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Jun 30, 2014

Seen: Konatsuya Dai Kaiju Exhibition at Q Pop


Q Pop in DTLA welcomed Japanese artist Konatsu for her Dai Kaiju Exhibition on Saturday evening (6.28).  The show features artist customs of her popular Negora cat sofubi, two exclusive editions of the figure and several of her original Negora paintings. The long oval counter in the center of the store has become Negora central with customs from Amy Sol, Shimomoku, Devilrobots64 Colors, Luke Chueh, J*Ryu, Sket One, and Konatsu herself. Konatsu’s paintings were quite enjoyable and offered pairings of Negora with various animals –- a fish, fox, and a dragon come to mind as well as solo pieces.   Q Pop also has a selection of Konatsu merchandise including copies of her art book which features a really nice collection of drawings and paintings, most featuring her cat character.

During the exhibition, Konatsu treated her fans to a live painting session.  She quickly created her signature scenes –- first with black, brushed outlines and then watercolors to bring the pieces on paper to life.  While we didn’t make it back out for the signing session on Sunday, Q Pop posted  several pieces she completed during a 2nd live painting session, after she signed for fans and collectors.

Enjoy the pics from the opening of the fun exhibition which runs through July 13th.   If you’re near LA, definitely take the time to check out the show in person.


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Scott Tolleson x Skybound – SDCC 2014 Exclusive Rick & Invincible 2-Pack Minis

Vinyl2Shot REVISED

Last teased HERE was a sneak of what Scott Tolleson had going on with Skybound for SDCC. Now Skybound has just revealed all of their exclusives, including these minis of Rick Grimes and Invincible. This will be a double blind boxed 2-pack and will be limited to 5000 sets. There will be 6 possible colors for each figure with sets going for $20 each. If you are a fan of either these series, you may want to add this to your want list for SDCC!

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Super7 SDCC Release Preview


Yay! We get another look at what is to come from Super7 for this years SDCC! Don’t forget to check our first post of their ReAction figure releases HERE. As you can see above, they’ve got a nice arrangement to offer. First is the Fossila “Radioactive Puke” edition, which features yellow, green, blue, orange, and brown drip vinyl with painted details for $95. The “Cookies n’ Cream” Foster, which features brown and GID swirl vinyl for $25. The “Marbled Madness” Mongolion with neon green and gold glitter swirl vinyl for $65. Last is the “Ooze It Tribute” Oozebat, which features green vinyl with yellow painted details for $50. There is definitely more to come. Stay tuned!

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Cometdebris – Kappa Kid & Clear Sametan Release (07.04)


Cometdebris has a couple awesome releases taking place on Friday, July 4th at 9PM PST. His light  green vinyl Kappa Kid will be available in three different versions, blue hair, green hair, and an limited number of unpainted for $30 each. There will be the release of the newest Sametan, the Summer Vacation edition. This release is cast in a clear vinyl with yellow painted eyes and is filled with colorful shells and sea animals. Each one is slightly different from one another. These will be available for $45 with a  portion of the sales going to support PangeaSeed.


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Huck Gee -- Grifling and Fletcher Prints


Huck Gee has just released two prints –– each featuring an illustration of one of  his two recently released limited-edition custom Grifling figures.  That would be the OG  Grifling and the one-eyed Fletcher. Limited to 100 pieces, each print edition measures 11” x 14” and is available for $30 from huckgee.com.


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Tomenosuke x Emilio Garcia -– Exclusive Chrome Brainade


Tomenosuke is taking Emilio Garcia’s Brainade upscale with their upcoming exclusive Chrome Brainade.  Featuring the first plated Brainades, this new edition is limited to 8 pieces and will retail for ~$275 direct from Tomenosuke.  We’ll be sure to post the release info once we have it.


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Okedoki x VTSS – Little Dreamers Collectors Set (7.1)

Lil Dreamer 7 
Updated: Release time corrected

Benny the Dreamer is back and he’s brought his friends along as well.  VTSS has announced the new Little Dreamers Collector Set featuring five 3” Dreamer resin figures from Okedoki.   Limited to 280 sets,  the Collector Set features Benny the Dreamer (red), Daydreamer (white), Night Terror (black), The Alchemest done in Electroplated Gold and the GID Lucid Dreamer.   Packaged in a fancy laser-etched wood box, the Little Dreamers Collectors set will drop on Tuesday, July 1st 2014 @ 8 AM PDT for $145 from the VTSS web shop.


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Vannen x 3DRetro – SDCC Exclusive Kronk Watch


Here’s some SDCC news for the legions of Kronk collectors out there.  Vannen will release a comic-con exclusive Kronk art watch at the 3DRetro booth (#5049).  Limited to 100 pieces, the watch will be released on beginning on preview night (7.23) for an affordable $60.  Enjoy the teaser image and be sure to check back for more on this one.

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Jun 29, 2014

Luke Chueh x Munky King – SDCC Exclusive Black & Gold Bitch


We finally get the full reveal of Luke Chueh x Munky King’s “Bitch” figure, which was sculpted by Pretty In Plastic. They will be debuting this figure at this years SDCC with a Black and Gold exclusive colorway. This Golden Fleece run is expected to be super limited and we cannot wait to fill you in on any other information on this release. Stay tuned!

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Jun 27, 2014

Nathan Ota x Zero Plus Publishing – Ikiru Deluxe Artist Edition Set

ota3ota_box1 copy

Zero Plus Publishing has put together this amazing Deluxe Artist Edition for Nathan Ota’s Ikiru art book. These sets are limited to 10 pieces and contain the following inside:

- Original Acrylic Painting on a Wood Panel – 6x6”
- Limited Edition T-Shirt
- Limited Edition Blackbird with Hand-painted details by 3D Retro (Limited to 50)
- Signed Book – Hardcover – 144 Pages

These Deluxe sets are priced at $3500 and is a must for any Nathan Oota fanatic. Now when are the rest of the other 40 Birdies being released? Stay tuned!


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Reactor-88 Custom Corner: Tasha Zimich


Welcome to the June edition of Reactor-88's Custom Corner. This month we’re highlighting Tasha Zimich. Tasha lives in Vancouver, Canada, where she is the Operations Coordinator for d’Errico Studios Ltd, an ABA Therapist, and a painter & toy artist. She has an academic background in contemporary art, though producing art has been a part of her life since her childhood. She became aware of the art toy scene in 2009, and painted her first toy in 2011. Tasha felt she needed an in-between that balanced her critical theory in academics and her personal passion from early years of drawing and painting- custom toys became the vehicle to drive that.

Tasha does all her painting by hand with acrylics & brushes, and has a very colorful, “painterly” style that really draws your eye in to examine each piece more closely. When it comes to inspiration, she never really outgrew comics and cartoons, and is fascinated by horror books/film and the natural world. Bits and pieces from these different areas tend to come together in disturbing and adorable ways in Tasha’s work.

She does take commissioned projects, so if you’d like to discuss a project or just keep up with Tasha’s work, you can visit her website at www.tashazimich.com, or find her over on Facebook and Instagram.



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Wild WestSide - OG Impala Mini


Arik of Wild WestSide will be releasing mini versions of his OG Impala figures monthly. Beginning with the “Ivory” edition, which is available HERE for $60 a piece. Each run will be limited to 20 pieces and measure 9” x 5” 7”. They are also made of resin, acrylic, and wood. July will be the release of the SDCC Exclusive GID edition and there will be an “Onyx” edition in August.


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Super7 x Funko – Three Brand New ReAction Releases for SDCC 2014


On the ReAction side of things, Super7 x Funko have some major goods lined up for SDCC! The only thing they could tell us that there are three brand new figure items, titled XXXXX XXX XXXXXXX XXXXXXX, the ????? ???? ????? ??????? ???, and the XXXX XXXXXXX XXXX XX X XXX. Two of which are based on the Alien series (ALIEN EGG!?) and the other from a Miramax film. Booth #5245 is going to bring the heat!

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Jun 26, 2014

Bwana Spoons –- Dual Miki Dewey Tapir Drop (6.27)


Bwana Spoons will release not one, but two editions of his Miki Dewey Tapir sofubi on Friday (6.27) @ 10 AM PDT from his web shop.  Collectors will get to choose between Flamingo Dingo and Mellow Yellow, or perhaps buy both ;-)  Each edition is cast in either transparent pink or yellow vinyl with spray accents on the eyes and blankets.


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Lunartik – ZX Teas White Edition (6.28)


Back in April, Lunartik released the ZX Teas set of 7 ‘Super Inflused Flavors’ of Mini Teas at Toycon UK.  Now, he’s following up the OG black set with a new White Edition featuring the same 7 flavors (colors).  Limited to 300 sets, the ZX Teas White Edition sets drop on Saturday June 28th 2014  for £45 (~$76)  from the Lunartik web shop.  If you’re a tea completist, love white toys, or a fan of Lunartik’s signature figure, the new set might be just the thing.  The ZX Teas White Edition sets will be shipped on 6.30.

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Angry Woebots x Silent Stage – Panda KIng 2 UNCRWND OG (6.30)


The wait is almost over – the king is back., with an all-new sculptSilent Stage  is aobut to release  Panda King 2 UNCRWND OG (6”) from Angry Woebots.  Limited to 100 pieces, this fierce, debut painted edition in Black+White+Red is hand-painted by Woebots himself.  UNCRWND drops on Monday (6.30) @ 11 AM PDT from silentstagegallery.com for $300.

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Lulubell Toy Release - Ferg x Grody Shogun “Over the Bar Young Gohst” (06.30)

photo 1photo 2

Lululbell Toy Bodega will be holding a 24 hour Pre-Order for the “Over the Bar Young Gohst” figure by Ferg and Grody Shogun. This edition is cast with GID flesh, red, teal, and magenta vinyl. There are no two alike, since each figure features hand painted eyes, assorted tongues, and brains! They will be available starting on June 30th at 10AM PST at $50 each.

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Huck Gee – Fletcher the Grifling

unnamed (1)

Huck Gee has just created a run of these amazing 13.5” tall custom figures, that go by Fletcher the Grifling. Everything shown above comes included, accessories, weapons, and wings! These are limited to only 10 pieces at $950 a figure and come in a laser etched wooden box. Send your inquiries to sales[at]huckgee[dot]com. Better hop on these now before they are all gone!

The tales vary...
"There I was, pacing a gorgeous 3 point buck when I heard, or rather felt, something behind me. I don't know where it came from. It just stood there, watching me as it drank from a glowing flask. It was so tall I couldn't see it's tattooed face for the canopy, just the outline of those massive horns! I've never ran so fast in my life."

"That spindly legged thing almost skewered me with it's long pointy stick!"

"I walked into the clearing to check on my snares and there that towering horned thing sat, just staring at me, staring through me. It was so intense that it took me a breath before I realized it was riding on a giant beetle!"

"That eye, that single all seeing eye... what kind of creature only has one eye?! It's arrows may have chased me and my prospects out of that valley but that eye followed me into my dreams!"

Whatever their story, a pattern usually emerges. The Grifling are the forest sentinels. They are the Guardians of Wildwood Valley.
- excerpts from Chapters of the North, Volume VI - Mahotsukai Hoohige


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Jun 25, 2014

David Flores x Blackbook Toy – BBT Skull Giclee Print


BlackBook Toy has started a rad campaign to give their loyal customers a chance to own this awesome BlackBook Toy Skull Giclee print by David Flores. Anyone who spends $100 in their webstore will receive this awesome print absolutely free! They’ve tons of fine items to choose from! They’ve got goods from  David Flores, Kozik, Ron English, and Mishka. Be sure to pick something out before all the prints are gone!

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Skinner x Mutant Vinyl Hardcore Krawluss Limited Pre-Order (06.27)


Skinner describes this Limited Pre-Order Krawluss, as “BLACKENED AND CHARRED NUCLEAR MAGMA ORANGE WHITE HOT BLINDING COLORWAY THAT DEMANDS YOU BURN!! BURN BEFORE KRAWLUSS!”. That’s probably the best edition title you can ever give a toy! This collaborative figure with Mutant Vinyl Hardcore will be available for Pre-Order on Friday, June 27th through Sunday, June 29th. They can be purchased HERE for $250 each +S&H and will be shipped out by July 4th. Everyone that pre-orders this Krawluss will have a chance to win a special variant Krawluss (seen after the jump).


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Kidrobot’s Art of War Dunny Signings & Release Events (06.27)

aow-party-flier- -trade-party-v2-digital-580x750

Kidrobot will be holding a couple release events of their newest Dunny Series, “Art of War”. At Kidrobot Boulder you will find kaNO signing and sketching for he fans from 6-9PM on Friday, June 27th. There will also be an exclusive print by kaNO for those who spend $50+ in the store.

Kidrobot Boulder
1468 Pearl Street
Boulder, CO 80302


Kidorobot San Francisco will also be having a shindig on the same night from 6-8PM, where you can hang and get goods signed by Drilone, Kozik, and Huck Gee!

Kidrobot SF
1512 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA 94117


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Jun 24, 2014

Seen: One of One at dA Center for the Arts


Sometimes the photo machine turns just a bit slowly here but we’re happy to bring you shots of the opening (6.14) of the World’s Greatest ‘One of One’ Custom Show at the dA Center for the Arts in Pomona.  As a result of his newfound passion for customizing vinyl toys, painter Johnny ‘KMNDZ’ Rodriguez brought together a strong mix of artists to customize any toy of their choosing.  In addition to those known for their customization skills, he also invited artists who had either never done a custom or who had done so very sparingly.

The result is an impressively different show mixing full wall mural installations with a wide range of custom pieces – some of vinyl figures and others of sculptures and objects.   Some of our personal highlights from the show include the unusual mural + toy combos turned in by Defer (above) and Codak as well as Liz McGrath’s one-of-a-kind Minverva which is apparently a custom toy robot rather than the OG sculpture it appeared to be, and the innocent Munny by the very talented Jophen Stein.

If you missed the opening, there’s still time to catch the show which runs through the better part of July.  To check out the work online including pricing info, head on over to the show catalog.


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Aya Kakeda x Tomenosuke – Micro Bus Update


Back in April, we wrote about Aya Kakeda’s in-development Micro Bus deluxe sofubi set from Tomenosuke.  The project has moved from the sculpt phase to the wax / prototyping phase which is the last step prior to the creation of metal production molds.  Maybe we’ll see test pulls in the not so distant future.  We’re just a little excited about this toy ;)


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Scott Tolleson x Skybound – SDCC Walking Dead Teaser?


Scott Tolleson posted this teaser photo of an upcoming collaborative release for this years SDCC. If you aren’t familiar Skybound already, they are best known for their line of The Walking Dead comics. This teaser doesn’t give much to what the figure can be, but we will be sure to keep you notified! Any guesses? Could it be a special run of zombies or main characters like Rick Grimes?

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Jun 23, 2014

Kidrobot’s “Art of War” Product Preview & Release (06.27)


Finally! Kidrobot shares with us a product preview of a few of the Dunnys from the upcoming “Art of War” Series! We have a closer look at designs by kaNO, Kozik, Igor Ventura, Huck Gee, Drilone, Jon Paul Kaiser, and Sergio Mancini. They’ve also announced that they will be released this Friday, June 27th. There will also be case exclusives for those who purchase an entire case! Check out the list of places you can pick up some of these fine pieces HERE.

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