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Jul 31, 2014

myplasticheart Presents: Justin Alan Volpe in “Dream Cast” a 1/6 Scale Custom Space Opera (08.01)


myplasticheart is proud to present Justin Alan Volpe in “Dream Cast”, a 1/6 scale Custom Space Opera. This show will feature a star filled cast brought together to partake in a Universe made up of Force Benders, Space Cowboys, and an Android Rock Band The Seekers. The opening reception will take place on Friday, August 1st from 6-9PM. Justin will also be in attendance to hang out and talk about his work.

210 Forsyth St.
NY, NY 10002


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Lunartik – Spectrum Cup of Teas (08.01)


Matt JOnes of Lunartik will soon be releasing his Spectrum 2.5” Cup of Teas on his online site. These will be limited to only 45 pieces and are signed and numbered with certificate of authenticity. You will find them available HERE on Friday, August 1st at 4PM GMT for roughly $75 each.


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Reactor-88’s Custom Corner -- RunDMB


Welcome to the July edition of Reactor-88's Custom Corner. This month we’re highlighting David Bishop, better known as RunDMB. David lives in Chelmsford, UK where he is the creative director at a design agency he started about sixteen years ago. He has been painting toys since 2011 and is a member of the very talented Red Mutuca Studios art collective.

David has a very abstract, graffiti-like style. There’s a lot going on in each piece with many layers of paint and a lot of movement, but at the same time each line stroke looks very deliberate and really works to give an energetic feel.  He works strictly with Posca pens, which helps him achieve the clean yet complex looks in his work. David does take commissioned projects, but be known that his list is quite long. So if you don’t mind a bit of a wait, feel free to drop David a message via Instagram or his Facebook page. You can also keep up with David and his work on Twitter, Behance, and the RunDMB website


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Jul 30, 2014

Coarse – 200% Omen Totems


First shown in May at the Thailand Toy Expo as protos and then as hand-painted Amanda Visell customs at SDCC, the first production 200% Omen vinyls are about to leave the nest.  Coarse’s Omen Totems will tower over the OG Omen’s and the Blinks  at 14” x 10” x 10”.  Going BIG with their new impressive figure, Coarse will debut the Totems in  three different editions  featuring classic designs -– Jaws, Pain and Loser Black

Each of the editions are limited to 200 pcs and will be available for HK$1980 individually (~ $255) or HK$5180 (~ $668)for a bundle of all three.  As always, the prices include global shipping.   The Omen Totems take flight on August 7th 2014 @ 8:59 AM PDT from Coarse HKG.



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Acolorfulmonster – New Zombitrons Available Now

IMG_20140718_141454 IMG_20140718_141705IMG_20140718_180936 IMG_20140718_181134

Acolorfulmonster put up a couple new Zombitrons for you in his webstore. Each figure stands 5.5” tall with 6 points of articulation. There are two editions to choose from, the Orange Metallo for $65 and the Bruised and Bloodied edition for $75. Each colorway is limited to 4 pieces. Find them both available HERE now.

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Filter017 – 6” POP CORN Original Vinyl Figure Prototype


Filter017 is super pleased and excited to announce the upcoming POP CORN 6” vinyl figure. After a number of years in the development process with 909 Toy, POP CORN will soon be released in celebration of Filter017’s 10 Year anniversary. We’ll keep an EAR out for the official release! Check out some of the photos of the prototype above and after the jump.


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Mighty Jaxx x Scott Tolleson – Lyle Bean Co-Lab Online Release (8.1)


Following the preview release at SDCC, Mighty Jaxx will  offer a general release of their new Lyle Bean Co-Lab series figures from Scott Tolleson via their online shop this weekend.  The first figure in the parts interchangeable Co-Lab series, Lyle Bean stands 3.5” tall and sports Tolleson’s nerd fashion complete with glasses and argyle style.   As with future Co-Lab releases from other artists, Lyle Bean comes in Blue (cyan), Pink, Yellow and Black colorways. 

Mighty Jaxx will offer Lyle Bean in individual colors ($30) or as a full set including the four standard colors ($120) and the bonus  rare clear version, exclusive to their online store.  Lyle Bean drops from the Mighty Jaxx online store on Friday (8.1, 2 PM PDT).


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Super7 – Alien Egg Chamber Action Playset


Super7 has extended the Pre-Order for the Blackbox ReAction Figures Alien Egg Chamber sets for one more week. This is an open run, how ever many is ordered is the edition size. If there so happens to be more than enough orders, they will manufacture the bases with injected molded plastic! The delivery date for the resin bases are expected to be 3-4 months and the injected mold bases will take up to 6-7 months. You can find them HERE for $100


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MAD – 10 Year Edition MAD*L!


MAD has finally announced that the 10 Year Edition MAD*L is coming soon! These will be limited to only 100 sets and is a must for any MAD or MAD*L fans out there. Torn between a color? Get em’ both! Stay tuned for release information.

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Jul 29, 2014

Cometdebris – Summer Vacation Sametan Part 2 Pre-Order


Due to the popularity of the first run of Summer Vacation Sametan’s, Cometdebris has decided to put up a second release! The Summer Vacation Sametan Part 2 is cast in a clear vinyl with pink eyes and is filled with little shells and sea animals. These are made to order and will take approximately 4-6 weeks to ship out. You can also order multiples to save on shipping! The Pre-orders will close on August 8th at 7AM PST. Find them available HERE for $45 each.

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Jul 28, 2014

Tomenosuke x Emilio Garcia -- Exclusive Brainade Chrome (7.30)

Tomenosuke is about to release a special exclusive version of Emilio Garcia's Brainade. Limited to just eight pieces, the super shiny Chrome Brainade is the first plated edition of the popular sculpture. The exclusive drops on Wednesday (7.30) @ 7 PM PDT for 29,700 yen (~ $292) from Tomenosuke.



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Jul 25, 2014

SEEN: Paul Kaiju x Gunnzo – Fistful of Dominoes


This was the first time Paul Kaiju has done a special event at Gunnzo and we think it’s pretty safe to say that it was a success! There were tons of friends, fans, tacos, and toys! Everyone was able to get something and then head back in line to get seconds. The debut release of Domino Jack was a huge hit, as it was the first of the larger releases to sell out. There was even a Goon Pinata filled with mini goons, which was masterfully made by Super Junk. The new Shroom and Space parts for Mr. Ree also made a special appearance. The balcony to the back porch was the perfect spot for Todd to call out lottery tickets. We want to give a big thanks to Paul and Chika (Gunnzo) and friends for an excellent event. Check out the photos from the event after the jump!


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Frank Kozik x Kidrobot -- Rocket Raccon Labbit

Frank Kozik launched the new Rocket Raccoon Labbit from Kidrobot earlier today (7.25) at his Comic-Con booth. The transformation of Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy character into Labbit form brings sharp deco and a sweet, fuzzy articulated tail. This prerelease sold out quickly, with the full release due shortly at shops nationwide.


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Travie McCoy x MINDstyle -- IKARU$ Debuts at SDCC


Hip-hop / pop star Travie McCoy will be at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday and Saturday to release and sign his new Ikaru$ art toy produced by MINDstyle.  While he’s likely best known for the hit song ‘I Wanna Be a Billionaire’ with Bruno Mars, McCoy originally focused on art, attending art school, working as a tattoo artist and  later a full-time painter prior to his breakout with Gym Class Heroes.

The new toy reinterprets Icarus from Greek mythology, who perished as a result of flying too near to the sun, thus melting his wings,  as a modern tale of unlimited aspiration.   The 10” figure features the character’s iconic wings, wide eyes and a trendy backpack.   Limited to 500 pieces, the debut edition will be available for $80 from the MINDstyle booth [#4845] where Travie will be signing on Friday at 2 PM and Saturday at 1 PM


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Luke Chueh x Munky King – Headspace Proto at SDCC


At SDCC, Munky King is showing a proto of Headspace, their next figure project with Luke Chueh.  Based on the ongoing series of paintings in which Luke’s signature bear removes his outer head to reveal inner identities and passions including a pig, monkey, Banksy’s art, Star Wars and more.   

What’s on display at the Munky King booth is clearly just the beginning –- the OG bear head and the in-hand head.  That leaves the question of how collectors will purchase additional heads.  Let’s speculate on the possibilities… Perhaps MK could release sets of additional heads, or perhaps go with a blind-box approach from the start.  Would you rather have one body and lots of swappable heads or, one body for each head?

If you’re at the ‘con, don’t miss the release/signing of the Star Wars inspired ‘Fett’ and ‘Father’ Headspace printsStar Wars inspired ‘Fett’ and ‘Father’ Headspace prints on Friday (7.25) from Noon to 2 PM at Giant Robot’s booth [#1729].


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Jul 24, 2014

SDCC Flash: Tomenosuke + Circus Posterus Pocket Sideshow Protos


Cardboard Spaceship is showing prototypes of the upcoming Pocket Sideshow sofubi minis from Tomenosuke + Circus Posterus in their SDCC booth.  From the pieces on display, it looks like the series will feature at least three artists – Chris Ryniak, Brandt Peters, and Kathie Olivas.  With interchangeable heads and top-notch paint applications, these are really promising.

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Pushead Lunch @ SDCC -- Itamu

Pushead previewed his new collaboration with Hirota, Itamu ('damaged' in Japanese) at SDCC at the Toy Tokyo tower. The figure is Pus's interpretation of Hirota's Mecha Gorilla-Ju. As shown, it features a Pus designed head, sculpted by Hirota on the Mecha body. Look for the total transformation in the near future.


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A Closer Look at the New Firecat from Joe Ledbetter


Firecat is back and this time he really means it.  It’s been nine years since the fire-breathing beast shook the scene with the OG vinyl figure from Joe Ledbetter. In the span in between, he’s grown in stature (11”) and power. He’s shed his cute, round appearance for a lean, mean, towering presence.  Firecat makes a big, smoldering impact with a wide-open, bellowing flame burst. Focused on destruction, his symmetrical fire now rises above his ears.  

Badder and better, the new figure  is an important milestone for Joe Ledbetter –- his first self-produced vinyl art toy.  On a shelf or on your desk, Firecat demands your attention with Joe’s signature 2.5D look popping off the surroundings.   Pick yours up exclusively at Joeledbetter.com for $99 (+ s/h). On the horizon?  Lava Cat, Ice Cat, Fire-Catzilla – not necessarily in that order.


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Rotofugi x Amanda Visell x Coarse – 200% Omen Customs for SDCC (7.24)


Rotofugi will release custom 200% Omens from Amanda Visell and Coarse on Thursday.  Amanda created three variations – Omen Bat (16”), Omen Jackalope (17”), and Omen Lumber (16”), each in editions of 3.  Each of the pieces are 200% vinyl Omens hand painted by Amanda with resin additions.   The customs will be available for $2800 (tax included) from the Rotofugi booth [#5248] starting at around 1 PM on Thursday (7.24).  These customs have us wondering if production Amanda Visell Omens are in the works.


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SDCC Flash: Funko x MINDstyle -- Pop! Asia Debut + Hikari Previews


The new Pop! Asia line from Funko and MINDstyle, part of the two brands’ new  strategic alliance,  launched on Preview Night here at San Diego Comic-Con. Showcasing Asian culture, themes and lore, the new line debuted at the MINDstyle booth [#4845] with several SDCC exclusive black + gold editions including  Monkey King S1 (3 figures, 3.5”, $15 each),  Omamori Dolls (3 figures, 3.5”, $15 each), and Jiangshi Hopping Ghosts (4 figures, 3.5”, $15 each). 

In addition to the new Pop! Asia figures, MINDstyle also showed a staggering number of upcoming Hikari soft vinyl figures from Funko,  featuring Transformers, Ghostbusters, Spiderman,  and more.  Several fun material / paint treatments were on display including translucent vinyl, glitter and  weathering / rubbed effects.


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SDCC Flash: Robert Burden’s Amazing Oversized Toy Paintings


We were pleasantly surprised to see that Robert Burden has a booth at SDCC this year.  If the name isn’t familiar, Burden creates massive oil paintings based around toys.  For Comic-Con, he’s  offering posters and prints of many of his paintings for the very first time –- perfect for those of us who don’t have a massive wall nor the resources to purchase an original.   He’s also brought along two of his original paintings -- one of Optimus Prime and one of Batman.  If you’ve never seen Robert’s work in person, this is a perfect opportunity to truly appreciate their awesomeness.


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SDCC Flash: CBS x Amanda Louise Spayd x Chris Ryniak Thimblestump Hollow Protos


Cardboard Spaceship is showing oversized 3d printed prototypes of their upcoming Thimblestump Hollow mini-fig series from Amanda Louise Spayd and Chris Ryniak. The series will feature 9 figures in total – 4 from each artist and one collab.  In addition to the minis, expect a few resin drops in larger sizes, similar to that of the shown protos.

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Jul 22, 2014

Funko x MINDstyle Strategic Alliance Begins With Pop! Asia



Funko  and MiNDstyle have announced a strategic alliance covering Greater China and Southeast Asia.  The collaboration will  bring together FUNKO’s tremendous success with the Pop! Vinyl line, which has sold over 17 million figures in four years,  and MINDstyle’s vast experience as a creative agency working with premiere  entertainment properties.  The brand new Pop! Asia line of designer toys is a part of the two brands’ efforts to offer  collectibles and  products in rapidly growing and lucrative markets.

Pop! Asia will debut an Aloha Plate 4-figure set,  celebrating the Aloha Plate food truck, winners of  Season 4 of Food Network’s The Great Food Truck Race.  The Aloha Plate toys will be available at MINDstyle’s booth [#4845] and the Aloha Plate crew will be signing at the booth on Friday (7.25) at 12 PM.  A second edition of the Aloha Plate figures will drop in September.

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Emilio Garcia – 2” Mini Skull Brain Available Now


Emilio Garcia’s 2” Mini Skull Brains are finally available! The Skull Brain is made of resin with a beautiful nitro gloss finish to give it that ceramic look. They are available in 4 colors, yellow, pink, white and black, which are limited to 50 pieces each. You can purchase them HERE for roughly $34 each! Get them before they are gone.

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Munky King Signing Schedule & Release Update


Alright folks! Here is everything you need to know about what’s going on at the Munky King Booth #4851! The signing schedule is as follows:

Thursday 11-1PM: Luke Chueh / Golden Fleece Bitch $160 & Bear Pillow Head
The Golden Fleece Bitch figures are limited to 150 pieces. Only 45 will be sold as a pre-sale during SDCC. They will then be taking preorders at the booth once the first 45 are sold out. Any leftovers will be available online and preorders are expected to be filled by early September.

Friday 11–1PM: Joe Ledbetter / Lava Monkey Release $120

Saturday 11-1PM: ROCOM / Print Release
ROCOM will be releasing his limited edition print sets featuring some very familiar masks and helmets. Each are limited to 9 pieces each. Check them out after the jump.


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