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Aug 11, 2014

Creo Design –- Mini Tooth Decay (9.8)


Chris Alexander of Creo Design has sculpted a smaller, cubicle friendly version of his OG 7” Tooth Decay.  The 3.5” Mini Tooth Decay will soon be released in three options -– Signature Enamel, Custom Enamel and Bare Enamel.  

The  Signature Enamel Series will feature limited, hand-done editions signed by the artist and will come in metal tins. The first Signature Enamel has yet to be revealed.  If you’d like to design your own Mini Tooth Decay, Custom Enamel is for you.  You can choose one of 250 colors for the main body and 40 for the tooth as well as choosing a glossy or matte surface.   Finally, Bare Enamel is just as it sounds – a straight out of the mold, unfinished piece – ideal for those who’d like to finish the piece off as they see fit. 

All three editions will be available on Monday September 8th 2014 at 9 PM GMT (2PM PDT) from the Creo Design web shop.  The Signature Enamel Series will sell for £45 (~$76), the Custom Enamel for £40 (~$67) and Bare Enamel for £20(~$34).  Shipping for each will be £5 (~$8) within the UK and £10 (~$16) for global.

custombare turnarounds

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