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Aug 11, 2014

Taylored Curiosities – Brooding Spriggledops


Available now is Taylored Curiosities newest creaiton, the Brooding Spriggledops. They each stand 1.5” tall and 2.5” wide and come signed and dated underneath. They are 5 available now HERE for $33 + S&H each.

'Spriggledops have a life cycle just as all other creatures do. They start life as teeny eggs. Hatch and are equally as small and soft. Cocoon after a year and emerge as lovely, six legged, shelled beasts. They remain this way until they go back to the earth.

When a Spriggledop is ready to lay eggs of their own; the females’ skin develops an odd pigment change and she is able to alter her colourings to blend in with her surroundings. Allowing her and her eggs to stay safely hidden until they hatch. Spriggledop mothers are some of the best in the world. They watch over their brood until they are big enough to cocoon.

The best place for laying eggs is, of course, a succulent plant. These nourish and sustain the eggs with all their hidden water and allow the mother to stay close while the fathers forage and provide food. Spriggledops mate for life and are wonderful parents.

These 'succulent plants' have been hand sculpted, cast and painted. The Spriggledops have been made in the same manner and match the colours of the plants petals; providing camouflage. Tiny magnets are in the petals and on the top of one appendage as well as under the Spriggledop, allowing her to both sit inside the nest and to stand atop the nest, watching out. Teeny 'eggs' complete the nest effect.

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