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Jun 13, 2017

J*RYU x Kidrobot – 8” Clairvoyant Antique Silver Dunny (6.16)


Oooh… The future looks bright with the new antique silver edition of the 8” Clairvoyant Dunny from J*RYU. The third edition of the stunning piece materializes on Friday (6.16) at 8 AM PDT only on Kidrobot.com . This colorway was selected by fans through an online FB poll  earlier this year—nice choice! As with the others, this one features a matching 3” crystal ball Dunny.  It sounds like there’s one more special edition lurking just beyond our perceptions. The mystery of the Arcane Divination continues to unfold.

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Marsham Toy Hour S2 E10 with Don "Datadub" Kratzer


Marsham Toy Hour is back for another amazing episode covering the topic of 5 Points Festival from the Eastern Toys side of things. Gary and Theresa have a nice chat with Don "Datadub" Kratzer of Powercore and 1000Toys. They also bring up topics as, queueing in line for toys, raffles vs first come first served, and limited edition runs vs open edition. Give this episode a listen below!

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Bjornik X VTSS Bai Lan “Byoo-ti”Edition Exclusive


Otto Bjornik and VTSS are back at it again with another amazing exclusive release. Check out the new “Byo-ti” Edition Bau Lan figure, which will go nicely with their previous Bai Chu Kyoo-ti exclusive from a couple years back. This release is limited to only 30 pieces and will retail $150 each and can be found available now HERE.

Byoo-ti_bell Byoo-ti_fruit2 Byoo-ti_left

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IBreakToys - Up Up Away Kyoot Kickstarter Campaign



A Designer Toy Collective Production is happy to announce their latest project to bring a very talented artist's creation to vinyl form. They are bringing IBreakToys' "Up Up Away Kyoot" to life. This Superhero who protects all things cute, features a bright red super hero costume with a homespun ‘K’ emblazoned on it. Our intrepid hero climbs atop a cardboard box to get some extra height, as he  takes off with the help of a giant bubblegum bubble.

"Up Up Away Kyoot" Stand 4" tall and 7" Tall with box. There are plenty of pledges with awesome perks for this campaign, but if you are looking for just the figure, that will cost you $55 for the original colorway or $60 for the KS Exclusive colorway. You can find the Kickstarter Campaign HERE.

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The Bioluminescent Swanicorn by Daniel Fleres (6.16)


It's been quite a long while since we seen Daniel Fleres'  Swanicorn and we are ecstatic to see the return with an amazing new release! The Bioluminescent Swanicorn will be available from his web store this Friday, June 16th in only a limited run of 10 pieces. We have yet to find out any other details, such as price or time, but you're going to want to follow Daniel via Instagram at @Danielfleres for more details!

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