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May 08, 2014

Okedoki – Sun Moon


After at least one major revision,  Okedoki’s work on her upcoming Sun Moon figure seems to be coming along rather nicely.  After posting  a few initial WIP sculpt shots awhile back, she just posted a shot of the 1st cast prototype revealing the sun/enlightenment/ying face of her human-like turtle character. Reflecting the duality of things, Sun Moon, also features a second face representing the moon/reflection/yang. Fittingly, Sun Moon has a relaxing, calming quality.  The sculpt matches the spirit of the  concept, all of it flowing together naturally and nicely, with a minimum of effort.    As with her other art toy projects including Benny the Dreamer and Stevie the Wonder, Sun Moon will eventually be put into the capable hands at VTSS for production.


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Brendan Monroe – White Marble Figment


It’s been a few years since we’ve seen Brendan Monroe’s Figment vinyl figure, which was precisely in October of 2012. Now it’s back in this magnificent White Marble soft vinyl. Each figure measures 11.5” x 5.5” x 5” and this run is limited to only 20 pieces! Find them available HERE for $100 + S&H.


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kaNO Kid – Captain America Print


kaNO will be releasing his Captain America Print this Friday, May 9th at 12PM EST in his online shop HERE. Each print measures 10” x 10” and are printed on 100% Cotton Rag acid free paper. There will only be 25 of these available for $25 + S&H, so be sure to stalk his webstore when the time is right!

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Bwana Spoons – Alfa (5.9)


Bwana Spoons’ Alfa is the latest creature to escape from the Gravy Toys menagerie.  An amalgamation of sofubi and resin, the first edition features a translucent green body with yellow, orange, metallic blue and black sprays.  She comes in a traditional bag/header package with a bonus mini comic.  The spider stretches her legs on Friday (5.9) at 10 AM PDT via Bwana’s Shop

It's Alfa! An angry little spider. High winds, hungry bats and lizards, ate and destroyed almost all of Alfa's little brothers and sisters. She had just one brother left, and then Globby stepped on him. Not even on purpose, but of course Alfa doesn't know that. So alfa devised a plan. Revenge! She studied all the sciences... the important ones at least, microbiology, robotics, gene splicery. Then she made the ultimate cyborg robot, and set a sticky plan to trap Globby. Will it work?


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Mini Magellan –- Jade Stars: The Great Race, Illustrated by Jerome Lu


You might be familiar with the Chinese Zodiac and Lunar Calendar which mark 2014 as the ‘Year of the Horse’.  But do you know how each of the twelve animals earned that honor?  To answer that question,  Mini Magellan has released Jade Stars: The Great Race, a children’s book illustrated by Jerome Lu and written by Charles Huang and Stacey Hirata which presents the classic tale in a fun, fresh, &  kid friendly way.  The  hard-cover book ($17.99)  unfolds the Jade Emperor’s fabled race over 24 full-color pages. 

To bring Jerome’s versions of the Chinese Zodiac characters to life, Mini Magellan asked Patty Varoiba (Fat Rabbit Farm) to create large plush toys as a companion to the book.  Currently, there are three plushies – Year of the Horse (17”), Year of the Snake (14”), and Year of the Ram (19”), each with a suggested retail of $59.99.  If your birth year animal hasn’t been given the plush treatment yet, don’t worry; Mini Magellan is planning to create plush versions of all twelve of the Chinese Zodiac animals.

If you have a little one, Jade Stars: The Great Race will make a fine and fun addition to his or her growing library.  Having had a chance to 'play with the Year of the Snake plush, the oversized, detailed, =undeniably cute, made in the USA plush is easy to recommend.  The book and the plush toys are available now from MiniMagellan.com and should soon be available at retailers around the country.


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Ferg x Brandt Peters – Terror Boys No. 13 [Nightmare] (5.12)

#13Ferg and Brandt Peters are bringing the Terror for unlucky, yet oh so fun, number thirteen.  Terror Boys No. 13 [Nightmare] channels Freddy and various horror flicks with a blood red skull sculpt + red psycho lens and  creepy hood, classic striped shirt, cleaver, nail board (oof!) as well as 2.1 and classic arms. Limited to 225 pieces, this horror drops on Monday (5.12) @ Noon CDT from the Squadt Store for $105 (incl. global shipping).



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VTSS Toys x Okedoki x Jeremy Brautman - Toy Art 2.0 Available Now



After 2.5 years of hard work, the Toy Art 2.0 coffee table book is finally complete! VTSS Toys, Okedoki, and Jeremy Brautman put together this awesome hardcover book with 290 pages featuring more than 50 interviews with folks in the toy industry, including store owners, artists, collectors, and bloggers. There are also tons of pages with photos of peoples collections, like myself (Kris). Contributors to the book include:

Alvin Tan Jian Shan, Amy Del Castillo, Ayleen Gaspar, Bigboy Cheng , Bjorn Calleja, Brandt Peters, Brian Flynn, Carl “Mutonismyfriend” Kent-Smith, Walter “Chauskoskis “Jacott, Chris Ryniak, Dan Harris, Doktor A, Dov Kelmer, Eduardo “Vinyltoyz” Olegario, Ferg, Francesco de Molfetta, Frank Kozik, Frank Schaefer, Gino Joukar, Glenn L Barr, Haynmade, Henry Loh, Huck Gee, Ian Malcolm, J*RYU, Jesse Hernandez, John “Spanky” Stokes, Jon Lao, Julie B., Justin Jewett, Kathie Olivas, Kev Taylor, Kirby Kerr, Kirkland Jue, Kristoffer “Wtfunks” Butiong, Laina Jones, Lee “Leecifer” Gajda, Luke Rook, Marcos Janri, Mark Nagata, Muschelschubser, Nakanari, Nicolas Caldas, Paul Kaiju, Phil “Plur511” Lin, Raymond Choy, Rob Clarke, Ron English, Ryan Roberts, Sara Harvey, Sergey Safonov, Skinner, StacyJean, Steve Agin, Sucklord, Vadim Tslaf, Vince Su, Yosiell Lorenzo

The first printing is limited to 1000 pieces and will retail $55 each. Order your copy today HERE (INTERNATIONAL) and HERE (US).


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