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Jul 06, 2014

Peter Kato – Lizzies (7.10)


Not content to milk one particular sculpt or idea, Peter Kato continues to come up with new characters and figures.  His next drop will see the debut of the new Lady Lizards or Lizzies (3.5”).  The handcast 3.5” figure features a fairly ambitious 5-piece design. The Lizzies debut with a blue on green design. Limited to 15 pieces, the first edition drops on Thursday (7.10) at Midnight for $35 from his web shop.  Each figure will come with an accessory and its own figure box.


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Dave Bondi x DKE Toys – SDCC Astronocchio


DKE continues its nearly daily comic-con announcements with one we previewed  a few days ago, the first resin edition of Dave Bondi’s new Astronocchio  mashup. Following in the conceptual footsteps of Akashi, Astronocchio blends two iconic characters – one Western and one Eastern.  Limited to 25 pieces,  this first edition stands 5” tall and is cast in red resin.  It will be available at SDCC from the DKE booth [#5045] for $65.

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