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Sep 30, 2016

Instinctoy x myplasticheart - NYCC Exclusive Releases


myplasticheart will be the mecca  for exclusive Instinctoy Releases! Their booth #113 will have a little bit of everything! They will have limited numbers of figures such as the Pastel Pearl Rainbow (GID) Vincent $290, Pastel & Rainbow (GID) Mini Muckey $70 ea., Bat Liquid Gold & Silver $50 ea., Zombie and Crazy edition GYAWO at $125 ea., and last but not least, this big chunk of vinyl, Mixed Color King Korpse by James Groman for $400. So much goodness coming from this booth that will leave us broke!


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Super7 - More Vinyl Releases for NYCC 16!

Instagram Images-31

As promised, Super7 has announce even more soft vinyl releases for this years New York Comic-Con! They are bringing along their micro mascots in an unpainted pink vinyl! Available for $10 each is the Mummy Boy Micro and Rose Vampire Micro figures. They are also introducing a new colorway of the SD Dokuwashi by Brian Flynn, dubbed the "Blue Spectre", which will retail $35. They also have some Kandy Kaiju joining the party with the "Mister Mint" Foster figure for $25. Last but not least is Leecifer's "Autumn Blaze" edition Honoo from their Monster Family line for$35 a piece. All these goodies can be found at their booth #126


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Alex Pardee x ToyQube – The Astronaut NYCC Edition


Scary time!  As cool as the first edition of The Astronaut was, this new mostly mono edition (with just a dab of red) ups the fright factor by a fair mount.  This one’s due to drop from Alex Pardee and ToyQube at NYCC.  More info soon.

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Frank Kozik x Frank Frazetta – Death Dealer


The reaper has arrived.  On a Labbit!  That’s right, the Frank Kozik x Frank Frazetta Death Dealer is upon us.  The collabo with Frank Frazetta’s estate brings the late fantasy illustrator’s work to life in vinyl.  Limited to 300 pieces, the Death Dealer features an axe-wielding barbarian atop his loyal Labbit steed.  It drops on Friday (10.30) for $299 from Kidrobot.com and select retailers.



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Toy Tokyo NYCC Exclusive: Liberty Grin by Ron English x MINDStyle


Liberty Grin!  First seen at the Pop Life exhibition at SDCC 2015, Ron English’s grinning homage to Lady Liberty is about to drop from MINDstyle via Toy Tokyo at NYCC.  More info soon. And… we’re fairly confident that the base portion doesn’t come with the figure – certainly makes for a great photo though.

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myplasticheart NYCC Exclusive: myplasticfrog by Twelvedot


myplasticheart has teamed up with Twelvedot on a special NYCC exclusive collabo – myplasticfrog!  These special APO Frogs feature a warm grey + white design and carry—thanks to mo modified hands—a pink heart which is a nod to the mph logo. This special amphibian comes in two versions with a choice of gear – bright pink raincoat or light pink polkadot cape.  Limited to a total of 10 pieces, myplasticfrog will be available for $160 each from the mph booth [#113]. 


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Sep 29, 2016

Kidrobot x Madballs – Foam Series


As you may know, Kidrobot is bringing back the vintage gross-out toys. Madballs.  Lots planned with the license including blind box, keychains, and more.  Here’s a look at the large-format foam series featuring the classic characters featuring updated art from the OG Madballs artist James Groman.  Sounds like these will at least be shown at NYCC.


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myplasticheart NYCC Exclusive : Devil Rory


For NYCC, myplasticheart will release two new exclusive Devil Rory editions from Seulgie.  Inspired by vintage toys,  both the Red Devil Rory ($160) and the Black Kitty Devil Rory ($180) feature custom designed cloth accessories and bring a new character and vibe to the ongoing Satyr series. 


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Clutter NYCC Exclusive: Bedtime Bunny Rose C’est Le Vie by Peter Kato


For NYCC, Clutter will release an exclusive version of it’s Bedtime Bunny vinyl from Peter KatoRose C’est Le Vie features a light pink design with white accents and those adorable bunny slippers.  Limited to 50 pieces, this exclusive edition will be available at the Clutter booth [#603] for $40.  Peter will be signing at the booth—time to be announced—and will have a special extra for collectors who buy the figure at the show.

unnamed (3) unnamed (2)unnamed (1)

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Jay222 x Mark Nagata - Chubz The Cat


Jay222 and Mark Nagata are proud to bring to you Chubz the Cat! A new adorable sofubi figure to brighten up your day! Chubz was sculpted and designed by Jay222 and produced by Max Toy Co. This debut release features an unpainted blue/purple vinyl and stands 4" tall. You can find Chubz available now HERE for $30 each.

chubz-1chubz-2 chubz-3

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Greg "CRAOLA" Simkins "I'm Scared" Public Screening & Stair Monsta Release @ 3DRetro (10.15)


Greg "CRAOLA" Simkins' has been showing off the final product of their Stop Animation Film, "I'm Scared" all over the world. Now they will be holding a public screening of the stop-motion animation at 3DRetro on Saturday, October 15th from 7-11PM. Not only will be they holding a special screening, but they will also be releasing the "Midnight" Colorway of the Stair Monsta Vinyl figure from 7-9PM. Expect food trucks, raffles, a costume contest and an exhibit featuring puppets and props from the film. Admission is absolutely free! 

Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins || “I’m Scared” Screening and Stair Monsta Toy Release
Saturday, October 15th 2016 (7-11 PM_

1851 Victory Blvd.
Glendale, CA 91201


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Full Reveal: Brent Nolasco's "The Eliminator" at NYCC

QuickMemo _2016-09-29-12-32-23-1-1

Here we have a full reveal of Brent Nolasco's latest sculptural masterpiece, "The Eliminator"! This figure is made of solid resin, which should mean for some nice added weight to this piece. The Eliminator stands 6.5" tall and is made from 5 pieces (head, upper torso, arms x2, and lower torso/legs). He also comes accessorized with a white cape. This piece was painted and casted by Task One and previously mentioned HERE, these will be available exclusively through the myplasticheart booth #113 at $90 a piece. Each figure also comes with a free sticker and a button pack. "Search, Destroy, Repeat"


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Chris Austin - “As We Knew It” at Rivet Gallery (10.1)



Rivet Gallery is excited to announce their latest exhibit in their fine gallery space, "As We Knew It", a solo show featuring the artwork of Canadian artist Chris Austin. This show will feature both 2D artwork, as well as sculptural pieces.

Is this a glimpse into the not so distant future? A dream? A utopia? Will things get better? Will they get worse? What is to come....?
Only time will tell, nobody knows... But what we can be sure of is that life will never be....AS WE KNEW IT

The opening reception will take place this Saturday, October 1st from 7-10PM. Chris will also be in attendance, so be sure to stop by and give a big ol' Ohio welcome!

Chris Austin || As We Knew It
Opening: Saturday, October 1st 2016

1200 N. High Street
Columbus, OH 43201


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Reactor-88’s Custom Corner: Zard Apuyua



Welcome to the September 2016 edition of Reactor-88's Custom Corner. This month we’re featuring Zard Apuya.


What’s your name?

My name is Zard Apuya. People sometimes think it's my 'artist' name because they've never heard of a name like it before. It definitely saves me from having to think of an 'artist' name though.

Where are you located?

I am originally from Guam- a tiny island in the Pacific. I then moved to San Francisco 3 years ago. Then just a few months ago, I moved down here to San Diego.

Day job or full-time artist?

I actually do have a day job right now. I work as an Account Manager with a startup company but I work remotely from home. It allows me to be able to balance putting time into my art projects as well. Hopefully one day I can transition to being a full-time artist though.


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Sep 28, 2016

Ron English x Candie Bolton x TAG – Garuda Poultry Rex

unnamed (2)
Beware of the Garuda Poultry RexRon English’s prehistoric chicken-dino is ready to roar once again with a muted rainbow design hand-painted by none other than Candie Bolton.  Extremely limited, Garuda will be released from Toy Art Gallery’s webshop on Thursday (9.29) @ 12 PM PDT for $145 (+ s/h).


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Fools Paradise – The Last Ride Pre-Order

IMG_9500 copy

The Last Ride flips the script a bit on  Fools Paradise’s Coin Rides Game series. Recently seen in several FP releases, Lowfool (aka Batman) is front and center once again, albeit in a puzzling and befuddling moment.  Rather than hopping on an child’s amusement ride version of his signature vehicle as seen throughout this series, the Caped Crusader clearly won’t fit onto the wee replica.  Perhaps this is Lowfool’s continuing reluctance or refusal to be the fearless, heroic, and often hapless puppet of a foolish Hollywood, or in his own words ‘I Wont Be a Hero, Tim’.  It might also be that poor creative decisions have brought him to his lowest point yet.  Call it fan protest, homage, and parody rolled into one.

Limited to 398 pieces,  The Low Ride features a heavily tatted Lowfool—Fools Paradise has fallen in love with body ink—and the Tumbler-mobile ride. This amusing and curious piece is available for pre-order for $295 (+ $30 for Global Shipping) from Fools Paradise. Delivery is slated for 4th Quarter 2016.


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DKE NYCC Exclusives Announcements Wave #2

unnamed (3)

DKE will be at NYCC this year with a booth brimming with artful action-figure style resins, pins, and more.  Here’s a quick rundown of their second and perhaps last series of announcements.   While action-figures have dominated the Star Wars homage/parody market, the too-cute Jawa Bunny (12”, 30 s/n pcs, $45) by Flat Bonnie bucks the trend with a forceful handmade soft fleece and vinyl pleather plush.

Hit the jump for previews of top-flight ‘bootleg’ style art toys including riffs on Tron, TMNT, and yes… Star Wars (!).



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Sep 27, 2016

myplasticheart NYCC Exclusive: Mogu by Otto Björnik


myplasticheart will debut Otto Björnik’s new Mogu resins as NYCC exclusives.  Recurring characters in his drawings and illustrations, the mushroom forest sprites have sprung to 3D life.  Twins Kali (blue, 4”) and the seated Kana (red, 3”) spread cheer far and wide, from their elusive forest to your shelf.  Each is limited to 15 pieces and will be available for $40 from the mph booth [#113].



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Clutter at NYCC – Smorkin’ Superman Jerome Monger by Frank Kozik


Clutter continues to roll out their NYCC lineup. Next up is the icy cold Smorkin’ Superman Jerome Monger (4”) by Frank Kozik and the production duo of Rotofugi + Squibbles Ink.  Down with all flavors, the latest Jerome is all about the rainbow.  Limited to 25 pieces, the slush-cast Superman Jerome will be available from the Clutter booth for $19.99—with removable cigarette.


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Tenacious Toys – NYCC Exclusive AnnouncementsWave 1

unnamed (2)

Tenacious Toys has loaded up on exclusives for NYCC – resins, customs, pins and more.  Here’s a look at their first wave of announcements including the Tenacious Blue Baby Fatts by BIG C (3.5”, 5 pcs, $60), three custom Dunnys by Cat Atomic (3”: $75, 5”:  $130, and 8”: $300), Bart Simpson as a Radical Muslim by Dollar $lice Bootlegs (4”, 20 pcs, $70).  All of these exclusives and more will be available at the Tenacious booth [#309].   There’s plenty more to come including a wave of blue—Tenacious Toy’s signature color.


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DKE – NYCC Exclusives Wave #1

unnamed (1)


DKE will be at NYCC this year. Yep! They will be exhibiting at the East Coast’s premier convention for the time in a long time. Now that they are not in the  distribution game directly anymore, they are focusing on increasing their show presence beyond  SDCC and DesignerCon.  DKE will be bringing the art of the action-figure to the NYC audience with several suitcases full of exclusives. Here’s a quick look at their first wave of announcements, with a heavy focus on Star Wars (people just can’t get enough).

The Lucas-inspired parade is anchored by the  timely, tongue-in-cheek Darth Trump ($85) by Timebandits and Special Ed Toys brings us the Donald as the preeminent dark disturbance in the force. In between hawking his steaks, his water, his golf courses, and more, he’s hard at work creating a new Empire order, one tweet at a time.  

Hit the jump for previews of action-figures and pins from RYCA, Jim Mahfood, Manly Art and more.


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Clutter NYCC Exclusive – Galaxy Bedtime Bunny & Uamou Sets


As part of their NYCC plans, Clutter will release an exclusive edition of new Galaxy Bedtime Bunny & Uamou sets ($80) at their booth [#603]. The popular cosmic collabo  which began with the Le Rêve du Lapin group show, continues with these new sets featuring Uamou’s  hand-painted galaxy design on the vinyl Bedtime Bunny from Peter Kato and her signature Uamou sofubi.


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Sep 26, 2016

Marsham Toy Hour Episodes 27 & 28

14333628_10154567853364324_2803460085057089371_n 14495229_10154588970699324_3175318117837146143_n

Marsham Toy Hour brings to you a couple new episodes! Episode 28 features a special guest by the name of Dov of DKE Toys who talks about the business side of things. They chat about wholesale, distributing and how DKE became. Episode 28 gets a visit from Jeffrey Koh of Flabslab . They chat a bit about the DTA’s, Jeffrey’s collection, Flabslab and toy production! Give each episode a listen HERE and HERE.

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Bubi Au Yeung x myplasticheart – NYCC Exclusive Be Kind & Silly GID Treeson

14492414_10153799447721302_8663119727262875893_n NYCC2016_treeson_450_ovr2

Let’s keep this myplasticheart NYCC exclusive train rollin’! For all you Treeson and Bubi Au Yeung fans, the mph booth #113 will be dropping the new Be Kind & Silly Glow in the Dark Treeson figure from Fluffy House. The GID Treeson is limited to only 100 pieces and will be available only at the mph booth #113 for $55 each. How can you resist that sweet face.

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Super7’s ReAction Figure NYCC Exclusive Release


Super7’s got a lot more coming to New York for NYCC 2016! Joining their booth will be some variant releases from their ReAction Figure line with Funko. First up comes the “Biohazard” Edition Alien Queen, which comes packaged in a clear wyland-yutani biohazard bag for $20. Then from the Universal Monster Series is the Glow in the Dark edition Creature from the Black Lagoon for $10. For you slasher film fanatics is the “Bloody” Edition Jason Vorhees also for $10. Get all of these goods at their booth #126.

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