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Jun 14, 2014

Seen: ‘Stepping Through Walls’ at Toy Art Gallery


The recently opened (6.7) six-person ‘Stepping Through Walls’ at Toy Art Gallery offers a tempting collection of new toys and art from Bwana Spoons, Johan Ulrich, Joseph Harmon, Martin Ontiveros, Rampage Toys, and T9G.  The artists created a great selection of hand-painted customs  –- Bwana Spoons focused on unique versions of his recently released Jeff figure, T9G unleashed a crazy army of Abolotons and Rangeas figures, Rampage Toys offered several custom Ugly Unicorn and Micro UU sets and a large variety of other sofubi customs, while Johan Ulrich’s custom pieces included his Lilith and brand-new Deathcat resin figures which debuted at the show in several limited-editions.   If you’re looking for something fresh, fun and a bit offbeat, check out Joseph Harmon’s hand-painted leisure seeking animal resins many of which are available quite affordably.  Finally, Martin Ontiveros flexed his painting chops on figures from T9G, Bwana Spoons and more.

The show also featured a few new editions including neon-tinged Marty and Killers from TAG.  In addition, Ulrich and TAG have several sofubi collaborations in the works including Deathcat and three new figures which were shown in proto form.  Be sure to check out TAG’s site for pricing and availability of show pieces.


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