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Jul 29, 2016

Nominations Open for the 2016 Designer Toy Awards

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U: Deadline is Wednesday (8.10), not Saturday as previously posted.

After the frenzy, mass of humanity, and overdose of toys + pop culture that is SDCC, we’re heading towards the Designer Toy Awards season. Nominations for the Sixth Annual DTAs are open now at designertoyawards.com through Wednesday August 10th @ 6 PM EDT.  Head on over and nominate artists, toys, stores, brands and more for all the awards categories including the brand-new Best Non-Licensed—bootlegs and other toys that use licensed properties unofficially. If there are toys and artists that really impressed you over the past year, take a minute to recognize them with a nomination and by doing so, giving them a chance to become a finalist.

Once the nomination committee has chosen category finalists from the submitted nominees, we’ll move on to online voting and then to the awards ceremony to be held in October in NYC during the week of New York Comic-Con.

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myplasticheart – BreadCat and WatermelonCat by Rato Kim

unnamed (2)unnamed (1)

myplasticheart has  a new selection of South Korean designer Rato Kim’s deliciously creative resin figures.  First up is her popular BreadCat ($54.99) in two editions,regular and sleepy.  The sculpt is just right, boxy like a loaf of bread plus pointy ears and a tail.  And, to beat the summer heat, mph also has a limited number of the WatermelonCat ($64.99)figure as well. Cool, cute and cheerful!  Pickup both of these treats now at mph.


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Jul 28, 2016

Scott Tolleson x De Korner—Pistachio Kookie No Good! Online Drop (7.28)


Just look at that face… After his San Diego trip, the Scott Tolleson x De Korner Pistachio Kookie No Good! has returned in limited quantities to bring his brand of errr… cheer(?) to your collection.  If you missed him at SDCC, this is your chance to catch him.  Get your Pistachio fix on Friday (7.28) @ 10 AM PDT from De Korner for $40 each (+ s/h).

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Amanda Visell x Michelle Valigura – Poopicorn x 2

unnamed (2)unnamed (3)

Poopicorn is back!  That’s right, Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura have just released a brand-new Poopicorn resin (25 pcs) complete with little mini Poopster and yes, a teeny tiny piece of…poop!  More?  Sure thing, for every force there’s a reaction, in this case Evil Poopicorn (10 pcs). Both are available now from Switcheroo for $90 each (+ s/h).


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Cardboard Spaceship Post SDCC Custom Release (7.28)


Cardboard Spaceship will be releasing a treasure trove of hand-painted, custom figures today (7.28) at Noon PDT from their webshop.  There’s plenty of awesomeness to choose from with pieces by Brandt Peters, Amanda Louise Spayd, Chris Ryniak, and Scribe who’s customized nearly an entire set of Thimblestump Hollow minis.  If you missed Comic-Con, this is your shot, stay sharp.


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Reactor-88’s Custom Corner -- Godhay

2015. Blauet & Citric

[Welcome to the July 2016 edition of Reactor-88's Custom Corner. This month we’re featuring Godhay.]

What’s your name?

My name is Jaume Bertran, but in the art toy scene it is Godhay.

Where are you located?

I live in Vallromanes, a very small town that’s a 15 minute drive from Barcelona.

Day job or full-time artist?

I would love to be a full-time artist, but I guess that I could not pay all my debts and bills so I need a day job. I’m an architect who does not exercise since 2008 due to the economic crisis, that’s the reason why I got recycled and started with my own business, a supermarket.


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Jul 22, 2016

Arcane Divination Dunny Series Artist Reveal: Jon-Paul Kaiser

JPK logo

As this post goes live, J*RYU is signing the Arcane Divination Dunny Series posters at Kidrobot’s SDCC booth which list the artists (four + JRYU) for the upcoming Tarot Card themed blind-box series due in 2017, which he curated and art directed. For those not at SDCC, Kidrobot and J*RYU have asked four Art Toy blogs, including Vinyl Pulse, to each reveal one of the series artists.

It’s our pleasure to announce that Jon-Paul Kaiser will be featured in this momentous series. While one immediately thinks of his signature black+white aesthetic, JPK’s artist statement, sharing his  perspective on the project and approach to creating Dunnys representing particular Tarot cards, suggests that we might be surprised by what he’s dreamt up.

''My artwork and tastes have always drawn me towards the darker themes in society; how superstition, religion and death blends with history and in turn is reflected in the artwork from various periods and cultures.

Working on this project has been an incredible experience and it's allowed me to work in a totally different manner; feeling unconstrained by my own previous work and really exploring where I could take the tarot theme - what it meant to me and trying to interpret the stories behind the cards.

Seeing the designs from the other artists in the series has also been a real eye-opener. Under J*RYU's guidance, we have all really pushed the boundaries of what a toy can or should be and in turn this makes these Dunnys stand out as a truly unique series, and to me the strongest series that has ever been produced by Kidrobot."

- Jon-Paul Kaiser

Be sure to visit Toysrevil, Spankystokes and The Toy Chronicle to see who else is in the Arcane Divination Dunny Series.


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Jul 21, 2016

Pop! Asia at SDCC – Secret Base Hiddy and Fudo Myo-O Pops

1264# Hiddy Original 1107# POP Asia Fudo Original

Pop! Asia has released several new Pop! figures at SDCC including collaborations with a pair of Japanese creative visionaries. Available in both red+yellow and purple+green iconic color combos, the Hiddy Pop! celebrates the Secret Base founder and his tremendous influence on modern sofubi. From toys to tattoos, the Fudo Myo-O Pop! was designed by Mutsuo from the legendary Three Tides Tattoo and is his take on the prominent Japanese Buddhist Diety.  Both of these collabo figures are available at the BAIT booth [#4851] for $20 each,  as are several new Pop! Asia releases including a new line of Street Fighter Pops.

1367# Hiddy Joker 1374# Fudo Metallic
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Flawtoys x Deanist Stranger - élan vital (7.26)


Flawtoys has collaborated with Deanist on a special, extremely limited edition of the Stranger resin figure. For élan vital (“inner life force”), Deanist painted a Whitecell toy from Plasticcell with a striking mosaic design which Flawtoys then cast inside his signature Stranger. Limited to just five pieces, Stranger - élan vital stands 7.7” tall will be released on Tuesday (7.26) @ Noon PDT from both the Flawtoys webshop (2 pcs) and the Deanist webshop (2 pcs) for 160 Euros each (~ US$176). This Flawtoys x Deanist collab brings a strong design flair, antidote to the status quo—perfect for brightening up a house or bringing ‘different’ to an existing collection.


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Martin Hsu + PowerCore at SDCC: Kindreds, Dragon Dog Plush, Smart Stickers and More



Martin Hsu is at SDCC once again in his usual spot, booth # 4530, stocked with art, toys and merch including the debut releases of the Kindreds Powder 2 figure resin set and the new Dragon Dog plush.  A collaboration with boothmates PowerCore, Kindreds conveys a minimalistic design sense through the large Protector  and the aptly named Little One whom he watches over. With the Little One placed atop the Protector, the combined pair stands 7” tall.  Cast in powder resin, the first edition is limited to 50  pieces and is available for $150.  It includes a digital PowerCore Certificate Card that serves the dual role of digital COA and a key to access exclusive digital content.

In addition to Kindreds, Martin has also released his Dragon Dog Plush.  While the figure bears a striking resemblance to Blacky, each Dragon Dog comes with a blank collar tag, ready for you to adopt him/her and name as you choose. The plush stands 8” tall and is available for $35.  It looks great in person and features a distinctive head design  with facial features that pop nicely, lending a welcome sculpted feel to the soft toy.

As part of their unfolding plans to help bridge the analog/digital divide for art products,  PowerCore is also offering several exclusives including a new Uamou edition, and the Kaiju Amedas Purple + Green Boots figure from the Chima Group,   and is also offering stickers for purchase which include fun twist – a QR code that unlocks a digital sticker pack for use with their new Powercore Collector messaging companion app.



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Andrew Bell Launches Android S6 at SDCC


We dropped by the Dumbrella booth [#1331] to check out Andrew Bell’s releases including the advanced launch of Android S6, advanced launch of the 2-pc Bear Awareness Android set, Wood Androids and Area 51 Karoshi-San.



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Woot Bear SDCC Exclusives from Ben Seto and Scott Wilkowski


While Woot Bear doesn’t have a booth per se, they will release SDCC exclusives from Ben Seto and Scott Wilkowski.  First up is the Woot Bear GID Buntrooper (16 pcs, $70) from Ben Seto with a fun mini print in the store’s signature white + gold colorway.   It will be available on Thursday (7.21) from 12 to 1 PM from Ben Seto’s table in Artist Alley (#O15) and any remaining stock will be available from WootBear.com at 3 PM.

On Friday, Scott Wilkowski and Woot Bear will be taking over the Hyperactive Monkey booth (#5640) from Noon to 1 PM PDT (remainder will be offered online at 3 PM) to release a tsunami of figures -

  • Teen Woot Bear ($45) – Micro Wootkowski is coming of age.  3.25” GID. Assorted colorways.
  • Micro Solid Wootkosplay ($20) – Wootkosplay channels Ultraman in blue and red colorways.
  • 2-pack Micro All Glow Set  ($45 each):  1 Micro Wootkowski skeleton & 1 Micro Infected Wootkowski in blue colorway.        
  • 3-pack Micro All Glow Set  ($60 each):  Micro Solid Wootkowski, 1 Micro Infected Wootkowski in smoke colorway, & 1 Micro Skeleton
  • Individual Micro Infected GID Wootkowski  ($30 each)
  • Infected GID Kamen Rider  ($150 each)

unnamed (1) unnamed


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Jul 20, 2016

David Flores x Blackbook Toy x Hellfire Canyon Club – DeathsHead Kiss My Ass Stay Gold at SDCC


Blackbook Toy will launch the DeathsHead Kiss My Ass Stay Gold edition by David Flores and the Hellfire Canyon Club at SDCC via Disburt [#5045] for $190 (+ tax).  This first fully painted KMA figure features a sweet mix of gold, black and matte black for a stunning look. 25 pieces will be available at Comic-Con with the limited remainder available on Monday July 25th at Midnight Japan time directly from Blackbook Toy.


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Ron English x Sidebar – Comic-Con Kick Off Party (7.20.16)


Ron English will be celebrating the pop culture insanity that is Comic-Con with a Kick Off Party at Sidebar (6th and Market) in the Gas Lamp district on Wednesday (7.20) starting at 9:30 PM.  The event will feature live pop up art and all of Ron’s new toys including Homer Grin from JPS Gallery x Made by Monsters, Mad Happy Monk by Collectormates, Heartskull by Collectormates, MC Action figure and Glow Artist Gnome from 3D Retro.


13643117_981763321950654_631553412_n 13651835_310445452630247_1937194588_n

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BAIT x Deviltoys x Quiccs – SDCC Exclusive Red Edition TEQ63 1/6 Figure


Blending street fashion with art toy cool, it makes perfect sense that BAIT would bring collectors the SDCC Exclusive Red Edition Quiccs x Deviltoys TEQ63 1/6 scale figure (200 pcs, $200).  Available via the BAIT booth [#4845]. 


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Jul 19, 2016

Scott Tolleson at SDCC – Agromedus and the Whisper + Kookie Plush by Flat Bonnie


Since we did a roundup of Scott Tolleson’s San Diego Comic-Con goodies, he’s revealed his new Agromedus and the Whisper sofubi set. He’s also announced the oh-so-cute Kookie mini plush in collaboration with Flat Bonnie (50  pcs).  Get all of Scott’s drops at booth #5139.


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BAIT at SDCC - Collectorsmates x Ron English Exclusives



Popaganda fans rejoice!  BAIT will have two Collectorsmates x Ron English art toy exclusives.  The brand-new Mad Happy Monk Virdigris Edition is a zenful addition to the Grin line (48 pcs, $100).  The new Heart Skull features a stone-inspired texture and would look great next to his previous Heart Skull and Star Skull pieces (50 pcs, $150).  Both exclusives will be available from the BAIT booth [#4845]


1239_Heart Skull stone
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Andrew Bell at SDCC – Wood Androids, Android S6, Pins and More!


We’ve mentioned a few of Andrew Bell’s releases for SDCC including the Area-51 Karoshi-San ($65) and the preview release of Android Series 6, but he’s got plenty more in store including these gorgeous, drool-worthy Wood Androids (5”, $120) – a collaboration with NoliNoli, Dead Zebra and Android Foundry pins, an early release of the “Bear Awareness” 2-pc android set ($15), new stickers, tees, and so much more.  Where?  Why, the Dumbrella booth of course! [#1329].


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DKE at SDCC – Final Announcements + Cheat Sheet


As you might have noticed, DKE is loaded with SDCC exclusives.  Here’s a look at the final group of announcements including bootleg-style 3.5” action figures from Frank Kozik, Jim Mahfood, Urban Medium, and Good for You Toys. All of these will be available at the DKE booth [#5045] – AKA Bootleg Central.  To help you keep track of all of their releases, DKE has created a master ‘cheat sheet’master ‘cheat sheet’.

unnamed (6)


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Giant Robot at SDCC – Artist Pins, Books, Plush and More

unnamed (9)unnamed (8)unnamed (7)

SDCC stalwart Giant Robot will be offering an energetic, eclectic mix of artful collectibles.  By now the enamel pin thing has become an epidemic, and GR’s booth will be stocked with sweet new designs including the Take a Penny Co artist series featuring designs from Mari Inukai, Yoskay Yamamoto and Sean Chao.  If you missed Uglycon, don’t despair – GR has you covered with Uglycon Pins and the Uglydoll x GR Plush.  Speaking of plush, they will also be offering new Flat Bonnie plush including the SDCC exclusive Leo the Otter as Rescue Wampa and a handful of Kitti Ewoks. 

There’s plenty more in store for art fans including signed David Choe and James Jean goods.  Hit the jump for an exhaustive (?!) look.  All of this goodness can be yours – drop by the GR booth [#1729].


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BAIT x Felix The Cat x Medicom 400% Be@rbrick at SDCC


For SDCC, Felix the Cat is going big by way of BAIT and Medicom with a 400% Be@brick (ed. of 500 pcs), a must for fans of the vintage ‘toon.  The 8” figure upsizes the OG 100% design – perfect for prominent display.  Get the large cat exclusively from Mindstyle [booth #4845] for $100.

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SDCC After Dark: Party with Munky King (7.21)


“What are you doing after Comic-Con” ?  On Thursday (7.21, 9PM - 1AM), the go-to answer is the Munky King Party (9th Annual!).  This year’s get-together will feature live art by NC Winters, Ken Garduno, Tom Haubrick, Rocom, Carly Ealey, and Steven Daily. Where? The usual awesome spot: Basic Urban Kitchen + Bar—walking distance from the convention center.   Oh, did we mention that the first 100 folks in line will score a free pin from Yesterdays ?

9th Annual Munky King SDCC Party
Thursday, July 21st 2016 (9PM – 1AM)

Basic Urban Kitchen + Bar
410 10th Ave.
San Diego, CA 92101

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Jul 18, 2016

Munky King at SDCC : Shark Toof, Luke Chueh, and More!

13597741_1323498151012439_1925564649_n 13687064_630736653743259_859398977_n 13731097_1129195853813748_739673023_n
Munky King will be at SDCC once again with new art toys, customs, and more. First up is a  brand-new sharp resin (10 pcs)from LA-based street artist Shark Toof (WIP shown above).  Luke Chueh fans will definitely be on the hunt for the SDCC exclusive Grey ‘Hung’ keychain figure as well as the Target customs from Daniel Fleres (ed. of 3) and Jon-Paul Kaiser.  Finally, Kevin Luong’s Kitty Sutra will be featured on a new pin (100 pcs).   Find all of this and more at MK’s booth [#4851].


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Jermaine Rogers – Creeping: Deity Dryad Edition for SDCC

Jermaine Rogers will be at SDCC  with plenty of goodness including  rare screen prints and the final edition of the Creeping: Deity Dero resin series.  Dryad invokes the power of nature with a wood-inspired design.  Limited to 25 pieces—with a small reserve for a future online release—the figure comes in a numbered cardboard box and will be available for $150 from preview night (7.20) on in his usual spot (booth #4532).  In addition to the Dryad resin, Jermaine will be showing the upcoming Veil speciemen 72 - ‘I Think I’m Losing My Mind’ vinyl


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Jul 16, 2016

Rotofugi + squibbles ink and Friends at SDCC 2016


Here we have another wave of goodies Rotofugi has planned for this years SDCC 2016. To start things off let’s take a look at Kozik’s Strawberry & Chocolate Smorkin’ Monger Jerome figures that will be making a debut release. Each figure stands 4” tall and features articulation in the cone with removable smork accessory. These will be available at the booth #5248 for $17.

From Grumble Toy comes Chubby Tough, which is made from Japanese vinyl and stands 3.5” tall. This clear pink edition is limited to only 10 pieces and will first be available at the booth with leftovers going online after the show for $40.

It’s no SDCC without a visit to the Rotofugi booth from Mark Nagata. He will be bringing four one-off customs, including a clear Eyezon with guts for $435, the newer style custom Kaiju Eyzon for $350, a GID Saikobi for $375 and  mini Kaiju Tripus for $135.

We are happy to see Rumble Monsters getting in on the SDCC with some one-off customs including King Bop Dragons and Bop Dragons. Each retailing for $195. There will also be an assortment of one-off Baby Bop dragons for $65.

Ayako Takagi will be sending along her Sogno Marbled Uamou figures, which are limited to 25 pieces with each piece being unique from one another. There will also be a mix of Red eyes and GID eyes, which will cost you $40 each.

Last but not least (for now) are the Toasted Mini Marshalls by 64Colors. These were produced by Squibbles Ink + Rotofugi and are all hand painted, making them all unique. They will be available in both a Surprised version and Joy version at $11 a piece.

The cool thing about most of these releases is that they will be available online during the event or shortly after for those who cannot attend! Stay tuned for more exclusives.

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