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Nov 29, 2016

Marsham Toy Hour Episodes 36 & 37!


We’ve got a double feature of Marsham Toy Hour (we didn’t post last weeks episode)! Call this the pre and post episodes of Designer Toy Con! Might we mention we got mentioned in both episodes! Hey yoooo! Episode 36 “Hot Taco” brought up the discussion of the toy news platform, whether it be blogs, podcasts or video coverage. Basically a gripe fest from these old men, but in a good way! A lot of good points were brought up and is definitely worth a listen. We also get to hear a bit of the origin story of your main Marsham Toy Hour host, Gary Ham!


The post Designer Con Episode 37 brought on special guest Ben of 3DRetro. If you were unable to attend or exhibit Designer Con or would like to in the near future, you may want to tune into this episode. Give them a listen on their Podbean or NOW ON YOUTUBE!

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Lunartik – Fros’Tea’ Christmas Special Brew (12.01)

unnamed (4)

Matt Jones has cooked up a special brew for you this Christmas! Check out his new Fros’Tea Christmas Special Brew figures! These little cuties will get you in the Christmas cheer! This release will be limited to only 50 pieces and will be available directly through Lunartik on his webshop HERE on December 1st at 4PM GMT.


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Dead Zebra Inc – “…For Science” Android Series 2


Dead Zebra has just announced the release of the second Series of their Android “…For Science” figures! This roster features some famous faces by the name of Rosalind Franklin, Charles Darwin and George Washington Carver. Each figure comes with their own little accessory and can be found available as a set HERE for $30 or individually HERE for $10 ea. If you looking for the perfect gift for your scientist buddy, your prayers have been answered.


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Brent Nolasco x We Are Not Toys – Dream Weaver


We Are Not Toys are happy to showcase their latest collaboration with Brent Nolasco, the Dream Weaver. This figure stands 5 3/4” and is made from solid resin. The debut Peppermint Color edition is limited to only 40 pieces and can be found available HERE for $80 + S&H.

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1000Toys - 1/12 scale IZMOJUKI – Probe 20WT Kickstarter Campaign

1000Toys has been super busy lately! They had busy weekend at Designer Con not too long ago and now they’ve created a Kickstarter Campaign to help fund their new 1/12 Scale Probe 20WT from their IZMOJUKI line. This highly articulated and detailed figure will be available through numerous pledge packages. There are many colorways to choose from, which include Kickstarter exclusive colorways. This is also a great opportunity to pick up this figure at an awesome discounted early bird price! They are really close to their goal, so give them a visit and maybe even a pledge HERE.

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Frank Kozik x BlackBook Toy – A Clockwork Hateball “Stealth” Edition at TCC


Blackbook Toy and Frank Kozik have a special release lined up for this years Tokyo Comic-Con! They’ve mashed up two of Frank’s creations, the Hateball and A Clockwork carrot. This release will be limited to only 5 pieces, which will feature different colored bodies with the clear Hateball head. Find them available at their booth this weekend at TCC. Retail for these limited items will be 12,000 YEN each.


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Nov 28, 2016

Reactor-88’s Custom Corner – David Stevenson


Welcome to the November 2016 edition of Reactor-88's Custom Corner. This month we’re featuring David Stevenson.

What’s your name?

My name is David Stevenson.

Where are you located?

I am based in South London in the U.K. and have been for the last 6 years.

Day job or full-time artist?

I feel very lucky and honored to be a full time artist. I do also dabble a little in graphic and product design (if anyone is interested in sending me some work.)


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Nov 27, 2016

Sci-Fiction Movie Nirvana at Tokyo Comic Con (12.2 – 12.4)


Fans attending the first-ever Tokyo Comic Con (12.2 – 12.4) at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan will be treated to several exhibitions showcasing and paying homage to the very best in Science Fiction, Comic Book and Monster cinema.

With the largest booth of the show, Nippon SFX Kaiju Monster Encyclopedia will feature original props from popcorn blockbusters such as Terminator and Batman. Turning to the more cerebral side, the Blade Runner Workshop created by Blade Runner fanatics will cover all things Replicant.   For the legions of Star Wars fans, Creating the Worlds of Star Wars: 365 Days which focuses on the behind-the-scenes book by John Knoll and Elstree 1976—a look at the Star Wars documentary—will be must sees. In addition, the Hiho Library will features 200 back issues of Hiho, the leading Japanese movie magazine.   Each of these exhibits was curated and created by Shinji Nakako (Tomenosuke).


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kaNO – Live Mural Painting at Tokyo Comic Con (12.2 – 12.4)


kaNO invades Japan!  Invited to showcase his design and aerosol skills on a nearly 12’ x 9’ mural to be painted live at Tokyo Comic Con, kaNO  will start  before the show begins on Thursday (12.1) and will continue working on a special stage starting on Saturday (12.3).  We’ll be there to bring you WIP coverage of kaNO’s mural and all things Tokyo Comic Con—the first ever. Check the mural concept below.

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Noriyoshi Ohrai: The Master of Illustration Exhibit at Tokyo Comic Con

unnamed (3)

The Noriyoshi Ohrai: The Master of Illustration exhibit at Tokyo Comic Con (12.2 – 12.4) will celebrate the phenomenal work of the late artist with original paintings and a rough painting (study)  of his Empire Strikes Back piece for the official international poster of what many consider to be the greatest Star Wars movie to-date.  Beyond the Star Wars recogntion, Ohrai is noted for his Godzilla and Back To the Future works.  This is one of several exhibits curated by Tomenosuke's’s Shinji Nakako.

unnamed (2)


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Nov 26, 2016

Tomenosuke x Alex Pardee x Toyqube – The Astronaut Tokyo Comic Con Edition


Tomenosuke will release their exclusive The Astronaut from Alex Pardee and Toyqube at their Tokyo Comic Con booth (12.2 – 12.4).  The Green-Blue colorway is the third edition to-date.  Twenty of the run of forty pieces will be available at the show with the remainder presumably slated for an online drop.

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Nov 25, 2016

Game of Hope at Tokyo Comic Con (12.2-12.4)


After making the overseas trip to Pasadena for DesignerCon, the  Japanese artists known collectively as the  Game of Hope will stay closer to home for Tokyo Comic Con (12.2 – 12.4).  Look for releases—many mirroring the Dcon offerings—from RealxHead, Uamou, Skull Toys, Gocoddo, PunK Drunkers in booths P16 – P18


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Amanda Visell x Michelle Valigura – Glow Friday: 4 GID Releases

unnamed unnamed (1) unnamed (3) unnamed (2)

Happy Glow Friday!  Michelle Valigura and Amanda Visell have just released four new glow in the dark releases—GID Alpha (10 pcs, $220), GID Bat ‘n Board (10 pcs, $90),  GID Jack Mini (8 pcs, $40) and GID Gnarwhal mini (10 pcs, $40).  Featuring spot paint deco, Each of these will bring joy with the lights on or off.  Get ‘em over at Switcheroo.

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Nov 24, 2016

Stan Lee, Sofubi and More at Tokyo Comic Con (12.2 – 12.4)


Fresh off the insanity of DesignerCon, we now look eastward to the first ever Tokyo Comic Con which will be held at the  Makuhari Messe convention center in Chiba, Japan from December 2nd through the 4th.  As with other Comic Cons, the Tokyo show promises to be a celebration of pop culture and collectibles from mainstream to art centric. With noted celebs including Stan Lee and Jeremy Renner as invited guests and exhibitions of movie props from Batman, Terminator and more, Hollywood will be will represented. 

Beyond blockbusters, Tokyo Comic Con will showcase indie artists and designers.  While we’re waiting on the official exhibitor list, we know that Art Toys will be rep’d with live mural painting from featured artist kaNO  and releases from  Tomenosuke, ToyQube, Blackbook Toy, Unbox, Yamakichi-Ya, Uamou, The Skull Toys, Shon, Banana Virus, Dril One, Tokyo Jesus, and Mirock Toy.  With his love for art toys and Sci-Fi films, Tomenosuke’s Shinji Nakako is working behind-the-scenes to help make the show a success.

Look for more in-depth news leading up to the convention.  Plus, we’re amped that Vinyl Pulse will be making the trip to Tokyo for complete coverage, from setup through all three days of fun.

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Nov 18, 2016

Ron English x ToyQube – Boxing Brain Vinyl at DesignerCon


ToyQube will debut the brand-new Boxing Brain vinyls (4.75”) from Ron English at their DesignerCon booth (#619).  These deliver the punch of the OG resin Boxing Brain in a leaner, meaner form.  They’ll be available for $30 each or $55 for a set (left and right-handed).  In other TQ news, here’s their signing schedule:

Saturday 2 PM – Germs will sign his new Lucha Squid figure.
Saturday 3 PM – Edward Colver signing his new Piece of Shit toy.

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Mark Dean Veca at DesignerCon

15043464_218876318546729_6759911557603262464_n (1)

LA-based artist Mark Dean Veca will be exhibiting at DesignerCon this year.  He’ll be doing live drawing from 1 to 4 PM on both Saturday and Sunday and selling the 9x12 pieces he creates for $100 each—a steal.  Drop by his booth to see him work and maybe pickup a piece [#1701—Hall C].

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Munky King – DesignerCon Exclusives


The shark is back!  Munky King will drop the new black + gold Shayu by Sharktoof at DesignerCon.  From menace and bling to kawaii and kink, MK will also launch their new Kitty Sutra vinyls from Kevin Luong in two editions.  The two cats can be pulled apart for mix, match and mate fun.  Find these drops as well as the previously announced  Kuronamigami Uprisings from Kozyndan, at the MK booth [#435].


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Nov 17, 2016

Amanda Visell & Michelle Valigura – Tiger Cub Nap and Alpaca Available Now


We know you didn’t want to tap into your DCon funds, but after looking at these, you may want to. Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura has just released 2 new resin figures, Tiger Cub Nap and Alpaca. Tiger Cub Nap features two hand sculpted, hand cast and hand painted pieces. The girl measures 6” long and is limited to 25 pieces for $190. Find them HERE. Alpaca measures 4.5” tall and is also hand cast, hand sculpted and hand painted. There are only 25 of these cuties available HERE for $40 each.

unnamed (1)


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myplasticheart at Designer Con


Another first timer to Designer Con and coming out from the east coast is myplasticheart! They will be sharing some space with Andrew Bell at booth #414. We announced earlier the release of the Pocket Pork Dumpling Series 2 with Shawnimals and Squibbles Ink. Each blind boxed figure measures 1.8 x 1.5 x 1.6 with dozens of designs for $7 a box.

unnamed (3) unnamed (4)

On Saturday from 12PM – 1PM, James Groman will be releasing his King Korpse figure in a “True Terror & Fearful Fantasy” edition for $550 and a Mixed Parts edition for $400.


Seulgie will have some exclusive DCon edition satyr figures. Each figure will sport different colored horns and will retail $200 each.


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Rotofugi At Designer Con


Rotofugi will be coming out from Chicago to share some awesome toys at their booth #902 at this years Designer Con. They’ve got quite a few exclusives you’re going to want to see. First up is the Cranberry Swirl Jerome figure by Kozik, which are handpainted by Squibbles Ink and are limited to only 25 pieces. Looking for more sweets? Look no further, because also available is the Vintage Mini Marshall by 64Colors. This release is an edition of 500 pieces. How about slimy? They’ve got you covered with the Lake Monsters Nuclear Fluorescence Snybora by Chris Ryniak. These will be limited to only 50 pieces.



Highproof Toys will also be having their very own exclusive at the booth. Check out their Jade colorway, which is limited to only 5 pieces of both evolved and non evolved editions. Did they mention this piece also glows in the dark?


Mark Nagata will also have some one-off customs available at the booth. These customs include Eyezon, King Negora, Glow Tripus, Dino SaiKobi and four mini Negoras. First come first served!

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Zombiemonkie’s “Black Magic” Edition Dragon Cultist at Designer Con


Zombiemonkie is venturing out into limited edition resin carded action figures! We are super pleased with his Dragon Cultist figure, which is based on on the works of H.P. Lovecraft. Each figure is handmade in resin and features 2 points of magnetic articulation and comes with a miniature Necronomicon accessory. The debut release of the “Black Magic” edition Dragon Cultist will be limited to 20 pieces at Zombiemonkie’s booth #1232 for $65 each.


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Brandt Peters x Unbox Industries – Orion at Designer Con


Brandt Peters just unveiled this beauty! In collaboration with Unbox Industries, they are proud to announce Orion, who will be debut releasing in very limited numbers at this years DCon. We believe these will be available at the Unbox Industries booth #1021. We cannot wait to see more of Orion! We recommend finding their booth stat, before they sell out!

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Flat Bonnie at Designer Con


Flat Bonnie will be bringing her world of adoptable plush to Designer Con! You can find all of her adorably cute cuties at her booth #317. She will have two exclusives available for the event. The first one would be her Surfing Otter with Magnetic surfboard. This 11” plush will retail $50. Just in time for the holidays are her Mr. and Mrs. GingerBun Holiday Ornaments. These DCon exclusives will retail $25 each or $50 for the set. She has also teamed up with Leecifer to produce their very own Honoo plush! Honoo stands 15” tall and will retail $75 each. Most importantly all these plush are made from vinyl pleather and faux fur! All these and more can be found at her booth! More photos after the jump.


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Woot Bear at Designer Con!

unnamed (7)

It ain’t no party like a Woot Bear Party! Coming all the way down from the Bay Area, Woot Bear will be posted up at this years Designer Con at booth #1805. They have a bunch of amazing stuff from a ton of talented artists. To start off the list is Scott Wilkowski with his beautiful resin pieces. Up for grabs will be some Wootkowski “Woot Bear Belly” figures, which stand 3.25” in 3 different colors that are limited to 20 pieces each for $70. Then we get some Skeleton’s in black and white and pink and blue swirls for $100.

unnamed (8)

Available all weekend at their booth is their exclusive Junko Mizuno print. She will also be signing on Sunday from 11AM– 2PM. The DCon Exclusive print colorway measures 18 x 12 and is an edition of 50 pieces for $20.

unnamed (16)

Kyle Kirwan brings the heat with his Bitey Bloom and Willo figures. Each are edition of only 5 pieces! The High Ridge Bloom stands 5.5” tall  and will retail $75. The High Ridge Willow stands 11” tall and will retail $175.

unnamed (17)

Peter Kato will be tagging along for the DCon ride. He will be signing at the booth on Saturday from 11AM-2PM. He will be releasing some Kaleidoscope Candy Bunnie Box resin figures (15 pieces) for $25 a piece. He will also have a collaborative Flower Bun Masked Bedtime Bunnies with Mariangela Tan. These will be limited to 5 pieces for $120 each.

unnamed (19)

Last but certainly not least, Coyote Den Collectibles will have some hand print Native American Dunny Blind box figures for sale. Hidden somewhere in there is a bloody chase. This is a run of 10 pieces for $60 each.


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3DRetro at Designer Con

unnamed (7)

3DRetro will have a bevy of exclusives available for this years Designer Con! A lot of which are also debut releases, which we are excited to see! First up is Juan Muniz’s Smile Felipe Vinyl Figure. This release is the OG edition, which you will have the first go at for only $45 each.

unnamed (8)

Next up we have Jim McKenzie’s King Gordo figure. This so happens to be Jim’s debut figure coming into the vinyl toy scene. The bronze edition is limited to only 30 pieces for $45.

unnamed (9)

Nathan Hamill x Touma’s newest figure Kaiju Frankenstein will be making an appearance as a GID edition. Each side of this figure represents both their unique art styles. The GID Kaiju Frankenstein will be limited and will retail $50.

unnamed (10)

Jeremy Fish’s Bison Van is back once again! Last year it debuted at DCon and we are now happy to see a GID edition. This glowing chunk of vinyl will set you back only $100.

unnamed (11)

Last but not least, we have another Nathan Hamill release, the Lavabear. The Bronze edition is super limited and made its original debut release during Shanghai Comic-Con. Only a few made it back, so don’t expect many to hang around for the weekend. Each Bronze Lavabear will retail $80.

All of these goods and more can be found at the 3DRetro booth #532.

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