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May 01, 2017

Super7’s Secret Society 2017


Super7 has opened up their Secret Society once again! For only $125, members will receive 2 exclusive SSSS figures, T-Shirt and dibs on any and everywhere Super7 release! That includes general release items so you don’t have to worry about them selling out. SSSS also guarantees you dibs on all exclusive releases so you don’t have to attend any conventions to obtain such sought after pieces! Sign ups are now open through May 19th and once that door is closed, it is closed until the next round next year. You can purchase the membership HERE.

Deep within the darkest reaches of a forbidden forest, an overgrown path winds through the gnarled trees. Those who possess a secret map may find their way through the woods to a hidden lodge. Those who possess the required arcane knowledge may gain entry to the lodge and join the ranks of the mystical Super Seven Secret Society, a name only whispered cautiously among a trusted few. What mysterious delights and lost knowledge reside inside the ancient lodge? How can the lodge be found in the haunted mists of the profane forest? If you manage to live long enough to reach the door, how will you ever get inside? Your only choice:

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Michael Skattum - Draculobster and Alien Lazer


After months of teasing and showing off factory samples, Michael Skattum has finally announced the first release of his self-produced figures, Draculobster and Alien Lazer. Each figure stands 10” tall and features articulation in the head, waist and arms. Both figures use the same body, but what makes them different are the arms and head, which gives them a whole new feel! This first release features flesh based vinyl with yellow and red sprays and red and yellow detailing and will be shipped from the factory in China for free! Each figure will retail $85 each, but if you get both figures, you will save yourself $20. You can find them now on Michael Skattum’s webstore HERE.

 IMG_0122 IMG_0123

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