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Apr 07, 2014

Minty Fresh Exclusives for ToyConUK


It’s been non-stop ToyConUK news the past week and here’s some more! Minty Fresh has some Japanese vinyl figures exclusive to their booth. First up are the Debris Japan figures by RESTORE! There is the SFB Glaciation edition which is super limited (Less than 25) and they will retail £95 GBP. Then there is the SFB Blue edition available for £45 GBP, also super limited (Less than 35) with maybe more in the future through RESTORE. That’s not all. There’s the INC Dropleaf Exclusive by Instinctoy. There are 50 Flocked versions for ToyCon and 50 GID versions for online sales (Flocked and GID on the Nose, Mouth, and Claws) at £95 GBP each.

Not only will Minty Fresh have these awesome exclusives, but they will be carrying previous exclusives as well with a special price. Also, for every 25 GBP you spend, you will receive a raffle ticket which will get you some rad goodies at the end of the day!

In regards to the leftover exclusives, be sure to head on over HERE to sign up for a lottery for the chance to order online. They will be accepting submissions until April 19th and then the winners will be contacted the following day. 

inc-dropleaf1509768_732360713451495_1049885814_n 10154047_732360730118160_561893263_n 10170850_732360716784828_999608097_n blue08 blue04 blue05 blue07 graciation05 graciation07 graciation08 graciation206 graciation207 

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