drops in on Sket One at his new studio in Long Beach.  We get to check out Sket’s toy and art collection as well as his work space. Sneak peaks?  Absolutely.  Sket’s working with 3DRetro on a new Tinc toy based on his recurring farting elephant character.  Be sure to watch the episode to check out control art and colorway designs for the new vinyl toy.

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UNKLE x Super 7 25th Anniversary Action Figures (7.22-7.23)

Super7 has been teasing their upcoming collaboration with UNKLE, set to drop at a special two-day event at their San Diego location (7.22-7.23).  Thanks to a nice Hypebeast article we now know that the mysterious project is actually an UNKLE action figure and record combo packaged inside a  matching Pointman clamshell—part of UNKLE’s 25th anniversary.  Very nice. 

As Hypebeast mentions, the design of the new figure is based on the OG figures released by Mo’Wax  in support of UNKLE’s 1998 debut album, Psyence Fiction. The original figures were designed by Ben Drury based on Futura’s signature Pointman character.  The new figures will be released in three colorways-–pink camo, green camo, and blue camo.  As you can see the sculpt is very close to the 1998 designs, with perhaps a bit more style and flair.  Pointman now has a subtle facial expression, his gear is slightly reworked, and the differing arm lengths are more exaggerated.  As with the OG figures, the new figures come with a clear stand—doubling as a capsule-style record—in order to display the feetless figures. Each figure comes with a different vinyl single: Pink-The Road, Blue-Nowhere to Run and Green-Looking for the Rain.

The UNKLE x Super7 Action Figures will be limited to 500 pieces in each colorway and will be available for $50 each at the UNKLE event at Super7 San Diego (7.22 – 7.23).  The new figures look great, have a nice backstory, and would be a nice compliment to the later Medicom produced UNKLE toys. 

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