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Aug 29, 2014

Mutant Vinyl Hardcore - Black Magic Witch Hunter Berserker Ollie Lottery Now Open!


Alright folks! Bust out your lucky rabbit foot, four-leaf clover, horseshoe, and lucky penny, because you’re going to need it for Mutant Vinyl Hardcore’s newest lottery! Take a gander at the Black Magic Witch Hunter Berserker Ollie! This figure stands 13.5” tall and is cast in a black vinyl and painted with gray and white sprays with clear red doll eyes. He comes equipped with haunted axe weapon, severed head omake, and trident throwing weapon. There are also a few bonuses as well! Three lucky winners will be have the chance to win an original one-off figure (not pictured)! MVH will contact those just to make sure if they would be interested in the one-off or stick to the regular release! Winners will also have the option to add a Berserker giclee by Zack Taylor to their order. The lottery is OPEN NOW and is up for only 24 hours. Winners will be chosen and invoices will go out on Saturday, August 30th. The total price for all this goodness will be $200 +S&H. You can find the lottery submission form HERE.

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