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Jun 11, 2014

October Toys -– Skeleton Warriors Glyos Compatible Action Figs Kickstarter


To celebrate their love of the Skeleton Warriors toys and the 20th Anniversary of their release back in ‘94, October Toys has been gleefully working on an updated comeback of some of their favorite toys. They’ve got the evil Baron Dark and a Bone Skeleton figure, both in classic 1:18 form, ready to go.  What they need now is the financial support to cover the considerable manufacturing costs to make the new Skeleton Warriors toys, so they’ve launched the Skeleton Warriors Kickstarter campaign.  These are bad ass toys made by toy geeks for toy geeks.

To make these better than the originals, Sculptor/toy prototyper George Gaspar has based the new sculpts off the cartoon characters and original concept from the Goddard Film Group, plus he’s worked with Matt Doughty (Onell Design) to make the new Skeleton Wariors Glyos system compatible.  Glyos compatibility means that the numerous individual parts of the figures can be interchanged and used with other Glyos system toys including the Onell Gloys toys, Power Lords from The Four Horseman and more.

Standing 5” tall, Baron Dark will tower over puny human figures (at the standard 3 3/4”) and  is ready to spread evil with his removable sword, cape, arm guards and loin cloth.  The highly poseable figure (26 articulation points) features 17 modular Glyos compatible pieces and will arrive in a full-color collectors window box.

As long as you love Skeleton Warriors, this Kickstarter is for you with  reward levels for your budget. 13 is a lucky number this time around with multiple rewards available for just $13 –- choose between the Bone Skeleton, GID Bone Skeleton or the Kickstarter exclusive Bone Skeleden figure created in collaboration with Onell Design. Moving on up, you can get your very own Baron Dark ($25) or Baron Dark + your choice of regular or GID Bone Skeleton ($35), or all three ($45).  There’s alot more to pick and choose from as well.  Head on over to the Skeleton Warrior Kickstarter for all the project details and reward info. Don’t wait as the campaign ends on Monday June 23rd.


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Chauskoskis x Jeff Lamm –- Baby Greasebat Kentucky Bluegrass


Baby Greasebat limited-edition custom Dunnys?  Yep.  Chauskoskis, the sculptor of Greasebat, recently released a small run of hand-done  Baby Greasebat ‘NYCC 2010’ custom Dunnys, a few of which are still available, all with Jeff Lamm’s approval.   Now, Chauskoskis has readied the Baby Greasebat Kentucky Bluegrass edition,  based on the original Greasebat edition of the same name.  Kentucky Bluegrass is due to drop from his webshop sometime this week for $65.  Stay tuned to his twitter/instagram for the latest release info. 


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Kidrobot – Art of War 3” Dunny Series Round 3

fout huckigor kozik

What we think is the last of Kidrobot’s Art of War 3” Dunny Series has finally been revealed! In this round we get to see submissions from Sam Fout, Huck Gee, Igor Ventura, and Frank Kozik. We’re super excited to see this series and it should be one of the best ones yet! Check out the official look book HERE. Be sure to also check out the previous previews HERE and HERE.

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Super7 13th Anniversary Party (06.13)


One of the best 13 year anniversaries you’re going to want to check is happening this Friday, June 13th at Super7. Come hang out and enjoy the company of fellow toy collectors and the Super7 staff at 7PM. There will also be food and drinks, Lucky Bags, Super7 Historical Toy Archive, and other goodies!

1427 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA 94117

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Enjaypee x Disart Toylabs – Scary Larry (6.13)

scary larry blog promo

Enjaypee and Disart Toylabs have blended their scary skills to create a fun, fearsome Friday the 13th debut – Scary Larry.  Inspired by  the characters of Garbage Pail Kids artist John Pound especially Eerie Eric, Nolan of Enjaypee designed and created the 2.5” Scary Larry which was then produced by Disart Toylab’s Tru:Tek in retro keshi-style rubber.  

The new werewolf figure will be released on Friday (6.13) @ 9 PM London time (1 PM PDT) from the Man-E Toys webshop  in six editions for $30 each – two super limited editions and four made-to-order open run colorways. On the limited side, there’s Pocket Monster Purple and UK Bargain Doll Mint.  The open-run Bargain Doll editions will be available in flesh, green, red and blue.  Each version of Scary Larry will come in a VHS style box (3 designs). If you’d like to collect ‘em all (or most of ‘em), there’s the 4-piece open-run Bargain Doll set for $90, which means you’re getting one fig for free.   Don’t miss out on this drop, Scary Larry is pretty badass.


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Interview with Klim Kozinevich, Creator of the Four Horsies of the ‘Pocalypse


[We recently had a chance to talk to Klim Kozinevich of Bigshot Toyworks about his personal project, The Four Horsies of the ‘Pocalypse.  Klim talks about the concept, the Kickstarter campaign (thru 6.19) to create a 6” art toy of Maddie, mentor to the fearsome four, and shares with us the first photos of the test pulls of the figure.]

Q: Hi Klim.  Please tells us briefly about yourself and your background.

Hello, my name is Klim and I operate a small but highly productive character and product development shop called Bigshot Toyworks where we spend our time creating new characters and illustrations for advertising campaigns, developing all sorts of toys and games for various agencies and companies and developing some of the most intricate and detailed collectibles that we can for our friends, clients and creative partners.

001-4 horsies homepage 
Q: We know that the Four Horises of the 'Pocalypse began with your 'Friendship is Madness' project which appears to be a Cthulhu inspired re-imagining of the biblical 'Four Horseman of the Apocalypse'.  How did you come up with the initial concept and what convinced you to pursue it?

It all started out with a brainstorm as I was trying to come up with some interesting ideas for new characters. My personal non-work style is all about cute shapes and forms, so I was drawing puppies, and kittens and robots, and then I had a thought that it would be awesome to do a mashup of a Cute horse and various themes that no one considers cute, and this is how Maddie was born. Then I was thinking of what would the kids of the horses of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse look like? What would their lives be like? Where would they live and how can we make it funny? This was the basic premise for the Four Horsies and that is what we are working on parallel to the Kickstarter.


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