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Jul 01, 2017

Luke Chueh x Munky King –Headspace White Set at SDCC 2017


Oooh. First there was the Farther Black Set (Vader), now Luke Chueh and Munky King will soon bless us with the Headspace White Set featuring both Stormtrooper and  white Boba Fett heads! This one drops first at SDCC 2017, however it sounds like it will also be available online (phew!).   The sexy background of the teaser shot, has our fingers crossed that Bill McMullen’s Superstar Destroyer is dropping soon too.

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Roy Miles – Upcoming Show at Woot Bear (7.15)


Roy Miles, perhaps best known for his Biddies hip-hop toy line, will showcase his new wood toys for his upcoming solo at Woot Bear in San Francisco (7.15).  From the preview/behind-the-scenes shots floating, it looks like Miles laser cuts his boom box character toys and then hand-paints them for a nice ‘toony vibe.  We’re looking forward to more promo shots and info. If you look closely, you’ll notice that one of the shots features a giant sized toy in the background… Look for a follow-up post shortly.

19534785_476143156059121_1346292670418386944_n 18812651_307334153043187_3191691266828009472_n

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Third Stage x Mighty Jaxx – Dogbird


At first glance, the Dogbird four figure vinyl set appears to be a ‘soooo cute’ moment.  And it is, with a twist.  Designed by Korean studio Third Stage, the concept plays off of the Korean insult “개새”—think SOB—whose two individual characters mean Dog and Bird.  So, two parts cute and one part in your face—a recipe for fun, quirky art toys.   Back to the cute for just a bit – the sculpts blend canine and bird for instantly recognizable fun.  Each of the characters—Pugbird, Retribird, Siberianbird and Pengdog—features a dog body (with wings) atop chicken-like feet.  The realistic paint scheme works well here—the ‘straight’ accentuates the wacky sculpts.

Previously released and now sold out in Korea, Mighty Jaxx has brought the wonder of Dogbird back for everyone to enjoy.  The set of the four 3” figures is available for pre-order for $50 from Mighty Jaxx and should ship in Q4 2017.


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Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx – Brick Baby Junior

Jason Freeny’s Brick Baby is growing up right before our eyes. No longer an infant, Brick Baby Junior is ready to set a back-to-basics trend with his minimalist wardrobe. Limited to 200 pieces, the third edition of the Brick Baby polystone figure (8.5”) features the tell-tale umbilical cord and includes a sturdy base for effortless display. Magnetic parts allow you to pose Junior as you see fit.   Brick Baby Junior is available for pre-order directly from Mighty Jaxx for $130 and is slated to ship in Q4 2017.

Brick-Baby-Junior-1s_800x 19428931_143622999525873_6597358160825024512_n Brick-Baby-Junior-2s_800x

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