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Apr 30, 2017

Bwana Spoons – Jungle Boogie Steven Mixed Parts Release!


Bwana Spoons has recently unveiled the Third Generation of Steven The Bats! Introducing the new Jungle Boogie Steven, who hails from Forest Island. This special mixed parts release is based on total number of orders. Anything under 50 pieces will be a 2-color mixed parts release of greeny green/olive green, 50+ will have watermelon swirl parts and 75+ will get translucent purple with gold flakes! These are available now at $48 each and limit to 2 per household. You can find them through Gravy Toys HERE!


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Apr 27, 2017

Amanda Visell – Arcade Set Release!


It just so happened to be Alien Day when Amanda Visell released two new resin Arcade Sets! Those being “Newt’s Alien Arcade Set” and “Gertie and the Extra Terrestrial Arcade”. Both cabinets for each piece measure 6.5 x 2.75 x 3.75 and are also limited to only 5 pieces each. You can find them both available through Amanda’s webstore at www.myswitcheroo.com for $250 each. Both sets are just down to 1 in stock, so we suggest making your way there now before it is too late!


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Cometdebris @ ToyCon UK 2017

UK Toycon 2017 Teaser ToyCon Kappa Kid ToyCon Tofu Kid ToyCon Oni Kid ToyCon Kappa ToyCon Ace Robo

Cometdebris will once again be taking over ToyCon UK with a bunch of his Japanese Soft Vinyl masterpieces! He will have with him at his booth (T6) 5 exclusive sofubi figures just for the two day event. Those exclusives include the Dark Pink Vinyl Kappa Kid, Pink Vinyl Tofu Kid, Red & Glow Marbled Vinyl Oni Kid, all of which will retail £25. Then there is also the Clear Orange Vinyl Kappa Shonen and Green Vinyl Ace Robo, which will retail £40. Be sure to make your way to his booth ASAP, as they will not last long!

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Titty-Shaka resin figure by Rolling Death Maui


If you’ve been following the pin-game as of late, you may recognize this particular figure by Rolling Death Maui. Introducing the Resin Titty-Shaka figure, an iconic design from the Hawaii brand, which spawned from Nate Robertson’s sketching of a pair of boobs on a shaka sketch on a light table at a tattoo shop. The rest was history. They’ve created pins, stickers, patches, you name it. Now the time has finally come from a 3D edition. This piece was produced by Silent Stage Gallery and ‘Umi Toys Hawai’I’ and stands roughly 6” tall and limited to 100 pieces. You can find them available HERE for $120 each. Uncensored photo after the jump!


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Cast Your Votes for the 2016 Designer Toy Awards

unnamed (2)
The talented finalists for this year’s Designer Toy Awards—honoring work done in 2016—have been announced! Now it’s time to vote for your favorite artists, toys, shops, brands, and blogs.  This year there are 12 finalists in each of the publicly voted categories. More! More fun, more choices.  Head on over to the DTA site and vote away before voting ends on Wednesday (5.3) @ 9AM PDT.  While you’re voting, please kindly consider us for Best Blog.

This year’s DTA’s will be held at Webster Hall in NYC on Friday May 19th 2017 in conjunction with the brand new Five Points Festival. The ceremony will be hosted by Morgan Spurlock – too bad Mc Supersized isn’t up for an award. Want to go ?  Grab yourself a Five Points VIP package ($125) and you’ll be set.

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Joseph Harmon x Toy Art Gallery – Slate Blue Carls Senior (4.28)

unnamed (3)

Bzzzz. Toy Art Gallery will release Joseph Harmon’s new Carls Senior figure in the debut slate blue edition on Friday (4.28) at 12 PM PDT for $45 (+ s/h) from the TAG web shop.  Carls Senior features several points of articulation including at the shoulders, waist, and most importantly the wingzzz!  This is a fun figure at a very reasonable price point considering the size and articulation.

unnamed unnamed (1)

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Adult Swim x Kidrobot Collection Release Party at 3DRetro (4.28)

unnamed (5)

3DRetro will host a release event and signing for the new Adult Swim x Kidrobot toys on Friday (4.28) from 6 to 10 PM.  Both the Ricky and Morty medium figure [$49.99, line starts at 4 PM] and the blindbox Adult Swim mini series [$9.99, all-day Friday]  will be available for purchase and signing by several Adult Swim show creators starting at 7 PM.  Who’ll be signing?  Awesome folks including the creators of Rick and Morty--Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon—and  Robot Chicken--Matt Senreich and Seth GreenWilliam Tokarsky from Too Many Cooks will also be on-hand for your selfie needs. Of course, the figures will be available from your favorite retailers as well as directly from Kidrobot.

IMG_8694 IMG_8690 IMG_8697 


 Adult Swim x Kidrobot Mini Series Release Event
Friday, April 28th (6-10 PM)
1851 S Victory Blvd

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Apr 25, 2017

Super7 Does Alien Day! (4.26)


This will be the second year, where Xenomorphaholics Alien Day, which takes place on Wednesday, April 26th, which is based on LV-426, the moon where The Aliens were first discovered. Super7 has a special release for just the occasion! They will be debut releasing their 3.75” ReAction Figures Alien Blind Box. There are three colorways available only through these blind boxes, which include The Glossy Black, Acid Green or the rare Bloody variant. Each box will retail $9.99 each and will be available online through Super7’s webstore at 12PM PST or in shop at both their San Diego and San Francisco stores.

unnamed Email-4.13.17Email-4.13.17 Email-4.13.17

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Sket-One – 5” Custom Metro MAD*L Release


Sket-One just put up a limited edition run of his custom Metro MAD*L figures! He had mentioned that this design was supposed to be a part of the mini-series, which unfortunately came to be. So he thought to just put them out himself! This release is limited to 30 pieces and depicts New York’s popular mode of transportation. Each figure also comes with a vintage NYC Subway token, which came way before the metrocards. You can find this piece available HERE for $200 each.


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Toy Geeks: Behind The Counter with Sket-One

The Toy Geeks bring another fun episode of Behind the Counter with a very special guest by the name of Sket-One. They get into the nitty gritty with Sket and see what he’s been working on. He gives us a good glimpse on his Condiment “Junkie” Resin Sculpture and the custom 5” Metro MAD*Ls. They also open up some Kidrobot x Adult Swim Blind Boxes, which will be releasing early at 3DRetro’s event this Friday (SEEN HERE). Take a gander above ^^^!

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Marsham Toy Hour – S2 E5 with Yaniv Brick


This weeks Marsham Toy Hour gets flipped around a bit! For this episode, Yaniv Brick of The Art Pin Collection is carrying on the conversation by asking George, Gary and Carlos all the questions. They go back on previous topics, such as plagiarism, Kaws Vs. Freeny and full-time toy making vs. part-time. They also end the episode with another fun game of Designers and Dragons! Take a listen below!

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Buff Monster – Artist Edition Can Signing + Pink Mister Melty Concrete Drop (4.27)


Buff Monster will be at Low Brow in Brooklyn on Thursday (4.27, 6 PM) for a double header event. First up, he’ll be signing his Montana Artist Edition Power Pink cans. If you missed out on the online drops, this is your chance to score a signed can.

In addition to the spray can signing, Buff Monster will also release the first Mister Melty Concrete editions in both 5” (ed. of 10) and 7.5” (edition of 5). These signed and numbered pieces are painted in Power Pink (naturally) and feature consistent distressing throughout the edition.  These are follow-ups to the uniquely painted and distressed debut concrete pieces created for Melt With Me back in February.   If you look carefully, you’ll see that the two sizes feature different sculpts—the 7.5” has an exaggerated, ‘toony sculpt while the 5” has a more subtle ‘art’ treatment.  Half of the Pink Mister Melty Concrete pices will drop at the event and half will be released at 7 PM (4.27) from BuffMonster.com.

unnamed (1) unnamed (3)

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Apr 24, 2017

Six TwentyEight x The Hang Gang -- ToyCon Exclusive UK MITT

 ToyCon 01

Six TwentyEight’s Bumper Car canine brawler MITT is back and headed across the pond.  The Hang Gang will release the ToyCon UK exclusive MITT for £45 (~ $58) from their booth [#28] at the show. This time, a blue-eyed MITT (3.35” standing/2.5” seated) is rocking red from helmet to bumper car. As with the other editions, the figure can be display standing or riding in the bumper car by removing the lower-half of the bulldog. If you’re looking to pick up this very popular new toy at the show (4.29 –4.30), head directly to The Hang Gang booth or you’ll likely miss out.


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Noah Eaton x Kidrobot X Corner 12 – Reaction Custom Dunnys


Kidrobot will continue to showcase the work of talented customizers with new Reaction Series custom Dunnys from Noah Eaton and Corner 12. Dropping on Tuesday (4.25) at 9 AM PDT from Kidrobot.com, the series features color-changing Dunnys in three sizes (3”, 5” & 8”). 

Color changing? Yep, the series uses several different approaches to achieving the dynamic effect.  The 3” customs start red and then turn yellow as they are heated beyond 86 degrees, say with a hairdryer.  The 5” ‘chameleon’ customs apparently use color-shifting paint which looks like different colors at different angles and varying light.  Finally, the 8” customs are ‘mood’ Dunnys which when chilled change various hues as they warm back up or are touched.  Additionally, there are three chase 3” customs (2 of the mood variety) and two 5” mood chases.

So if you’re looking for Dunnys with a hidden trick to wow and impress, your search may very well be over.

17934613_278963749226692_5406109166932590592_n 18011207_746237872217240_847764494837874688_n  18161157_1139139116212698_7186441581493223424_n17932470_437179666626790_1109947354628227072_n

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Apr 21, 2017

Jeremiah Ketner – Three New Prints + Spring Sale

unnamed (2)

Jeremiah Ketner has just released three new prints – Spring Flowers (11x14”, $30), Favorite Things (11x14”, $30), and Let’s Hang Out (8x10”, $20). While those prices are rather reasonable, you can get 25% off any of his prints during his Spring Print Sale by using the “SPRINGSALE” checkout code.  Be sure to check out his numerous prints, as well as a selection of original part, postcards and more.

Jeremiah is also on Patreon with several reward levels including $1/month which gets you a behinds-the-scenes look including work-in-progress, sketchbook peeks and more. 10% off store purchases and more. This is a great, easy way to help support him as a full-time indie artist.

unnamed (1) unnamed

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Josh Mayhem x Kidrobot – Blow Away Custom Labbits

After several waves of wildly popular Blown Away custom Dunnys, Josh Mayhem has turned his attention to Frank Kozik’s Labbit. The first series of Blown Away Labbits features 2.5” [100 pcs, $125], 5” [6 pcs, $550] and 10” customs [3 pcs, $750] in a classic rainbow pattern with one random Gold Rush chase for each size.   Go get ‘em now at KR.

unnamed (1)

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Apr 20, 2017

Huck Gee – Gummi Blanks (4.22)

Huck Gee has just announced the latest evolution of his Blank platform.  These are 7” tall, come in two flavors (err… colorways) and are delicious.  Ok, so they aren’t candy (darn) but they still look pretty tasty if you ask us. Shiny with what appears to be just a hint of translucency.   And, just because Huck is Huck, these look great in the dark too—yep, GID!

Limited to 50 signed/numbered pieces, the Gummi Blanks drop on Saturday (4.22) at 10 AM PDT for $125 (+ s/h) from Huck’s site. These tick all the boxes: eye-catching design, small batch, hand-crafted resin, made right here in the USA.  These are slated to ship in 3-4 weeks.

unnamed (1)

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Martin Hsu – Dragon Boy Super Hits Wax


After considerable development the sculpt for Martin Hsu’s Dragon Boy Super is done and finalized. In fact, the follow-up to his original Dragon Boy has hit an exciting milestone – wax proto!  In comparison to the original figure which had a slender, subtle appearance, Super brings a more action-oriented, humorous take.  The new Dragon Boy will come boxed with a mini Dragon Dog as seen in the 3D render above (Roberto Maki).

If you look closely, the figure’s base shape might look similar.  Recognize it?  In collaboration with Rotobox, Martin incorporated the Mini Cel platform into the design.  Now that the sculpt is done and the wax proto is done, we’re wondering when? Hopefully it won’t be too long before we hear about a release for Dragon Boy Super which is being produced by PowerCore and VTSS Toys.

martin_hsu_dragon_boy_super01 martin_hsu_dragon_boy_super02
martin_hsu_dragon_boy_super04 martin_hsu_dragon_boy_super03

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Okedoki – Lover Boy Debuts at ToyCon UK 2017 (4.29 – 4.30)

With oversized glasses, a rather large noggin and a form-fitting suit, Okedoki’s new 11” figure turns on the charm.  The cartoony sculpt definitely takes us back to the adorable, can’t be stopped Urkel and the simple fun of 90’s sitcom TV.  Sculpted and painted by Okedoki, this release continues her focus on charming, uplifting pieces while changing up the aesthetic a bit.

The very first figure from the Original Version (edition of 8) will be available at ToyCon UK 2017 (4.29 – 4.30) from the Collect and Display booth for £576 ($720).  The signed and numbered figures come in a stylish Canadian pine box with Plexiglass front and what appears to be shaped-foam to keep Mr. Heartbreaker safe and sound.  The rest of this first edition will be released later in the year.

unnamed (2)unnamed (3)

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Scott Wilkowski – El Dorado Available Now


El Dorado lives.  Scott Wilkowski has just released his new 6” resin figure cast in a mix of translucent colors featuring internal demon bones.  These are available now for $160 (+ s/h) from his site.  Collectors can list color preferences which Scott will try to accommodate.

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Pucky x Unbox – Pookie Chocolate Edition


Pucky has just released the Chocolate Edition of her Pookie  vinyl figures produced by the fine lads at Unbox Industries.  Each of the four whimsical characters return in choco-infused versions: Pookie, Darlie, Professor Bean and Gooby.  Limited to 100 pieces each, the Choco Edition figures come in special chocolate bags specific to each character. They are available individually with Pookie priced at 550 HKD (~$71) and the other three going for 600 HKD each (~$77).  A set of four is available as well and includes a free Poke Minions tote bag and Pookie Family Sticker. Pick ‘em up now directly from Pucky’s web shop.


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Apr 19, 2017

Gary Ham x Clutter x Kidrobot – Five Points Festival Dunny Exclusive

unnamed (2)

Amped for the brand spankin’ new Five Points Festival (5.20-5.21) ? Clutter just turned up the volume a few notches with the ammouncement of the Exclusive Five Points Dunny from Gary Ham and Kidrobot. The cute ‘n scary design will be available in three colorways: orange+blue (450 pcs), black+red (300 pcs) and finally a black and gold VIP exclusive (250 pcs). 

The only way to score the VIP exclusive is to purchase a Five Points VIP Pass ($125) which includes several perks including 1-hour early admission, private entrance, entrance to the DTAs (only way for the public to attend), VIP party and more.

FivePointsFest_01 FivePointsFest_02 FivePointsFest_03

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Buff Monster – Pink Chrome Mister Melty (4.21)


Buff Monster is releasing a very special Pink Chrome edition of his 2-faced Mister Melty figure this Friday.  This one features sexy bling chrome action from the sofubi head through to the resin body.  Ultra luxurious art toy? Yes, indeed.  Pink Chrome comes with a swanky burgundy velvet bag.  It drops on Friday (4.21) at 7 AM PDT  for a rather reasonable $40 (+ s/h) from Buff Monster’s shop.

unnamed (1)

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Aaron ‘Woes’ Martin x Silent Stage – 420 Mini PK3 (4.20)


Just in time for probably the most laidback day of the year comes the 420 Mini PK3 from Woes and Silent Stage Gallery.  Limited to 100 signed/numbered pieces, this latest edition of the smaller Panda King 3 (4” x 4”) is cast in translucent tree green.  Naturally it’s dropping on Thursday (4.20) at 11 AM PDT for $59.99 (+ s/h) direct from Silent Stage.


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Amanda Visell x Michelle Valigura – Mayan Gold Jacks and Moonglow Tiger Cub Naps


Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura keep up the fast and furious pace with a pair of new resin releases for your collecting pleasure.  The Mayan Gold Jack (3.5”, 25 pieces, $40) is cast in sparkly brownish gold resin and is finished off with painted details. 

Amanda is in love with Moonglow. So much so that she’s following-up on the Moonglow Lazy Days Tiger with the brand-new Moonglow Tiger Cub Nap (6”, 15 pcs, $190). The blue+black painting style exudes the peaceful laid back mood of a girl and a mini tiger cub relaxing under a midnight blue sky.  Both releases are available now from Switcheroo and are slated to ship in 2-3 weeks.

unnamed (2)unnamed (3) unnamed (1)

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