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Jul 25, 2014

SEEN: Paul Kaiju x Gunnzo – Fistful of Dominoes


This was the first time Paul Kaiju has done a special event at Gunnzo and we think it’s pretty safe to say that it was a success! There were tons of friends, fans, tacos, and toys! Everyone was able to get something and then head back in line to get seconds. The debut release of Domino Jack was a huge hit, as it was the first of the larger releases to sell out. There was even a Goon Pinata filled with mini goons, which was masterfully made by Super Junk. The new Shroom and Space parts for Mr. Ree also made a special appearance. The balcony to the back porch was the perfect spot for Todd to call out lottery tickets. We want to give a big thanks to Paul and Chika (Gunnzo) and friends for an excellent event. Check out the photos from the event after the jump!

20140725_191841 20140725_191817 20140725_191715 20140725_191858 20140725_194610 20140725_191701 20140725_191707 20140725_191804 20140725_191723 20140725_191744 20140725_191756 20140725_191828 20140725_191849 20140725_191941 20140725_191947 20140725_192022 20140725_192028 20140725_192059 20140725_192102 20140725_193248 20140725_193250 20140725_193327 20140725_193634 20140725_193645 20140725_193745 20140725_193748 20140725_193749 20140725_193751 20140725_193807 20140725_194047 20140725_194051 20140725_194053 20140725_205433

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