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Jul 08, 2017

My Pet Monster 30th Anniversary Vinyl Release!


It’s been 30 years since My Pet Monster made plush cool, edgy and yes creepy. Now, Creepy Co. brings you a new updated version  to bring back the childhood in all of us! The design is cultivated from the different iterations over the years with a hint of "Neo Kaiju" mixed in. This production was also brought to you by the folks of Shinbone Creative and Saban Brands.

The new My Pet Monster stands 6" tall with articulation in the head, arms and wrists. There are two color variants to choose from, the "Classic" colorway is limited to 500 pieces and the orange and yellow version is limited to 100 pieces. Pre-Orders will begin in Late July, but be sure to visit Creepy Co.'s website and sign up for their newsletters for all the updates you need!

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Chaffy Vinyl Figure Kickstarter Campaign


If you're not already a fan of Chaffy, you should be! With the help of Kickstarter, this  book character will soon be available in vinyl form! This also has to be one of our most favorite KS Campaign videos of all time! These cute little one and a half eared creatures by artist Jamie Smart are known to get lost. So find yourself one by checking out their Kickstarter HERE. There are plenty of pledge tiers to choose from, such as Chaffy books, prints, original artwork and of course a 3.5" vinyl Chaffy itself!


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Mighty Jaxx -- Super Kaiju Corps and Clogtwo Saturday Releases! (07.08)

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Mighty Jaxx has a couple of sweet new releases for you! They've teamed up with Super Kaiju Corps to unleash the Amefuri Kozou figure, a character which is based off of Japanese folklore. This one-eyed sofubi figure stands 6" tall and dawns a kimono, wooden clogs with umbrella on its head. It can be found HERE for you $80.

Working with Clogtwo once again, Mighty Jaxx unveils his new figure Alley Kat, which is a part of the new Toshi Neko series. This fat cat comes with a spray can and lots of attitude. Standing 4" tall, this piece can be found HERE for $40. Limited to 200 pieces. 


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Edwin Ushiro -- ‘A Survey : Drawings and Paintings of Strange Things’ at Giant Robot 2 (7.8)

Growing up in Hawaii—islands steeped in tradition and folklore—LA-based painter Edwin Ushiro  has always been fascinated with the Supernatural.  For A Survey : Drawings and Paintings of Strange Things, opening on Saturday (7.8) at Giant Robot 2, he will present paintings inspired by the Japanese folklore featured in the Kwaidan: Stories and Studies of Strange Things book by Lafacdio Hearn from his personal, Japanese American perspective.  The new collection builds on Edwin’s talent of blending the mystical and the everyday within his ethereal works.


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Edwin Ushiro || A Survey : Drawings and Paintings of Strange Things
Opening: Saturday, July 8th 2017 (6:30 – 10 PM)

Giant Robot 2
2062 Sawtelle Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025

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