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Jul 11, 2017

Marsham Toy Hour – S2 E14 with Teresa Chiba and Don Kratzer


Marsham Toy Hour welcomes back Don “Datadub” Kratzer who brought along another very special guest, Teresa Chiba! We get to learn a lot about her and her introduction to Japanese Vinyl Toys and her upbringings with Max Toy Co. and new projects with Vinyl Artist Gacha and Medicom! Give a listen to the latest episode down below!

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Kozik x Blackbook Toy – Lil’ Alex and Dim “Stealth” Edition


These are definitely one of Blackbook Toys most limited releases to date! At an edition of only 4 pieces each, soon available via Lottery is the “Stealth” Edition of Kozik’s Lil’ Alex and Dim figures. The lottery will be held via email, which will take place from Thursday, July 13th at 11AM through Saturday, July 15th at 10:59AM. To enter, send an email over to info[at]blackbooktoy[dot]com  with the following:

Title: ACC Stealth Lottery entry
Item Name - Lil Alex or Dim. You can enter only once each item.
and your Instagram Handle.

Winners can be expected to pay roughly $120 + S&H. It has been quite some time since they’ve released a blank and what better blank to get than this crystal clear release!

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DKE SDCC Exclusives Announced So Far

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DKE is the go-to source for bootleg/art action figures at San Diego Comic-Con.  From  the exclusives they’ve announced so far, that well-served reputation will continue to grow with carded treasures appealing to Star Wars collectors and art collectors looking for edgy, humorous, gotta see it to believe it toys.  Here’s our roundup (read: catchup) post of all the goodness that DKE has announced to-date that will be available at their SDCC booth (#5045).

Let’s start with two releases from artists new to the world of art action figures.  First up is Santo Vader (30 s/n pcs, $100) by Carlos Ramirez formerly of the renowned Date Famers art collective. From the eclectic sculpt to the the color scheme, the new toy fits seamlessly into the Date Farmers  art style.   On the lighter side of things, The Great Showdowns (50 s/n pcs, $100) 2-pack brings us illustrator Scott C.’s  take on Ghostbusters in his signature infectious, sketchy style.

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Moving on, DKE will also release a trio of new figures from  RYCA which showcase the range of his growing body of bootleg action figure art, from the socially-conscious I Am a Man (30 s/n pcs, $55) to the Art Trooper Series: Haring (65 s/n pcs, $55) and the blinged-out Wampapi (25 s/n pcs, $80).

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While the bootleg art toy game continues to diversify, the most popular inspiration for figure riffs is Star Wars.  As with past years, DKE will have plenty to satisfy those eager to walk on the alternate side of the Lucas galaxy.  On the Light Side of the Force, there’s R2-DPoo (40 s/n pieces, $45) by Random Skull Productions and YoClops (50 s/n pieces, $55) from Little Lazies.  On the Dark Side, there’s Muckuss (30 s/n pcs, $65) by Credenda StudiosBounty Hunter (24 s/n pcs, $150) by Manly ArtJob Wars: Unemployed Trooper (20 pcs, $55) and the Boss Vaderus Maximus Pin by DrilOne (100 pcs, $10).

Finally, Dollar $lice Bootlegs Junkie The Krusty Clown (30 s/n pcs, $55) depicts the popular  Simpsons character like never before. 

unnamed (8)

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Chris Ryniak x Rotofugi – SDCC Snybora

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Rotofugi is starting to reveal its plans for SDCC.  First up is this gorgeous rainbow-hued Snybora from Chris Ryniak.  This one is limited to 20 pieces, so stay sharp!  More info soon about what to expect from the Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi and Friends booth [#5248].

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Luke Chueh x Munky King – SDCC Prisoner Dextroamphetamine


The string continues with news that Luke Chueh and Munky King will release the new Prisoner Dextroamphetamine (Black Beauties) at SDCC.  It’s definitely time to mentally carve out a portion of your Comic-Con budget for this one and the rest of the Luke Chueh drops: Headspace White, Headspace Grey and Rainbow Hung—all at the MK booth [#4851]

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Coarse x Play House-- SDCC Nibble and Root Crunch and Always Mine



Toy Tokyo is offering the SDCC Nibble and Root Crunch and Always 2-figure set as a regular online purchase available to all.   The set features the Crunch and Always Mine editions of the adorable Nibble and Root combo figure from Coarse and Play House.   You can purchase the SDCC Nibble and Root Crunch and Always Mine set over at Toy Tokyo for $55 (+ s/h). 

While this release is labeled as an SDCC drop, it’s not clear that these will be available at SDCC proper.  At any rate, best to purchase these now online if you’re planning to get them.

CrunchAlway_Revise__0001__26152.1499453353 CrunchAlway_Revise__0004__43752.1499453356

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