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Feb 01, 2017

Joseph Harmon x Toy Art Gallery – Wolf Thing Bat Mother (2.3)


Next up from Toy Art Gallery is the latest colorway of Joseph Harmon’s Wolf Thing Bat Mother.  The unpainted slate gray edition (5”) drops on Friday (2.3) at 12 PM PST form the TAG Web Shop for $35 + s/h.

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Instinctoy x Mame Moyashi – Exclusive Maguro Senpai Salmon


Instinctoy is now accepting pre-orders for it’s exclusive Maguro Senpai Salmon edition (~ 5”) from Mame Moyashi.  The latest edition of the rather popular Maugro figure features an impressive paintjob capturing both the exterior and interior appearance of salmon from the spots on the head to the distinct  fat lines of the meat.  The exclusive comes ironically armed with a golden knife.  

Beyond the inspired design of the figure, the six-piece construction allows for some  unexpected posability, with the middle torso  rotating independently of the head and lower body.  Instinctoy’s flier (below) nicely shows off the articulation range.

The Maguro Senpai Salmon is now available for pre-order through February 22nd 2017 Japan Time directly from Instinctoy for 6800 yen (~ $59) + s/h. The edition size will be set by the number of orders received—salmon for everyone. The figures are expected to ship in late April.


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Frank Kozik x Kidrobot – Labbit Bandcamp 3000 Series

unnamed (1)

Kidrobot has released a fun take on Frank Kozik’s beloved Labbits. The Labbit Bandcamp 3000 blind box series features 15 members of five distinct Labbit bands spanning Jazz to Metal.  Carrying various musical instrument accessories, the band member designs include both the classic Labbit pose as well as sitting and standing sculpts—nice variety.  Our favorite band?  Shnorp and the Flogrillates—green-skinned aliens, two of which have clear astronaut helmets.   The Labbit Bandcamp 3000 figures are available for $9.99 from your friendly neighborhood retailers including Rotofugi and myplasticheart as well as directly from Kidrobot.com.


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Kyle Kirwan – The 3 Sisters


Invited to participate in Singapore-based Kult Gallery’s upcoming Choking Hazard show (2.17) focusing on remixed toys, Kyle Kirwan has come up with The 3 Sisters.  The conjoined creation melds three children’s dolls into an altogether different vision. The multiple faces (six by my count) feature different expressions ranging from innocent to tormented.  The light blue finger and toenail polish is a fun, curious touch which either adds to the creep or reduces it depending on your perspective.

20170130_125623_resized_1 20170130_125559_resized_1 20170130_125740_resized_1


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Super7 - The Worst - Glow Patrol (02.01)


This Wednesday, February 1st at  12PM PST, Super7 is out to release their newest edition of The Worst Action Figures. The Glow Patrol features a full cast of Glow in the Dark figures, featuring none other than Robot Reaper, Gas Phantom, Snake Tut, X-2, Black Falcon and Batula. These are available as a set only and will retail $90. They can be found online and at both San Francisco and San Diego stores.

WorstAllWhite WorstGlowALL_UPDATE

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Jeff Staples x James Jean x Mighty Jaxx – Toy Project


Mighty Jaxx jus t shared this photo of what looks like to be an amazing looking figure in the works from two very talented folks! This piece almost merges two different cultures into one, with the NY based lifestyle brand Staple Pigeon and the art world of James Jean. Both of which work very well with today’s urban vinyl art toy scene. This piece is for the 20th Anniversary of Staple and was made possible thanks to the efforts of both Mighty Jaxx and Jasper Wong. There are no other details on this release, but you're darn tootin' we will be on the look out for any updates or release info.

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