Vinyl Pulse x Itokin Park 10th Anniversary Exclusive Space Mode Man (6.19)


Updated with more release details.

Itokin Park (Kazuhiko Ito) makes two amazing space explorer figures—the classic Astronaut and the 2001-inspired Space Mode Man.  Which is your favorite?  We love both of them, so instead of choosing one or the other, we decided to indulge ourselves and you  with one of each—not one exclusive, but two. Going with this crazy idea, the next question was should we do matching pairs or something completely different?

Kazu sent us five Space Mode Man designs. Four were variations of solid green + black, but one completely blew us away.  Camouflage! Must make.  Kazu had never done a Camo design so we’re really happy he offered to give it a shot.  We wondered how he was going to do this and he replied that it would be done 100% in spray.

To make the 10th Anniversary Space Mode Man a reality, Kazu went the extra mile with an intricate, time-consuming painting process. The result is a nicely varied camo effect with sharp, distinct individual elements.   Each figure is truly a hand-done piece, no two are exactly alike.  The little space trooper is so cute!

We will launch the Vinyl Pulse x Itokin Park 10th Anniversary Exclusive Space Mode Man alongside the Exclusive AstronautExclusive Astronaut on Friday, June 19th 2015 @ 7:30 AM PDT  for $45 (+s/h) via At Kazu’s suggestion, the price reflects the additional paint work required for the camo. International orders will ship via EMS (USPS Priority International). Sales will be limited to one of each figure per household.   We hope you love both exclusives as much as we do!


vp10th_spacemodeman-2 vp10th_spacemodeman-3vp10th_spacemodeman-4

14 Replies to “Vinyl Pulse x Itokin Park 10th Anniversary Exclusive Space Mode Man (6.19)”

  1. How come it will be refunded? Shouldn’t the system allow only to sell per how many stock you have on hands? I’m really supporting the cross-over design and SORRY is unacceptable from my perspective!! (frm Hong Kong)

  2. I have opened your page and wait for few hours and click and buy within one minute. But still got ur refund email !

  3. So here is the thing I really don’t understand.
    10 YEARS EXPERIENCE and yet a lot of unhappy and confused people VERY unprofessional!!! I’ll head over to Spanky Stokes now where they have a clue!!

  4. I can’t believe this!! I woke up so early to buy this and you guys just sent me a refund email? Unbelievable!!!!

  5. From my perspective VinylPulse is a toy blog and not a retail outlet so they do not have huge shopping cart sales experience. The cart plugin might not have been the best? But all toy collectors know the experience of disappointment. It’s still a great effort on VP’s part.

  6. Very disappointed also. No clue where on your site I can buy these. Its very unclear. I woke up early for this release also.

  7. Lots of self-entitled people here. With any great, limited edition item the demand is going to far exceed the supply. Believing that just because you woke up early means you deserve one is sad. Every internet sale that has a huge rush when the item goes up is going to experience issues. Whether it is run by Nike, Apple, Kaws, etc. It’s the name of the game and the thrill of the hunt.

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