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Apr 13, 2017

Marsham Toy Hour: S2 EP 3 with kaNO


This weeks episode of Marsham Toy Hour brings a very special guest, whom we are excited to join the gents. Introducing New Yorks finest, kaNO Kid! We get some good insight and some very good conversation going on the topic of flippers, Kickstarter, KAWS and what kaNO believes is the current state of “Urban Vinyl” toys. Give this episode a listen!

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Paul Kaiju – Black Metallic Chimera Raffle (04.16)


Trade in your Easter egg baskets for a few minutes to take part of Paul Kaiju’s Black Metallic Chimera Raffle taking place this Sunday, April 16th at 6PM to 6:10PM PST. This raffle window for one of PK’s most coveted colorways will only be one for 10 minutes! Winners will be notified 4 days after the close of the raffle, where they will receive an invoice for $200 for this beautiful beast!

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Doktor A – ToyCon UK Exclusive Mandrake Sofubi


Doktor A has just announced that he will be releasing a super limited run of his ToyCon UK exclusive Mandrake figure. Produced by Toy Art Gallery, Bocastle and Tubor come in this straw colored vinyl with olive green rub and copper eyes. This set is limited to only 5 pieces at £65 a set. If by chance these don’t make it through the weekend, the remainder will be available online through Doktor A’s Webstore HERE.

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Blackbook Toy – Mixed Parts SKUM-kun (4.15)


Blackbook Toy is about to unleash a wild new edition of their popular Suicidal Tendencies collabo figure.  The Mixed Parts S”K”UM-kun (9.5”) offers a few twists on the mixed parts concept.  These feature a of mix heads and hands in six different marbled vinyl colors paired with clear bodies.  While many mixed parts projects are unpainted, the new SKUM-kuns feature painted heads with details that pop against the marbled vinyl.  As the cherry on top, these include removable cloth bandanas.

The Mixed Parts SKUM-kuns drop on April 15th 2017 at 8 AM PDT from Blackbook Toy for 16740 yen (~$154).  The color mix you receive will be random, but if you order multiples you are guaranteed that each will have a different colored face.  These are a definite must for SKUM-kun collectors and Suicidal Tendencies fans.

17054-14 IMG_4070
IMG_4105 IMG_4088

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