Luke Chueh — ‘Heads’ @ Cluttery Gallery (5.10)

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Luke Chueh will be travelling to New York this weekend for the opening of his ‘Heads’ solo @ Cluttery Gallery (5.10).  As the title suggests, Luke and Clutter have collaborated to offer something special for collectors.  Luke has hand-painted a dozen rotocast resin bear heads produced by Clutter specifically for the exhibition which runs concurrently with Scott Tolleson’s ‘Heavenus’. In addition to the classic panda bears (above), Luke’s also going wild with colorfully splattered bears (WIP pics after the jump).    If you find yourself near Beacon, NY – drop by the opening, check out Luke’s heads and meet the man behind the bear. 

Luke Chueh ||’Heads’
Opening: Friday, May 10th 2014 (6-9 PM)

Clutter Gallery
163 Main Street
Beacon, NY 12508

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