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Jun 02, 2017

Secret Fresh – DTA Dunny Manila Party @ SixInch Gallery


Secret Fresh will host the official Manila DTA Dunny Party at Six Inch Gallery on Sunday (6.4) at 6 PM.  In addition to the brand-new DTA Dunnys, the event will showcase 20” Custom Dunnys from QUICCS, Egg Fiasco, Quatro, EXLD and Yeo Kaa.

From the previews, the customs look pretty impressive.  QUICCS has upsized his DTA Dunny designs with a 20” SRCH + Destroy combo featuring a Giant BabyTEQ Dunny [Sknhead] complete with 8” SRCH KR Dunny + Munny hybrid.   Going with a ‘toon vibe, Quatro’s delivered a sly one-eyed creation perfect for black light display.

If you’re in Manila, drop by and pick up a few DTA Dunny blind boxes and enjoy the new customs.  It sounds like a few of the artists including QUICCS will be on hand as well.

18812677_1403431233081142_6063203549351772160_n18889304_100341080568187_4464853894169624576_n 18723452_672111039650340_5829361005494272000_n

DTA Dunny Event
SixInch Gallery
Sunday, June 4th 2017 at 6PM

G/F RONAC Art Center, Ortigas Ave., Greenhills 1502
Manila Philippines

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Martian Toys x Wetworks – ‘The Scavanger’ Artist Editions


Martian Toys is offering pre-orders for their second wave of artist editions of WetworksThe Scavenger figure featuring Force Awakens heroine, Rey.  Through June 7th, you can pre-order versions of the figure from three different artists.  BEDazzler Art’s Star Gazer edition (10 pcs, $99 + s/h) is available in two variants—Twighlight and Midnight.  If the dark side is more your speed, consider the Sith! Edition by Firehead Designs (10 pcs, $99).  Finally, Drilone’s  The Star Destroyer (3 pcs, $150) features Rey in the artist’s signature distressed military style and includes matching Star Destroyer and BB2 tank mini accessories.

If you order two of the Scavenger figures, you’ll receive a raffle entry to win the giant 20” King of Hearts Dunny by RXSeven.  Winner will be drawn on July 7th.

IMG_2460_882cf2b8-4098-4647-b794-7ea82a5470ac18722725_349529192117057_3449431502641692672_n the_scavenger_front

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Kidrobot x Clutter – DTA Dunny Series Available Now


Following the early preview drop at Five Points Festival, the Designer Toy Award Dunny series from Kidrobot x Clutter is now available in general release.  The series features multiple Dunnys from Andrea Kang, So Youn Lee, Gary Ham, QUICCS, and The Bots who each created customs for one of the two DTA Dunny exhibitions. The designs are quite strong and the execution/production quality shines here.  Our take: a very strong Dunny series with an emphasis on cute designs. You can pick up the DTA Dunnys for 11.99/blind box from indie art toy shops including Rotofugi and myplasticheart as well as Kidrobot.com of course.


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ABCNT x Mighty Jaxx – Bitchy Rich (6.3)


The Donald as President Trump  is proving to be a rich source of inspiration for comedians, artists, and other creative folks driven to comment on today’s politics.  Street artist ABCNT’s murals of Bitchy Rich portray 45 as Richie Rich clutching stacks of cash.  The biting caricature is now making the leap from the wall to art toy through a collaboration with Mighty Jaxx

[Press Release Quotes]

“Despite the millions of dollars his daddy gave him to make him feel bigly, Bitchy Rich knew deep down inside that he was just a small, small man that would never have any friends”

“Hiding behind wads of cash and masking his self-loathe with a giant red neckwear, he set out to be an affable king. He bought new red hats for everyone and promised greatness if they would just be his friends”

The figure realizes ABCNT’s critical vision with a rather unflattering likeness of the President with chubby proportions and his distinct orangeish tan complete with eye tan lines. The 8” Bitchy Trump figure will be available for pre-order on Saturday (6.3) from Mighty Jaxx for $80 (+ s/h).

Trump Art Toys are starting to become an eye-catching, rebellious trend.  From ABCNT’s Bitchy Rich to Richie Trump from Ron English and Trump Unmasked from Alex Solis, there’s plenty of resistance as toy to go around.


BitchyTrumpTurns cTlf4dl

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Alex Pardee – ‘The Pinfolk’ Enamel Pins (6.5)



Alex Pardee  is making big moves in the pin game with his upcoming The Pinfolk Series 1 (info).   Series 1 features five cute ‘n creepy Pardee characters: Paul, Pet Cake, Randolf, Steve and Willie. Limited to 200 pieces for this first run, The Pinfolk Individual pins ($12 + s/h) and full sets (100 sets, $50 + s/h) will be available  Monday (6.5) at 6 PM PDT direct from the artist’s webshop.

PetCake PaulRandolf SteveWillie

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Tim Biskup x Gravy Toys – Rainbow Stream Prenute


Gravy Toys has just released the new Rainbow Stream Prenute sofubi from Tim Biskup.  This one is cast in clear sofubi with rainbow glitter.  It’s available for $30 (+ s/h) from Gravy Toys.

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Bats in The Belfry at Stranger Factory (6.2)



Friday is a big night at Stranger Factory.  In addition to the Toy Makers of Planet  Earth group show, the gallery will also present Bats in The Belfry featuring artist customs of Brandt Peters’ Night King vinyl.   The show lineup includes:

Camilla d'Errico, Jellykoe, Drilone, Haus of Boz, Dolly Oblong, 64 Colors, Tasha Zimich, Igor Ventura, Ian Ziobrowski (above), Joe Whiteford, Brandan Styles, Ink Visuals, Otto Björnik, Jess Hernandez, Victoria Rose, EL DODO ALBINO, Tokyo Jesus, Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Tim Lee, Joe Scarano, Cassia Harries, Karl Deuble, and SeriouslySillyK.

Hit the jump for preview shots of the Bats.

Bats of the Belfry
Opening: Friday, June 2nd 2017 (6-9 PM)

Stranger Factory
3411 Central Ave NE
Albuquerque NM 87106


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