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Feb 08, 2017

Itokin Park is Working on Dororon Enma-kun Figures for WonderFest (2.19)


Part of the fun of WonderFest in Japan are the one-day license releases where artists get the chance to release officially licensed versions of popular manga, tv, and movie characters for, yep you guessed it, just one day at a very reasonable royalty.  Itokin Park makes the most of these one-day licenses, releasing his own sofubi of some of his favorite pop characters.  This year he’s bringing Go Nagai’s Dororon Enma-kun comedy-horror manga/anime to life, complete with Chapeauji (hat-like Yokai) and Kapperu (kappa-water sprite).  So far Itokin Park has teased us with the waxes for the figures which will be released on 2.19 at WonderFestival 2017 Winter in Tokyo.  We hope to have some more revealing photos to share shortly.

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Josh Mayhem x Kidrobot – Blown Away Valentine’s Custom Dunnys (2.9)


Kidrobot will release the Blown Away Valentine’s Custom Dunny Series from Josh Mayhem on Thursday (2.9) at 8 AM Pacific exclusively on Kidrobot.com.  These sweet, artistic treats for you or that special someone come in a standard variety (above), as well as three chase editions across three sizes (3” – 60 pcs, 5” – 20 pcs, 8” –10 pcs). For the chases, there is one each of the Cold Bleeding Heart and Sweetheart chases in each of the three Dunny sizes, while the Black Bleeding Heart is limited to just one 3”—a total of 7 chase figures.  Happy hunting!


16230559_371877463182216_1711274941078306816_n 16464075_1403134823070245_4476913969063264256_n 16584048_1880475738838072_1210858663514734592_n

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Buff Monster – Melt With Me: 24” Mister Melty + Concrete Editions (2.16)

Mister Melty will be front and center at Buff Monster’s upcoming Melt With Me show opening on Thursday (2.16) from 6-8 PM in NYC at a still undisclosed location.  The event will feature three editions of the  Buff Monster’s Ice Cream character which is  a fun, modern reflection of the inevitable decay that we and all  good things face. Just as ice cream melts, so to do our physical appearances, skills, and health.

First up is a very limited giant Mister Melty sculpture which we recently wrote about.  We now know that this premium, definitive sculptural edition of the character stands 24” tall and is a resin and fiberglass hybrid. Towering over his brothers ), the giant Mister Melty (shown above next to the 3.5” sofubi version and the upcoming concrete editions) is the ultimate, high-end version of the character with a super smooth sculpt, automotive paint, and high-gloss finish.

sculpturewithme IMG_5772a

In addition to the large-format edition, Buff Monster will also release two editions in concrete featuring different sculpts.  The 7.5” version features a cartoony rendition with amped-up facial features while the 5” version offers a more refined sculpt. Riffing off the concept of constant and inevitable decay (melting), each of the concrete figures has been intentionally damaged, with missing chunks in varying areas from piece to piece. Most of the concrete figures will feature spray-paint deco, both in solid colors and graffiti style designs.

Mister Melty in Concrete. 7.5 inch.Mister Melty in Concrete. 5 inch.

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