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Feb 09, 2017

Amanda Visell – Todays Resin Releases!


New and fresh to the Myswitcheroo shop are three resin releases from Amanda Visell. All of which will leave you in a happy place! Her Alpaca is back, this time in a “Orangesicle” colorway. This 4.5” figure is limited to 25 pieces for $40 and can be found HERE. These next two pieces is basically what I would love to do, which is napping with big cats. First up is Moonglow Lazy Days Tiger, limited to only 10 pieces and available HERE for $290. Can’t handle a whole tiger? How about a Tiger Cub? The Tiger Nap Cub set is available HERE for $190 and Is limited to 25 total pieces. All of these resin pieces are all hand sculpted, hand painted and hand casted! In a very particular order. Pick one up before they are gone forever!


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KAWS – Black BFF Plush Release (02.10)


It looks like a small batch of KAWS’ Black BFF Plush has turned up! This limited number of plush will be released through KAWSONE.com on Friday, February 10th at 9AM PST. If you like heavily trafficked websites, this is definitely something for you to do tomorrow morning! Each plush will retail $200. Be sure to be aware of the guidelines for tomorrows release:

  • All Sales are first come, first serve and first successful transaction.
  • Your Billing Address and Shipping Address must be the same. We use this as a measure to prevent fraudulent activity.
  • We do not accept PO Boxes for Billing or Shipping Addresses.
  • For the best experience, you may want to reset your Cache or clear your Browsing History when the sale goes live.
  • Sales Tax will be collected for all orders shipping to the State of New York.
  • International Shipments will be sent via FedEx International Services using the shipping method you select upon checkout. Please be aware that duties and taxes are not included in the quoted shipping price and payment of all duties and taxes will be required upon delivery.

We wish luck to all those attempting to snag one of these releases!

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Super7 – Wing Kong & Bat Boy & Caveman Dino Micros!


Super7 is looking to expand their micro line with 3 new members! Introducing Brian Flynn’s Bat Boy and Wing Kong and Josh Herbolsheimer’s Caveman Dino! This release will feature both red and black vinyl. We expect retail to be at the $10 mark. Stay tuned for release info!

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High Proof Toys – Rock Type Release!



High Proof Toys will be releasing their newest colorways of their Rock Type resin figures. Rotofugi has gotten their hands on an exclusive Rock Candy Pink colorway in both versions, Regular for $15 or Evolved for $22. High Proof Toys will be releasing the Onyx edition as well! Both will drop on Tuesday, February 14th at 10AM CST. High Proof Toys will also have three custom one-off figures by Mary Ruth Butterworth. These adorably cute pieces will be available for $45 a piece.

 Custom_Colorway01 Custom_Colorway02 Custom_Colorway03

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Paul Kaiju – Coppermouth Chimera Raffle (02.12)


Paul Kaiju will be unleashing one of latest vinyl releases this Sunday, February 12th at 6PM PST via Lottery on his website at www.paulkaiju.com. The Coppermouth Chimera is a ginormous hunk of Japanese vinyl, towering 9” tall with 11 points of articulation. This colorway features a mint colored vinyl with yellow, metallic green and gold sprays. The raffle will only be up for one hour, ending at 7PM. Winners will be notified a few days after the end of the raffle. Those lucky enough to get the email will be shelling out $250 for this gorgeous piece.

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