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Jun 10, 2014

Javier Jimenez – Wananeko, Yokai Cat


Spanish designer/illustrator Javier Jimenez will debut his new Wananeko figure at ‘Tokyo Cat Fight’ (7.5 – 7.6) at the DesignFesta Gallery in Harajuku, Tokyo. Wananeko (‘Trap Cat’) is a Yokai Cat, who seeks revenge on those who failed to help him in the streets before his death.  He does this by calling on the unsuspecting  and then transforming into a basket of innocent looking kittens on their doorsteps – a mystical trap.   Once they answer the door, he then pounces.  Be sure to check out Wananeko’s origin story video, embedded below.

The 4.8” Wakaneko resin figure was created by Javier, sculpted by Cristina Ravenna and hand-cast by Rafael Rodriguez Santos.  The vengeful cat will debut at the Japanese exhibition in early July in both the original edition and a few one-off pieces hand-painted by creator Javier Jimenez.

02  06   Sculpt 5Sculpt 01 TCF Poster by Javier Jimenez

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