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May 05, 2014

Help Add Angry Woebots to Dripple Series 1


As you might know, the crowd funding campaign to produce the Dripple Series 1 mini figs from Mighty Jaxx and Sket One reached it’s initial funding goal of $20K in one amazing weekend.  Now it’s on to the stretch goals!  After hitting $25K, the DIY stretch goal was unlocked meaning that everyone pledging $300+ will receive a blank Dripple in addition to their previously promised rewards.  Next ?

Angry Woebots.  If the campaign raises a total of $35K, Mighty Jaxx will add a Woebots design to the lineup, will all donors of $300+ receiving the figure.  Very Cool.  To learn more about the campaign, the rewards, and to contribute, visit drippletoy.com.

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‘One of One’ Custom Show (6.14)


While Artist Johnny ‘KMNDZ’ Rodriguez is best known for his compelling paintings, he has recently been customizing toys and enjoying the process, perhaps more than he first expected.  Inspired by the experience of painting on platform toys, he’s put together ‘One of One’, a group custom show with an impressive roster of artists, many of whom are accomplished painters or street artists who have either never customized toy or done so only in passing:

64 Colors, Alice Yeh, April Elliot, Attaboy, Axis, AX2, Blamo, Bob Dob, Bryn Perott, Camille Rose Garcia, Catcult, Cikcuk, Codak, Defer, DrilOne, Ekundayo, Elizabeth McGrath, Erik Siador, Fr. Bill Moore SS. CC., Gabbie Custom Art, Germs, Graham Curran, Gris Grimly, Jill Ricci, Joe Scarano, Jophen Stein, Juan Thorp, Kingsley, KMNDZ, Leecifer, Marco Zamora, Mari Inukai, Max Kauffman, Mike Maxwell, Miss Mindy, N.C. Winters, Paris, Phidias Gold, Rick O’Brien, Rusty Jordan, Spankystokes, Super Cooper Berella, TAG, Tasha Zimich, Terror Visual 1984, The French Fury, Tom Pathe, Urban Medium and Yoskay Yamamoto

One of One will open  at the dA Gallery in Pomona on Saturday June 14th (6-9 PM) during the Second Saturday Art Walk.  For the latest info and previews, check out the show’s official facebook page.

‘One of One’
Opening: Saturday, June 14th (6-9 PM)

da Gallery
252 D South Main Street
Pomona, CA 91766


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Hands in Factory – Baby Horns S2 Reveal at Art Toy Culture Korea


Hands in Factory revealed their upcoming Baby Horns S2 figures at the Coolrain Studios booth at the recently completed Art Toy Culture Korea.  While we were impressed by Series 1, Series 2 takes things a bit further with more imaginative, stylized runners.  We’re digging the old dude and the black+ white skeletal masked runner. No word on a release yet, but we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop.

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Fools Paradise -- ‘Stillness’ at Thailand Toy Expo


For the just completed Thailand Toy Expo, Fools Paradise made an impressive showing with its ‘Stillness’ exhibition.  The show offered a look at crazy one-off (presumably) figures as well as a preview of upcoming production figures including the latest in the Intergalactic Keiko series -– Boba K , new 1:6 Manchester United Art Figures produced by ZCWO and a wild Keiko meets the Dark Crusader set.   Look for pre-order info soon on the ‘Away’ edition Manchester United figures which will be exclusive to Fools Paradise.

Many of the exhibition pieces focused on anatomy in various forms – skeletal, dissected, cross-sectional of familiar Fools Paradise characters including Keiko and Earthman.  Other stunners included a strangely compelling dissected Gummy Bear (homage to Freeny?) and several half-skeleton athletes. 

‘Stillness’ showcased the tremendous creativity, offbeat imagination, and undeniable 1:6 figure skills of Alan Ng and Fools Paradise.  We’re looking to a great 2014 from the brand.


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Luke Chueh -- ‘Heads’ @ Cluttery Gallery (5.10)

 IMG_1983 (2)

Luke Chueh will be travelling to New York this weekend for the opening of his ‘Heads’ solo @ Cluttery Gallery (5.10).  As the title suggests, Luke and Clutter have collaborated to offer something special for collectors.  Luke has hand-painted a dozen rotocast resin bear heads produced by Clutter specifically for the exhibition which runs concurrently with Scott Tolleson’s ‘Heavenus’. In addition to the classic panda bears (above), Luke’s also going wild with colorfully splattered bears (WIP pics after the jump).    If you find yourself near Beacon, NY – drop by the opening, check out Luke’s heads and meet the man behind the bear. 

Luke Chueh ||’Heads’
Opening: Friday, May 10th 2014 (6-9 PM)

Clutter Gallery
163 Main Street
Beacon, NY 12508


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Mintyfresh -- Toycon Exclusive Dropleaf INC Available Online


For those of you that weren’t at Toycon UK, Mintyfresh  is now offering their exclusive Dropleaf INC (flocked) from Instinctoy via their online shop.  Limited to 50 pieces, this 9” double-poured sofubi figure features a flocked nose and claws. The figure comes with the two footprint accessories and a swanky drawstring pouch. The Flocked Dropleaf is available now for 114.95 Euros ($159) from MintyFresh.  FYI, there’s also an alternate Dropleaf GID (50 pcs) with GID nose and claws, coming later on this month.


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K.Olin tribu x NooN – Skull ‘Cashmere Bleu’ in Porcelain (5.7)


K.Olin Tribu has just announced the latest edition of its porcelain Skulls by French artist NooN.   Limited to 50 numbered pieces, Cashmere Blue  (~ 7.8 x 5.1 x 5.1”) features a traditional blue deco pattern hand applied by the artist, making each Skull in the edition unique.  Cashmere Blue will be available for pre-order on Wednesday, May 7th 2014 @ 9 AM PDT from K. Olin tribu’s web shop for 300 Euros (~ $416).


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Outsmart Originals x Pocket Wookie – Ghost Dad Tee


Just in time for Father’s Day, Outsmart Originals is taking pre-orders for the new Ghost Dad shirt (limited to 48 pcs) by Pocket Wookie.  Based on the artist’s A Lame Time Ago trading card series, the new shirt conjures up a humorous take on Fatherhood.  It’s available for pre-order now for $20 from Outsmart Originals which works perfectly with the brand’s limited time free domestic shipping on orders of $20 or more.

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