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Jul 04, 2014

Kidrobot Not on the SDCC Exhibitor List ?


Kris, our hardworking contributor, noticed a curious and unsettling omission on the official SDCC 2014 exhibitor list in the K’s –- Kidrobot.  That can’t be… or could it?  Kidrobot has been making some major changes including closures of all their retail stores except for Boulder and San Francisco.  There’s also an unconfirmed post on the KR forums which features a message from a KR employee indicating that Kidrobot will not have a booth but that that it will have a presence with exclusives offered from several booths.

What we do know, is that at least one vendor will have a high-profile KR SDCC exclusive.  Beyond that, this post is speculation on our part driven by the the exhibitor list and the previously mentioned board posting.

If true, it’s hard to imagine SDCC without the Kidrobot booth, without a major presence from arguably the American pioneer in designer vinyl.  It’s way too early to know what this possible development might mean for the larger scene and market, but it certainly doesn’t feel very good at the moment. We’re pulling for Kidrobot to redefine itself and to continue making awesome art toys and appealing licensed product.

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