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May 09, 2017

Super7 x Capcom – Mega-Man M.U.S.C.L.E.

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Super7 continues on with their M.U.S.C.L.E. line with their Mega-Man figures! This wave of figures features 4 different packs, Pack A - Mega Man, Ice Man, Sniper Joe , Pack B - Mega Man Firing, Fire Man, Metall , Pack C - Doctor Wily, Cut Man, Guts Man and Pack D - Doctor Light, Bomb Man, Elec Man. Each pack will retail $6 each and will be available through www.super7store.com, as well as their San Francisco and San Diego stores very soon!

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Marsham Toy Hour: S2 EP7 with Paul Budnitz


Marsham Toy Hour brings a very special guest to the podcast, one who very much helped pave the way for Designer Toys in the US, Paul Budnitz, the founder of Kidrobot. We get to learn about the upbringings of the brand, the stores, Huck Gee as the first store Manager of KRSF, crazy production stories and Paul’s other ventures. Take a listen to the latest episode of Marsham Toy Hour.

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Paul Kaiju x MVH x Splurrt – Moon Goon Raffle (05.14)


After almost 3 full years, Paul Kaiju x Mutant Vinyl Hardcore x Splurrt’s Moon Goon is finally here! Short for Men of Ominous Nature, the first release is slate for this Sunday, May 14th at 6PM PST via 10-Minute Raffle. The Moon Goon features three different sides, which were sculpted by Paul Kaiju, MVH and Splurrt. This first release was painted by PK and features a black vinyl base with metallic sprays. This sculpt stands 12” with 14 points of articulation. The price for the lucky winners are expected to pay $350.

MVH-side-600x732 PK-side-600x772 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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Kosrobot Does Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter


It was back in March, where Kosrobot announced his upcoming figure of Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk fame (SEEN HERE). Now the time has come, as he has officially released this 6” resin figure. This figure, which was also inspired by an old photo of Thomas Bangalter, features articulation in the neck and are each handpainted in limited numbers. You can find them available now HERE for $50 each. Guy Manuel De Homem Christo is on the to-do-list!


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Matt Gondek x ToyQube – Mickey Exploder


Matt Gondek looks to be a very busy individual, as ToyQube has announced that they’ve got something in the works! ToyQube teased this very rodent looking character, which we were left to believe may be inspired by Matt’s Mickey Exploder print last year. ToyQube mentions this will be on display at their booth at Five Points Fest. We are just curious on how the sculpt will look compared to the artwork.


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Scott Tolleson – The Bad Dad Bod Deadbeet


It’s been quite a long time since we’ve seen any Deadbeet action from Scott Tolleson. Out of nowhere comes the Bad Dad Bod Deadbeet, who looks to be the larger and more ripe version of the previous Deadbeet. He of course is still sporting the extra under carriage like its previous predecessor. These will be cast in a Japanese vinyl and was also sculpted by George Gaspar of Double G Toys.

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myplasticheart x James Groman – Madballs All-Star Art Jam and Exhibition (5.18)


myplasticheart and James Groman will present the Madballs All-Star Art Jam and Exhbition on Thursday May 18th (7-10 PM) at the mph store.  The exhibition will present new takes on the classic American Greetings’ toys with inspired customs of the recently released Kidrobot medium format vinyl Madballs from: Andrew Bell, Brent Nolasco, Carlos Villagra, Chris Ryniak, Doubleparlour, Dski One, Grizlli Atom, Guumon, J*RYU, James Groman, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Mark Nagata, Mechavirus, Miscreation Toys, Remjie Malham, Retroband, Scott Wilkowski, Skinner, Tru:Tek, Violence Toy and Wonder Goblin

If you live in NYC or will be in town for the first-ever Five Points Festival (5.20-5.21), you’ll definitely want to drop by mph for the opening.

Madballs All-Star Art Jam and Exhibition
Opening: Thursday May 18th, 2017 (7-10 PM)

210 Forsyth St. NYC

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