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Aug 11, 2014

Andrea Kang x Peter Kato –- Bedtime Bunnies (8.14)


Peter Kato invited Andrea Kang to bring her whimsical style to his Bedtime Bunnies resin figures. She hand-painted ten unique designs on a special platform-like version of the Bedtime Bunny created for artist collaborations which has a blank face and lowered arms. While some are sleeping and some are not, each of Andrea’s Bedtime Bunnies have colorful designs mixing shirt, slipper and fur colors nicely.

The Kang x Kato Bedtime Bunnies will be released on Thursday August 14th @ 9PM EDT from Peter’s webshop  complete with a screen-printed box for $50 each. Andrea’s take on the Bedtime Bunnies is fun and we’re looking forward to seeing what future guest artists will do with the sleepy rabbits.

10610805_623861794378940_7164891588248278588_n RabbitsSideA BunnysLineB

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