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Jun 16, 2014

Makerbot –- 3D Print Your Own Uglydoll

001-babo_2 001-wage_2 001-ox_1 001-icebat_1

3D printing is hot.  While it’s great for designers and artists, it’s also starting to become useful for consumers and collectors who’d like to print out their favorite characters.  In fact, if you own a Makerbot 3d printer you can now purchase officially licensed 3D Uglydoll models to ‘make’ your very own Babo, Ox, Wage and Ice-Bat.  Each of the posable figures takes 3-4 hours to print and stand between 3.5 and four inches tall.  The 3D models are compatible with the Replicator 2, Replicator Mini and 5th generation Replicator printers from Makerbot.  The individual models are available for $1.99 while the set of four is $4.99 from the Makerbot digital store

The option of printing out ‘toys’ and collectibles  rather than buying them fully formed is pretty cool and starts to get at the idea of the 3D printer as a household appliance  in addition to being a tool for designers/makers.  The availability of licensed, ready-to-print models from popular brands such as Sesame Street and now Uglydoll  should help to make the concept even more attractive.  Key in all of this is how practical the process is for making one of these from download to finished figure.  We’re curious to see if and how quickly this idea takes off.  If you happen to download and print one of these new Uglydoll figures, please let us know how easy it is to make. 

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Munky King x Anthony Ausgang – Bangin’ Blue Bombcat


Munky King recently released their Bangin’ Blue Bombcat resin from Anthony Ausgang.  The latest edition of the darkly humorous 7.5” figure is cast in light blue and limited to ten pieces.  It’s available for $70 (+ s/h) from MunkyKing.com.


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Peter Kato – Orange & Grey Bedtime Bunnies (06.19)


Peter Kato is out with another run of his Bedtime Bunnies! The new Orange and Grey colorways come both in 3” figures ($20) and 2.5” figures ($12). You will find them, as well as restocks of the White & Punk bunnies available this Thursday, June 19th at Midnight EST HERE. They are limited to only 10 pieces each in each style. Also be sure to keep your eye out for Peter’s Boss Bat for Uglycon 2014 at Giant Robot LA starting on June 21st.


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Dez Einswell – The Tone Collector


Dez Einswell released his “Tone Collector” print back in July 2013 and now the Tone Collector will be brought to life in 3D form! Above we see the 3D model of what looks to be a very promising figure and we believe Silent Stage has a little something to do with its creation. We’re excited to see what both of these masterminds come up with.


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Kidrobot x Samsung – G11 MiWe Mini Figures


Kidrobot is now out with their official release of the new MiWe mini figures in collaboration with Samsung, which we last saw HERE back at CES in Las Vegas. Not only that, but at the same time they will be celebrating the 2014 World Cup. This release features 13 of the best footballers in the world and are complimentary gifts exclusive at Samsung Experience centers found in 8 countries worldwide: UK, Japan, Korea, Italy, UAE, Australia, China, and Brazil.


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Nychos x Mighty Jaxx – Upcoming Original Figure + Solo Exhibition & Release Event (06.04)


We’ve got more news and even a date of the release of Nychos’ figure with Mighty Jaxx, which you can see more of HERE. His solo exhibit is titled “Slice of the Weird” and it will take place at PHUNK in Singapore on July 4th beginning at 7PM. He will be releasing his very first  figure which we’ve been excited to see the progress of. He will also be dropping his first ever art book, “Mighty Jaxx Session 1: Follow the White Rabbit”. Now all we want to know is when is the Online release taking place. We hope to share that info with you very soon! Stay tuned.


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