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Jun 11, 2014

Enjaypee x Disart Toylabs – Scary Larry (6.13)

scary larry blog promo

Enjaypee and Disart Toylabs have blended their scary skills to create a fun, fearsome Friday the 13th debut – Scary Larry.  Inspired by  the characters of Garbage Pail Kids artist John Pound especially Eerie Eric, Nolan of Enjaypee designed and created the 2.5” Scary Larry which was then produced by Disart Toylab’s Tru:Tek in retro keshi-style rubber.  

The new werewolf figure will be released on Friday (6.13) @ 9 PM London time (1 PM PDT) from the Man-E Toys webshop  in six editions for $30 each – two super limited editions and four made-to-order open run colorways. On the limited side, there’s Pocket Monster Purple and UK Bargain Doll Mint.  The open-run Bargain Doll editions will be available in flesh, green, red and blue.  Each version of Scary Larry will come in a VHS style box (3 designs). If you’d like to collect ‘em all (or most of ‘em), there’s the 4-piece open-run Bargain Doll set for $90, which means you’re getting one fig for free.   Don’t miss out on this drop, Scary Larry is pretty badass.

MINT PROMO box promo

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