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May 31, 2014

Albino Taco -- Chubbeez : El Numero One (6.1)

Tattoo artist Chase Odom is about to release his first art toy under his new Albino Taco Toys brand. Standing 6" tall, Chubbeez is a curious, squat, portly resin figure with a removable stylized skull mask. The debut El Numero One edition features a glossy black mask and matte black body, a classic color combo. Manufactured by Mana Studios, the figure will be released on Sunday (6.1) @ Noon PDT from the Albino Taco Toys webshop for $150 shipped to USA locations.


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May 30, 2014

Rivet Gallery Presents: Mr. Toast in “Hello Ohio” (06.07)



Can you believe that Rivet Gallery will be turning 7 years in June? For their 7th year anniversary, Rivet will be bringing Dan Goodsell aka Mr. Toast to the gallery for his very own solo exhibition titled, “Hello Ohio”. This show will feature various watercolors of all the fantastic characters from the World of Mr. Toast. The opening reception will take place on Saturday, June 7th from 7-10PM. There will be giveaways, a photobooth, coloring contest, drinks, and even the Mr. Toast mascot!

1200 N. High St.
Columbus, OH 43201

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Otto Bjornik x VTSS -- ‘wood elf’ in Development


Otto Bjornik recently shared a work-in-progress pic of his ‘wood elf’ figure.  In production from the talented folks at VTSS, the elf’s sculpt is a nice translation of Bjornik’s signature aesthetic from the sharp oval eyes to the hair flow.  The wood texture on the clothing/tree and the nicely sculpted scarf are nice touches.  As far as we know, this will be Otto’s first original production figure.

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Patrick Wong – Frozen Krylon Design for His New Platform Toy


Patrick Wong recently posted this fun bts teaser image of the first design for his upcoming 5” platform vinyl toy which we mentioned a few weeks ago.  Riffing off of street art, Frozen Krylon is based off an earlier Fat Cap custom of his.  The in-progress character features a messy/used design with paint drips and splatters covering the front of the figure which leaves us to wonder what the back will look like. 

We’re excited to see more of Patrick’s new platform figure and impressed that he’s taken the plunge to create his own vinyl platform toy, primarily as a way of having the freedom to produce toys based on his own character designs.

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Chris Ryniak – Upcoming Critter


Chris Ryniak seemingly has an endless number of curious critters floating around in his noggin.  His latest art toy creation is an adorable creature, with the Ryniak signature large black eyes, who seems to be trying to keep a secret or perhaps working to keep from bursting forth from the excitement within.  Ryniak has mentioned that this lil’ guy will debut shortly.

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Amanda Visell -- ‘If they Don’t Give you Respect, Take It’ Poster in Green


By request, Amanda Visell has released a new edition of her popular ‘If They don’t give you respect, take it’ print which she released back in November 2013.  The new edition features a green ribbon instead of a blue one and this time around it’s a giclee print as opposed to silkscreened, and  is signed/numbered (run of 100).   It’s available now from Switcheroo for $45.

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Minty Fresh Exclusive Bella Delamere (The Unwound Automaton) by Doktor A

W2014-05-27 14.27

Minty Fresh has just released its exclusive Bella Delamere: The Unwound Automataton vinyl figure from Doktor A and Arts Unknown.  In the works for quite a while, this edition of Dok’s femme fatale features a snazzy brown + black + gold color scheme.  Limited to 175 pieces, The Unwound Automaton is available from Minty Fresh for 74.95 euros for European customers and 61.94 euros + s/h (~ $85) for those outside of the EU.


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Angry Woebots x 1xRUN -- ‘Howling Masher’ Print


1xRun has just released their ‘Howling Masher’ print from Angry Woebots.  Part of their series celebrating the Pow! Wow! Taiwan street art event, the piece feature’s one of Woes’ feral pandas in a loose, visceral style. As he suggests, perhaps the panda is reacting to Taiwan’s sweltering (and humid) summer heat.  Limited to 100 pieces, the 12” square print will be available for $50 (+ s/h) on 1xRUN.com  through June 10th or until it sells out, with framing available for an additional $100.


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Toy Art Gallery –- New Secret Base Releases (5.31)


If you’re looking for some of the newest Secret Base releases, Toy Art Gallery is a good place to start.  On Friday (5.31, Noon PDT), they’ll release both a new edition of the Karakasa Tattoo Man (w/mini print) which features new tattoo designs and the Sakura/Cherry Blossom inspired Spongebob figure with the translucent visible dissected design.  Both toys will be released via TAG’s web shop.


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Double Parlour x Scott Tolleson -- Weishaupt

What is this? Weishaupt! The new collaborative figure blends the talents of Double Parlour and Scott Tolleson. This suture faced fellow features Tolleson's removable Mysterious Cat Helmet which debuted in unpainted form at his recent Heavenus solo. Limited to five pieces, Weishaupt will be released on Saturday (5.31) at Noon PDT from Doubleparlour's Etsy shop.



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Super7 The 13th Anniversary Lucky Bags (06.13)


On Friday, June 13th at NOON PST, Super7 will be releasing their Super7 The 13th Anniversary Lucky Bags! They will be available in Large (6 figures) for $250 and Small (3 figures) for $125 and will each feature a variety if limited edition toys. You can expect to find some large, medium, small, test samples, unseen and unknown, and one-off figures! No two bags are alike.

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Kronk x Kidrobot - Madam Mayhem 8” Dunny (06.05)


Thursday, June 6th will be the release of Kidrobot’s newest 8” Dunny design from Kronk! Madam Mayhem features a feather headdress, pasties, and deep gazing eyes. There is also a 1:6 chance you can get one of the purple chases! These will be avialable at all Kidrobot stores, KR Online, and select retailers for $74.99 each.


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Reactor-88’s Custom Corner – Fiona Ng


Welcome to the May edition of Reactor-88's Custom Corner. This month we’re highlighting Fiona Ng, who also goes by the name darthasterisk on some sites and forums. Fiona lives in Queens, New York, where along with being a toy artist she is the co-founder of PianoVerse, which specializes in adult piano lessons. As an addition to the business, they are planning on incorporating a vinyl toy and 3D printed art gallery space. Fiona began creating custom toys in 2012, when just for fun she created a character from the game Guild Wars 2 using a Mini Munny and polymer clay. Though she was heavily involved with her business at the time, she continued to pursue her custom toy work when she could.  When Kidrobot’s Munny Munth came around the following year, she took that as an opportunity to dive head first into customizing and making her own clay and resin pieces, and she’s been at it ever since. Fiona’s work is all about knights and armored figures. Fiona says:

‘I grew up reading a lot of fantasy/sci-fi novels and playing video games & RPGs, so I feel like a lot of my work is inspired by those--knights, dragons, robots, space marines, etc. I particularly loved looking at the armor design in video games and have always been fascinated by European armor and its evolution throughout the middle ages, and I try to incorporate some of those defining features into my pieces.‘

I really like Fiona’s work- the sculpting and finishes are spot on and really give the feel that her creations fell right out of a Medieval/sci-fi/fantasy world. For sculpting she usually uses a mix of polymer and epoxy clay, and she experiments with various types of acrylic paint to create her interesting textures and washes. Fiona has learned a lot since she started customizing, and she’s always on the lookout for better techniques and materials to work with. Fiona is currently taking commissions, so if you’d like to contact her to discuss a project you can email her at hello@ngfiona.com. If you’d like to learn more about Fiona and her work, be sure to check out her website, and follow her over on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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May 29, 2014

DMS – Skelevex Punk’s Not Dead Toxic Green (5.30)


DMS is about to unleash his Skelevex Punk’s Not Dead Toxic Green edition resin figure.  Unlike previous versions of the mohawk stylin’ Punk’s Not Dead Skelevex variant, this bright green resin with chrome and yellow splatters  edition will not be blind-bagged.  Limited to 9 pieces, the 2.5” Toxic Green edition will be available on Friday, May 30th 2014 for $35 (+ s/h)  @ 11PM BST (3 PM PDT) from the Skelvex shop.


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Nathan Hamill -- ‘My Father, My Lord’ Giclee print


If you haven’t yet picked up Nathan Hamill’s ‘My Father, My Lord’ giclee print, you still have a little time to do so before the timed release ends on Friday @ Noon PDT (5.30).  The 12” x 25” Star Wars themed piece captures Luke’s heritage and predicament.  The print is available now for $35 from Nathan’s web shop.

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Paul Kaiju SDCC Event At Gunnzo (07.25)


Here is our first bit of news for SDCC! Paul Kaiju has changed venues for this years SDCC outside event to Gunnzo in Old Town. No real details yet, but you’re going to want to leave your evening open for Friday, July 25th.

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Mutant Vinyl Hardcore – “Unpainted Before the Mold is Broke” GID Toxigon Lottery


Mutant Vinyl Hardcore has a special 24 Hour lottery going on at this very moment! This is the very first release of his Toxigon figure, which stands 11” tall with 9 points of articulation, he comes equipped with a weapon, and a companion by the name of Mackerel Mouth. The “Unpainted Before the Mold is Broke” will be released as a GID vinyl. Why is this called the “Unpainted Before the Mold is Broke” release?

“Unpainted before the mold is broke” explained shortly. During the wax phase there was a slight over shrinkage in the casting resulting in a slightly smaller tail than was sculpted and only caught after it passed mold stage. Before we destroy and replace the existing tail mold we decided to pull 2 runs, this unpainted glow being the first. Surely to be special in the long run, because what we pull now before the tail mold is destroyed will be all that exists.

The raffle will take place  Thursday, May 29th at 12AM EST to 11:59PM EST. All you have to do is head over HERE and apply! Each Toxigon will retail $165 +S&H.

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May 28, 2014

‘Stepping Through Walls’ at Toy Art Gallery (6.7)


For June, Toy Art Gallery will be ‘Stepping Through Walls’ with the toy creations of six talented artists – Bwana Spoons, Johan Ulrich, Joseph Harmon, Martin Ontiveros, Rampage Toys and T9G.  The exhibition will feature one-off customs, resin (including the debut of Ulrich’s DeathCat)  and vinyl editions as well as paintings and illustrations.  Come on out to the opening to check out the work and chat with artists Bwana Spoons, Martin Ontiveros, Joseph Harmon and Johan Ulrich.

Stepping Through Walls
Opening: Saturday, June 7th 2014 (7-10 PM)

Toy Art Gallery
7571 Melrose Ave.
Hollywood, CCA 90046


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May 27, 2014

MAD – MAD*L Phase 4 Variants (05.30)


MAD’s Phase 4 MAD*L’s will soon be available in an alternate colorway! The Modern Hero turns greyscale with a dash of gold, the MAD Ape goes pink and white, and MaeMaeMon is a tad lighter than usual. There will only be 100 sets available this Friday, May 30th at 12PM CST MAD’s Webstore HERE for $100.


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Teresa Chiba x Max Toy Co. – Kibunadon USA Painted Edition


If you missed the pre-order (as we did…) for the first painted edition of Teresa Chiba’s Kibunadon sofubi available in the USA, you’ll be happy to know that the figures have arrived and are available for $40 (+ s/h) from Max Toy Company’s online store.   This edition of Kibunadon, the winning design from the Kaiju Gals figure design contest, features a base yellow vinyl with red, green, black and grey sprays. 


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Angry Woebots x Silent Stage – Panda King Uncrowned


The beast’s return is almost complete. Since sculpt pics dropped in January, we’ve been waiting for the official debut of the 2nd coming of the Panda King.    Angry Woebots and Silent Stage are about to release the first painted edition of the brand new Panda King Uncrowned resin.   The sequel to the wildly popular original figure features an on the prowl, on all-fours sculpt showcasing PK’s power.  Painted entirely by Woes himself, this edition (100 pcs) follows on the heels of the super limited clear aqua blue Hawaii edition which dropped back in late February.  We’ll be sure to pass along the official release info when it breaks.


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May 24, 2014

Pobber x Scott Tolleson – Pin Up Girl


Pobber has revealed (ahem…) their new Pin Up Girl resin figure from Scott Tolleson.   The figure links back to Scott’s earlier pin-up style work including the Damaged Goods print series.  We’re looking forward to seeing more and appreciating the nice argyle touch on the stockings.

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Brandt Peters x MvH – Stingy Jack x Sludge Demon DX Collabo


Brandt Peters and Mutant Vinyl Hardcore are losing their heads, well… swapping them.  Brandt designed a creepy head for a collabo  figure featuring the Sludge Demon DZ body and MvH created a devil style head  for Brandt’s Stingy Jack body. But wait it gets better, this is apparently the first of a pair of collabo projects the two have lined up.



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Martin Ontiveros -- ‘Towers’ Silkscreen Print Set


Martin Ontiveros has released his new ‘Towers’ Silkscreen print set in conjunction with She Beast Press.  The set features the 4-color eye on fire Barad-dûr and the 3-color Orthanc with each measuring 9” x 24”.   The pair would look great side-by-side on a wall.  Pick ‘em up now for $60 (+ s/h) from Martin’s webshop.

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May 23, 2014

Nychos x Mighty Jaxx – Upcoming Original Figure


Here it is folks! The moment a lot of you have been waiting for! The full reveal of what’s to come from Nychos and Mighty Jaxx! This is just  a 3D rendering of what they’ve been working on together. Now all they have to do is wait for the 3D print out, which will hopefully turn into production really soon! This figure is going to take up some real estate on your shelves because it measures 10” long. They mentioned late June – early July, which is coming up real quick! Check out our previous post on the figure HERE.

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