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Dec 30, 2016

Wetworks x Flabslab – 12” Bobett (12.31.16)


Wetworks and Flabslab are closing out 2016 with a bang.  Following up on his popular Bobett figure, Wetworks is unleashing  a new BIG ‘UN measuring 12” at the top of the helmet. The big bad bounty hunter drops on Saturday (12.31) at 7 AM PDT for $280 from Flabslab.


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Scott Tolleson – Pipken Labbit (1.7.2017)


Pipken is preppy and cute, rolled into one deluxe Labbit by Scott Tolleson and Kidrobot.   The newest 7” Labbit features a removable cloth Argyle sweater—a Tolleson signature—and black-rimmed glasses.  Pipken drops on January 7th, 2017 for a very reasonable $49.99 from your favorite retailers including myplasticheart and of course, Kidrobot.

labbit7_pipken_ovr5 labbit7_pipken_ovr2

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Baby Horns S.3 – New Collabo Big Horns x2


Hands in Factory has just add two new collabo Big Horns figures to its Baby Horns Series 3 collection. There’s Big Horns x PRRC which is a collaboration with the Private  Road Running Club – a Korean Running crew. The whistle is a nice touch.  For a  more hip hop vibe, check out Big Horns x  GFX  which is done in conjunction with Grafflex of Coolrain Studios. Both are available at a discounted price of $81 (normally $90) from Hifstore.com.


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Kidrobot – Madballs Blind Box


Kidrobot has just unleashed their new Mad Balls vinyl blind box series, the latest addition to their growing Mad Balls collection.  The series features 16 classic designs from the OG series, each with its own handy-dandy display stand.  These look great – check out the close-up shots (after the jump), the sculpts and the paint are impressive.  They are available for $9.99/blindbox from select retailers such as myplasticheart, rotofugi and of course  Kidrobot.  


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Dec 29, 2016

Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx – Brick Baby Rosie

unnamed (4)
Jason Freeny and Mighty Jaxx are the new proud parents of their second Brick Baby polystone figure.  The metallic gold Rosie is the follow-up to the classic yellow Brick Baby released in October.  As with her brother, Rosie measures about 8.5” from head to toe and weighs ~ 5 lbs with the included base. Limited to 200 pieces,  you can adopt Rosie the Brick Baby directly from Mighty Jaxx for $130 (+ s/h). These are scheduled to ship in Q2 2017. 


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Amanda Visell + Michelle Valigura – Modern Poodle and Ablino Topsy Turvy Croc

unnamed (1) 

Art power couple Michelle Valigura and Amanda Visell are throwing down the resin gauntlet again with a pair of new releases.  First up is the oh-so-fancy Modern Poodle (4.5”, ed of 25, $90) complete with what else, a mini modern art sculpture.  Next, is the wacky and just plain fun Albino Topsy Turvy Croc mini (2.75”, ed of 15, $40).  Get ‘em both from Switcheroo before they sell out. Both releases are slated to ship in 2-3 weeks.

unnamed (3)


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Cure Toy x James Groman – Meat Bug Brain Boogie Man


Well, you  could ring in the new year with champagne and your significant other, or you could celebrate  by ordering the new made-to-order  Meat Bug Brain Boogie Man by Cure Toy and James Groman.   The new Meat edition of the popular collab toy pairing Groman’s Bug Brain head (complete with removable Insectoid mask) with the Boogie Man body is brought to life through marbling wizardry and  will be available as a 48 hour pre-order starting on January 1st 2016 at Noon pacific through January 3rd at Noon for $200 (+ s/h) from Lulubell toys.  The run size will be determined by orders received during the sales period – order as many as you like. This made-to-order edition will ship in March/April.


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Dec 27, 2016

Michael Skattum - Alien Lazer and Draculobster 11” Vinyl Figures Coming Soon!


Michael Skattum aka Draculazer has just posted up some vinyl goodies on his Instagram! Introducing Alien Lazer and Draculobster, which are his latest and greatest vinyl figures! It looks as though the figures share the same bodies, except for the head and right arm. They each feature articulation in the waist, arms, and head. He mentions these were digitally sculpted and produced in China by Gums Production. There is no news of release date or price, as these are just samples, but we are excited to see them regardless. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the status of both Alien Lazer and Draculobster.


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Mothership & Dex Black Presents – Yetimageddon (01.21)



Hosted by Philadelphia's very own Mothership, comes a show curated by Dex Black, titled Yeti Season 2! This show will feature some top notch artists around the world, all sharing one theme, Yeti’s! This show will take place on Saturday, January 21st  at 6PM. Participating artists include: Igor Ventura, Gary Ham, Kong Andri, Jason Limon, Brent Nolasco, Nugglife, Yetis & Friends, Frank Montano, Tougui, Yomadachi Island, IBreakToys, Jelly Koe, Misformadness, Playful Gorilla, 2OZ, Newfren and of course Dex Dexign. Fun times are indeed to be had, so be sure to stop by Mothership!

Mothership Art Gallery And Designer Toy Store
223 W Girard Ave
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Dec 26, 2016

Reactor-88’s Custom Corner – Heather Hyatt


Welcome to the December 2016 edition of Reactor-88's Custom Corner. This month we’re featuring Heather Hyatt.

What’s your name?

Heather Hyatt, or simply HHyattArt.

Where are you located?

West Des Moines, Iowa.

Day job or full-time artist?

That's a bit complicated - My main job is being caretaker to my daughter who has cancer. Prior to that, I was an in-house graphic designer for eight years and then freelance graphic designer for several years. I suppose either way you'd call me a full-time artist and mom.


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Dec 24, 2016

Tokyo Comic Con Wrapup – Tomenosuke and Friends Booth


At the beginning of December, we had the good fortune to be invited press for the first-ever Tokyo Comic Con.  Now we’re following up our onsite blog and Instagram coverage with a look back at the show which is the first large-scale convention in Japan to focus on Hollywood and American pop culture.

While the draw may have been Stan Lee and big-budget blockbusters, toys were definitely part of the mix.  Tomenosuke’s large booth, flanked by Unbox Industries and ToyQube, was a major draw for collectors.  In addition to a large selection of mostly Western vinyl, Tomenosuke hosted a large number of independent toy artists including Mirock Toy, Tokyo Jesus, Eimi Takano, Shon, Banana Virus, Kto KtoKikkake Toy, Dot., and Yosomono Works. While he wasn’t in attendance, DrilOne created an incredible collection of customs including several Star Wars pieces for the event.

As you can see in the gallery (w/captions) after the jump, the work was excellent across the board from kawaii to urban to majorly monstrous.   In addition to the featured artists, Mr. Clement made a surprise visit to the booth to sign his large Astro Lapins!  Kudos to Tomenosuke’s Shinji Nakako for the impressive booth as well as his excellent work curating several exhibitions for the convention including the Blade Runner Workshop, Nippon SFX Kaiju Monster Encyclopedia, and Noriyoshi Ohrai – The Master of Illustration.


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Ferg – Xmas Misfortune Cat Pins (12.26)


Psst. Since his pins tend to sell out rather quickly, here’s a heads up that  Ferg has announced that he’ll be dropping the new Xmas Misfortune Cat enamel pins the day after Xmas (12.26).  Based on previous drops, these will likely run you $15 or so via Playge.

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Ferg - 20” SQUADT Gassed S001 via Rotofugi (12.31)


Yowza!  If you’re a SQUADT fan, Santa is running a bit late but he’s got just the thing  for you.  SQUADT Gassed S001-20, yep as in 20” !  Brought to you by Ferg/Playge, the massive warrior is based on the OG Gassed S001 6” vinyl and comes with ThreeDot Parka, removable helmet, and resin shotgun. Limited to just 55 pieces, the 20” Gassed will be available from Rotofugi for $499 on Friday (12.31) at 7:59 AM.  This is not a pre-order, orders will ship immediately.


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Dec 23, 2016

Toy Art Gallery x Candie Bolton –- Bake-Kujira Meltdown Edition Lottery



Candie Bolton and Toy Art Gallery are back with a brand-new edition of the popular Phantom Whale.  Bake-Kujira Meltdown features a fiery celestial vibe, pairing a base florescent orange vinyl and a splash of metallic sprays. Due to demand, this one will besold for $300 (+ s/h) via lottery.  To enter for a chance to buy, email sales@toyartgallery.com with ‘Bake-Kujira Lottery’ as the subject and be sure to include your paypal address and shipping information.  The deadline to enter is Tuesday (12.27) at 12 PM PST.  Winners will be chosen randomly and be notified roughly 24 hours after the lottery ends.  One entry per person.   


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Dec 21, 2016

RAPPCATS – Madvillain Figure w/ Madlib & Doom “Avalanche” 45 Available Now!


If you’ve been waiting for a new Madvillain Figure ever since Kidrobot’s release many moons ago, now is your chance to pick up a brand new sculpt from RAPPCATS. The new Madvillain figure was produced by Blitzway, the same folks who worked on the J. Dilla toy with some help from James Reitano (Box Artwork / 7” Jacket Labels) and Charlie Becker (Design / Sculpt). The figure itself stands 8” tall and comes with a gold case. Included with this package of course is the 45 of “Avalanche”. Find them available now HERE for $85 + S&H.

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Aloha! Lolligag Prototype


Back in 2012, Lolligag released their first vinyl toy, Vive La Lolligag, which featured their signature character sporting an over-the-top Marie Antoinette hairdo.  Ever fashionable, she’s done sporty, sassy and more over the years with her own apparel line. 

For her second toy turn, she’s gone tropical.  Aloha! Lolligag features a fun, ambitious design featuring a balance-assist from her grass skirt for a stable 3 points of contact. Seen in hand-painted proto form, the new figure convincingly captures the character in fluid dance—impressive. Look for Aloha! Lolligag to debut in the Spring of 2017 with a release party/custom show at QPop in DTLA.


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Dec 19, 2016

Blackbook Toy x Ron English – Evil MC Stealth Autumn Camo (12.22)



Blackbook Toy is about to release the new Evil MC Stealth Autumn Camo figures from Ron English.  Inspired by  the color scheme of some of  Ron’s OG paintings, this clandestine design also cloaked a previous edition of Ron’s Big Boner figure.  This time around Stealth Autumn Camo features three face variants.  Each brings a different face treatment to the  Black, Orange + Green camo on clear vinyl design.  WH features a white face + black makeup painted from the inside for a double-pour like effect.  Stealth features a clear face (no camo) with black makeup while Combat extends the Autumn Camo design to the face, paired with black makeup. Each EVIL MC cuts an impressive profile (13.5” head to toe) and comes with removable SPORK Rifle cast in resin by the figure’s sculptor, Chop of Monster Farm.

Each of the three EVIL MC Stealth Autumn Variants will be released individually on Thursday (12.22) at 7 AM PST directly  from Blackbook Toy for 19,440 yen (~US $166) + s/h. Happy hunting.


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Toy Art Gallery x Martin Ontiveros – Glampyre in Teal (12.20)

unnamed (1)

Following on the heels (check the platforms!) of the purple DesignerCon debut is the  second coming of the Glampyre in Teal from Martin Ontiveros and TAG.  Standing 8” tall, the stylish bloodsucker features a groovy sculpt—lots of fun details from the crazy boots to the over-the-top shoulder pads—and six points of articulation.   The Teal Glampyre drops on Tuesday December 20th at Noon PST from the TAG web shop for $70 (+ s/h).


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Dec 16, 2016

Tracy Tubera – Full Reveal of Jordan Sith Infrareds


Tracy Tubera first debuted his upcoming Jordan Sith Infrareds resin figure at DesignerCon.  While the unpainted proto looked great and showcased the strong sculpt, we were left wanting to see it fully painted.  The wait’s over as Tracy has shared a pic of the real deal, just in time for Anakin’s return to the big screen in Rogue One.  The figure features a matte black with spot glossy black Vader, the red translucent saber, and of course the namesake kicks with red + white hits for the fresh from the box look. The Jordan Sith Infrareds resin—in collaboration with Mana Studios—is available now for pre-order for $200 (+ s/h) from Tracy’s web shop.

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Dec 15, 2016

Blackbook Toy at Toy Soul 2016


Blackbook Toy is showing at the 2016 edition of Toy Soul, underway in Hong Kong through Sunday (12.18).  BBT’s convention tradition centers around crazy one-off customs of their figures from a close-knit group of Japanese artists. This time around props go to a trio of paint wiazards—Kenth Toy Works, Chop of Monster Farm, and Marvel Okinawa

Kenth Toy Works brings the bright, multi-hue funk with customs of NekoFukurou (Jeff Soto) and  Mr. 12 (Cook One). Plus, he also created a purple  micro-run of the new A Clockwork Hateball mashup (Frank Kozik).  Look for another colorway of the Hateball micro-run slated for an online drop after the show.  The hand-drawn details on these are incredible—so clean that you might wrongly assume he’s relied on water transfers or similar tech. Props. 

For his Toy Soul turn, Chop of Monsterfarm brings his Dynamic Duo custom series to Ron English’s Evil MC.  Asshole and Prick are in rare, glossy form here.

Finally, Marvel Okinawa shows of his range with customs of Mr. 12, SKUM-kun, Lil Alex and a crazy tatted Evil MC—slated for auction at the show.  

You can find all of this BBT goodness at Booth G-12 which they are sharing with their friends at Yamakichiya.


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Katsuya Terada – Manga Girls (12.17)

unnamed (1)

Famed manga artist Katsuya Terada will open his new exhibition, Manga Girls at Giant Robot 2 in LA on Saturday (12.17). Changing things up from his previous exhibitions, Terada has designed the new exhibit to showcase the art of the serialized comic—his primary medium.  While we’re not quite sure what form that will take, we’re definitely intrigued.

As a complement to the exhibition, Giant Robot will host several extended live drawing sessions with Terada over the course of a week or so, the first of which will be on Sunday (12.18) from 12-6 PM. Additional sessions will be announced shortly.


Katsuya Terada ||Manga Girls

Opening: Saturday, December 17th 2016 (6:30 – 10 PM)

Giant Robot 2
2062 Sawtelle Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90025


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Dec 14, 2016

Super7 San Diego Presents a Patrick Ballesteros Pop-Up Shop! (12.18)


Stop by Super7 in San Diego for a special one-day pop-up event with Patrick Ballesteros. If you attended this years Designer Con, you may recognize his artwork, as he was the one who did a lot of the banners, as well as badges for the 2016 event. He will be bringing with him a bunch of his prints to the 8th & G block in East Village. Those prints would include goodies from his 25 Cent Wonders and Punny Sweaters collection. These will make wonderful stocking stuffers and gifts for your loved ones or friends who are just in love with pop-culture as we and Super7 are! He will be hanging out all day on Sunday, December 8th from 12-5PM. Street parking is free, so take advantage!

701 8th Avenue
San Diego, CA 92101

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Woot Bear’s 3rd Annual Holiday Food & Toy Drive–Hosted by Vampy Bit Me & J*RYU (12.17)


In conjunction with their Kidrobot Mascots Show, Woot Bear Gallery will also be hosting the 3rd Annual Holiday Food & Toy Drive with Vampy Bit Me and J*RYU. They will be taking in any donations of toys or non-perishable food that will be donated to a local  church that offers meals to disadvantaged individuals and families all year round! In return, they will be giving raffle tickets to those who donate, which will get you in the running for some awesome prizes from amazing artists and toy companies! Check out their Instagram HERE for some of the offerings. The big event will take place on Saturday, December 17th from 6-9PM.

Woot Bear
1512 Haight St.
San Francisco, CA 94117

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Gallery Nucleus Presents: Junko Mizuno in Takarabune (12.17)


Gallery Nucleus will once again be brining the artwork of Junko Mizuno to Alhambra, CA! Taking place this Saturday, December 17th, join them and Junko for her very own solo exhibition, “Takarabune”. This show will feature her latest series of her exploration of pop and spiritual aspects of Japanese culture, which emphasize on the Seven Lucky Gods. There will also be a collection of handmade head dresses and accessories based on her artwork. There will also be live music as well for the opening reception, beginning at 7PM. For more information on the exhibit, take a look at their event HERE.

Gallery Nucleus
210 East Main Street
Alhambra, CA 91801

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Bwana Spoons – Cyborg Stardust Random Roll Release (12.16)

Gravy Toys and Bwana Spoons are ready to bring to you, one totally brodacious Friday toy release! This Friday, December 16th at 10AM PST, stop by their online store for their Cyborg Stardust Random Roll Release! Available by decision of a 10-sided die will be a Jeff, Kamisama, Garak, Lonny, Aqualox, Private Hooligan, Paulo The Moonlight Keeper or a small prize + re-roll, which are designated to the numbers on the dice (1-7 / 0 or 9 = re-roll). These figures will feature a “Invisible Army” clear vinyl with blue magic and hidden skull soul. Check out their blog HERE for more details.


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