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Jun 10, 2014

Coarse -- Omen Blink Summer ‘14 Editions (6.11)


Coarse is set for summer with a whole new flock of Omen Blinks.  All in all, they are releasing six new Omens in three themes via Coarse retailers.  There’s the GID Ignited editions featuring Beam and Flash (heh), the brightly hued Loser editions with Flop and Trip (above), and the monochrome Orb and Eclipse.  Each of these 3.5” figures will retail for $14.99 and will be available for pre-order on June 11th from select retailers including Rotofugi (10 AM CDT) and myplasticheart (11 AM EDT), both of which will also have a limited number of the 7” Omen Blackouts which were released in May at the Thailand Toy Expo.


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Javier Jimenez – Wananeko, Yokai Cat


Spanish designer/illustrator Javier Jimenez will debut his new Wananeko figure at ‘Tokyo Cat Fight’ (7.5 – 7.6) at the DesignFesta Gallery in Harajuku, Tokyo. Wananeko (‘Trap Cat’) is a Yokai Cat, who seeks revenge on those who failed to help him in the streets before his death.  He does this by calling on the unsuspecting  and then transforming into a basket of innocent looking kittens on their doorsteps – a mystical trap.   Once they answer the door, he then pounces.  Be sure to check out Wananeko’s origin story video, embedded below.

The 4.8” Wakaneko resin figure was created by Javier, sculpted by Cristina Ravenna and hand-cast by Rafael Rodriguez Santos.  The vengeful cat will debut at the Japanese exhibition in early July in both the original edition and a few one-off pieces hand-painted by creator Javier Jimenez.


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Squid Kids Ink. – Custom Resin Squibpool Pre-Order (06.13)


Squid Kids Ink will be putting up Pre-Order for the second release of the new Squib and Squibkid figures. This resin edition will feature everyone’s favorite Marvel character, Deadpool.The SquibKidPool and SquibPool will be available for pre-order this Friday, June 13th at Midnight for 24 Hours. The 3” SquibPool will go for $45, the SquibKidPool will be available for $100, and the set will be available for $125. If you are heading to Anime Expo, there will be 10 of these up for grabs at their booth. Check them out HERE.


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Fools Paradise – Gummy Keiko: Sweet of the Dead Pre-Order

001-DSC06795 copy

With Fools Paradise’s 'Stillness’ exhibition at the Thailand Toy Expo back in May, Alan Ng and  crew showed off numerous wild, imaginative toys. While some were clearly slated for production, the fate of others was a bit less clear.  When we wrote about the exhibition we wondered if the Gummy Bear figure would make it to production.

The answer is yes.  Fools Paradise is now taking pre-orders for Gummy Keiko: Sweet of the Dead. The toy features a clear pvc Gummy Bear removable shell (5.9”) which holds perhaps the wildest Keiko resin (5.7”) to-date.  Keiko sports a  gummy bear skull and bear paws along with a hyper-realistic anatomical paint job.   If the recent Star Wars themed Keikos didn’t quite do it for you, this might be of more interest.  Gummy Keiko is available for pre-order through July 11th for $239 which includes global EMS shipping.  The figure is expected to ship in Q4 of this year.


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myplasticheart -- ‘Summer of Stealth’ Shawnimals Solo (6.20)


If you’ve been wondering where the Ninjas have gone, Shawnimals is about to show you with his brand new ‘Summer of Stealth’ show opening on 6.20 @ myplasticheart in NYC.  Powered by Summer fruits, the citizens of Ninjatown are back with plush toys, exclusive prints, drawings, and paintings.  Not to be missed.

Shawnimals || ’Summer of Stealth’
Opening: Friday, June 20th 2014 (6-9 PM)

210 Forsyth St.
New York, New York 10002


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Grizlli Atom –- OldOnes Instagram Giveaway


Griizlli Atom is running an Instagram Giveaway (thru 6.13) for five one-of-a-kind test pulls of his Oldones figures. If you love swirled, multi-hued toys, you’ll want to enter by reposting the pic above on Instagram and tagging it with @grizlli_atom and #oldonesfreeones.  

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FOE Gallery Presents: Max Toy Company: All Out of Destruction (06.13)


FOE Gallery presents Mark Nagata’s Max Toy Company in “All Out of Destruction”. This show will feature works from himself and some special guests by the names of MCA, Ryan Bonsall, Plaseebo, Bob Eggleton, Kristilyn, Buildbots, Guumon, Splurrt, Mister Reusch, Mechavirus, and Dead Presidents. You can expect paintings and of course toys! The opening reception will take place on Friday, June 13th from 6-9PM.

FOE Store & Gallery
114 Main St #2|
Northampton MA 01060


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