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Jun 17, 2014

Scott Tolleson x Mighty Jaxx – 01 Lyle Bean


Here is a look at the first release of Mighty Jaxx’s newest Co-Lab line featuring Scott Tolleson’s Lyle Bean!’ This beautiful blue all blue figure also features colored argyle print on the chest. This figure also looks great in its blister packaging and can’t wait to see what other colorways they’ve got planned. Stay tuned for official release information.

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Scribe’s Painted Saxamaphone Sam Ap’s


Scribe will be dropping his Artist Proofs of his Saxamaphone Sam Dunny from the Mardivale Series very soon! You may want to keep an eye on his Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to get the official date and release time. Poor Sam looks like he got himself in a little scuffle. Save him!

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3DRetro Retail Store Grand Opening Party (6.21)


The rumors are true.  After a lengthy construction process, 3DRetro is about to open it’s very own retail location in Glendale.  From the pics they’ve shared so far, the wait was more than worth it – the retro styling looks great.  To celebrate, Ben and company are throwing a Grand Opening Party on Saturday (6.21, 7-10 PM). 

The event will feature live-painting from Angry Woebots, Scott Tolleson, Sam Flores, Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins  as well as Nathan Ota and Risk. debut of the brand-new Hearts Birdie figure, the first of the Suited Birdies, from Nathan Ota and 3DRetro.  Collectors who purchase the figure at the opening will receive a limited-edition, signed and numbered print while supplies last.    So if you’re in SoCal, drop by and enjoy.



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Gary Ham x Pobber Toys – Sylvan Figure for SDCC?


Gary Ham just posted a sketch of his Sylvan character as a reminder of what we saw at last years SDCC (HERE). Even better news is that Pobber Toys will be behind this and we may be looking at a release for SDCC! Stay tuned for more news as SDCC is just around the corner.

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JFury – Mini Fractured Skulls Wave 2 (6.18)


After the first wave quickly sold out, JFury has created a second wave of his Mini Fractured Skulls (1.7”).  This time around there are six different shiny colorways (5 pieces each)  featuring clear skulls. These drop from JFury’s web shop on Wednesday (7.18) @ 3 PM PDT for $15 for a blind-bagged skull.  If you’d like to buy more than, you can do so without any fear of doubles and you get a discount as well.  Hit the jump to get the ‘fractured’ effect.


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Andrew Bell x Kidrobot – Orange Drop 20” Dunny (07.03)


Kidrobot has just announced the release of the upcoming 20” Orange Drop Dunny by Andrew Bell. What was once only 3” tall and yellow, has bloomed into this ginormous release, which will release on Thursday, July 3rd through Kidrobot Stores, KR Online, and select retailers. You will find them available for $400 each.


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