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May 10, 2014

Syuichi Kawata – New Diver Sofbui


Syuichi Kawata is continuing his deep sea sofubi series with a brand-new diver figure.  The new design follows his initial Mogu Ring figure.  While Mogu Ring had a slightly futuristic look, the new diver has a retro dive suit feel.  The sculpt is quite detailed with plenty of mechanical bits  and features articulated arms. Juding by the photos, the new diver appears to be roughly the same size as Mogu Ring (2.5” ?).  Look for this one to debut at Design Festa 39 (5.17 – 5.18)  in Tokyo.  No word on whether these will be released unpainted or painted.


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Buff Monster – Kickstarter Exclusive Mister Melty Figures


As part of the rewards for his Melty Misfits 2 trading cards Kickstarter campaign, Buff Monster is offering these sweet rainbow-hued Mister Melty  sofubi figures.  Exclusive to the Kickstarter campaign, there’s the regular Mister Melty and the Zombie variant. To score these, simply back the  Melty Misfits 2 project and add in $30 per figure you’d like or $60 for the pair.

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Artist Ultraman Crossover Figures for TCJ50 2nd


Recently held in Japan, the 2nd Tsuburaya Production Creative Jam 50 event celebrated the 50th anniversary of the SFX house behind Ultraman with a number of limited edition items including vinyl figures produced by Medicom.  A few figures caught our eye including the Ultra Uamou GID by Ayako Takagi, Absoluton Chiburu Alien Edition (red) by T9G, Ultra Nyan by Max Toy and TT Toy, and Kaijin’s two figures – Gomorrah & Meteroite and Zetton & UFO.   

While the physical event ended on 7th, Medicom is now taking online orders for most of the TCJ50 2nd figures including the ones we’ve focused on here.  Unfortunately these products are not directly available for overseas purchase –- likely due to licensing restrictions.   There’s always the option of using an overseas purchasing agent if you absolutely, positively, have to have it.


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