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May 12, 2014

Necessaries Toy Foundation – B-Kawz White Edition


Out with another colorway of their B-Kawz figure is Necessaries Toy Foundation! This time it will soon be available in a white colorway. The previous gold release sold out fairly quickly to retailers and we might expect the same from this run. Each figure stands 11” tall and is limited to 250 pieces and will retail $100 each. Find them at your local designer vinyl shop soon including de korner.

B-KAWZ there isn't enough shit at Comicon already
B-KAWZ you are not a very discerning toy collector
B-KAWZ absolutely everyone bastardizes everyone else 
B-KAWZ art imitating art is still art, geddit? 
Call it what you will, is it a blatant rip-off or a noble tribute?
We at Necessaries Toy Foundation consider it a homage
to two successful and very respected artists.
It is also commentary and parody.
Is it an original idea? We think it is, but only in an esoteric sense.
In fact, it is a very original idea if you are a lateral thinker.
Appropriator? Perpetrator? Instigator?
It is what it is, and I yam what I yam.
B-KAWZ is a metaphor du jour. Merely this and nothing more . . .

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