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Apr 30, 2014

Coarse at Thailand Toy Expo

IMG_0593 IMG_0589

Thanks to images flowing on the ‘net, here’s a look at what Coarse has waiting for fans and collectors attending the Thailand Toy Expo (5.1 – 5.4).  Let’s start with ‘Outburst’ – a special set featuring 24 black + grey omens surrounding a single white hand-made dancing Omen.  Outburst is limited to 25 sets and most likely will be reserved for exhibits.  For those looking to pick up stand-alone Omens, Coarse is releasing 2 new editions (?pictured? after the jump) in Thailand and at the Stroke Art Fair in Munich.   Speaking of Omen, Coarse is also showing a 200% vinyl proto in Blue (~14”).  These big boys are coming.   

From the pics posted so far, one other interesting figure caught our eye – an Assassin’s Creed x Coarse figure. Look for more details about this collabo project done in conjunction with Ubisoft.

[Pics: Sahawat Mettasat via Coarseheads / cheahpet888 and boydchan on instagram]


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kaNO -- ‘Lost & Found’ @ myplasticheartnyc (5.16)


kaNO will return to NYC for the opening of ‘Lost & Found’ at myplasticheartnyc (5.16). As the title of his solo suggests, the new work repurposes common objects including skate decks, shoe boxes, and 8-track tapes as art canvases for drawings of the artist’s urban characters and tributes to NYC legends. 

kaNO || ‘Lost & Found’
Opening: Friday, May 16th 2014 (6 to 9 PM)

210 Forsyth St.
New York, New York 10002


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Toy Art Gallery x Paul Kaiju – Gacha Minis in Blue (5.2)


The first shipment of Paul Kaiju’s Gacha Minis in Blue (2”) from Toy Art Gallery,  featuring Boss Carrion, Unchiman, Mockbat, Demon Dog, and Mockpet,  quickly sold out at the Dark Invasion show back in February.  Thankfully, TAG will offer an online release for the gacha minis  Friday (5.2) @ Noon PDT from their web shop in full sets ($60) or individual figures ($15).


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Toy Art Gallery x Kenth Toy Works Nadsat Boy Beethoven Edition (5.2)


Toy Art Gallery is about to release the first painted edition of Kenth Toy WorksNadsat Boy sofubi.  The new Beethoven edition features a vibrant rainbow-hued design executed by Shirahama with metallics and fluorescents. Get your Clockwork Orange groove on with this new 7” figure which drops on Friday (5.2) from TAG.


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Upcoming Diamond Supply x Kidrobot Collabo Lil’ Cutty Vinyl Toy


Continuing to seek out crossover collaborations, Kidrobot is working with popular street wear brand Diamond Supply Co. on a  mascot mini-fig.   Sporting a laid back pose with a skate deck, the Lil’ Cutty figure has the iconic diamond head with the reverse pac-man eyes (a nod to the KR mascot?).  At 3.5”, this should be affordable and a nice impulse buy for the legions of Nicky Diamond fans.  When?  Looks like winter holiday season.

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Nathan Hamill -- ‘Traveler’ Print


We have a visitor.  Nathan Hamill’s ‘The Traveler’ drops this Thursday (4.1) @ Noon PDT from his webshop.  The open-run  giclee print (10” x 13”) will be available for one week only (thru 4.8) for $20 (+ s/h).

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Super7 – May The 4th Be With You & 13th Anniversary


Super7 is super excited for one of their favorite holidays, which celebrates one of the most epic series in the universe, Star Wars. Their May The 4th Be With You event will be taking place this Sunday, May 4th. Stop by their store where they will have guests from the 501st Legion of Strom Troopers, Star Wars mini-arcade, photobooth, raffles, and more! They will also be releasing their all new Super7 x Star Wars limited edition screen print series from S7 & Acme Archives Dark Ink! The very first release starts with “Space Vader”, a GID 16” x 20” print, which features the father of the year in the stars. This print is limited to 200 pieces and will retail $50 each. They will be available both in store and online at 12PM PST.


That’s not all! Super7 has also mentioned that their 13th Anniversary will be coming up. That means LUCKY BAGS! Stay tuned for more information!

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Ewokone x Mighty Jaxx – Skiller Whale Brainlington at Thailand Toy Expo & Art Toy Culture


Mighty Jaxx keeps rolling out with these exclusives! Here’s another one for you! Check out the Skiller Whale Edition Brainlington by Ewokone. These will be available at both Thailand Toy Expo and Art Toy Culture in Seoul. This edition is limited to 80 pieces and whatever is left over from each of these shows will be made available in their online store.

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Reactor-88’s Custom Corner: F1shcustoms


Welcome to the April edition of Reactor-88's Custom Corner. This month we’re highlighting F1shcustoms, which is comprised of brothers Joey & Matt Fiscella. The Fiscella brothers are full-time artists originally from Port Chester, New York, but they now reside in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Joey & Matt don’t have any formal art training and got into custom toy making about six years ago just to see what it was all about.  They both love comics, video games, and pro wrestling- which is heavily reflected in their body of custom toy work.

An interesting fact that the brothers wanted to share --- they both hold a pen with all five fingers, and didn’t even know each other did this until recently. While they were compelled to correct this during their younger years, they resisted and at present still do it this way. For them holding a brush like that makes painting much easier. When you look at their work, you will see that they really have excellent control over their brushes -- their custom toys have an extreme amount of precision and is very crisp. Their work looks like it just popped out of the pages of a comic book.

While Joey & Matt started painting toys for themselves, nowadays the majority of their work goes straight into collectors hands. If you’re interested in getting your hands on some of their work, you can contact them at f1sh1000@aim.com. For pricing and more info, head over to their website, or you can find them at the usual social spots- Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


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Luke Chueh – Vinyl “Boba Fett” Figures?


From Painting, to print, to prototype? Luke Chueh has just unveiled an upcoming figure, which looks to be based on his recent print release with 1xRun, “Boba Fett”. With the quick sell out of the print, this will probably even more hot! Stay tuned on more information on this figure.

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Apr 29, 2014

BlackBook Toy x Frank Kozik – Lil Alex Supervillain Edition at Art Toy Culture


BlackBook Toy is keeping very busy with Frank Kozik’s A Clockwork Carrot series.  Hot on the heels of the debut edition of the new Dim figure (bear head), comes word of a murderous Lil Alex Super Villain edition.  Limited to 50 pieces, the 11.25” figure will debut at Art Toy Culture Korea along with Dim Blackout.  It drops online on 5.15 @ 7 AM PDT from BlackBook Toy for ~ $126 (+ s/h).


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Ajee x Mighty Jaxx x Bonustoyz -- New Eva at Art Toy Culture Korea (5.1)


If you love Art Toys, it seems  that Seoul will be a very good place to be on May 1st. Many of the top Asian art toy companies will be debuting new products at Art Toy Culture Korea including Mighty Jaxx will release French artist Ajee’s New Eva bust in matte black (50 pcs) at the show. From the two pics released so far, New Eva appears to be a modern take on her Skullskin character and perhaps a play on words with a certain cap brand (or a fun coincidence…). At any rate, this is stylish and sexy.


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Shon at Art Toy Culture Seoul (5.1)


Inspired by the local food culture, Taiwanese artist Shon will  release a special Kimchi Lil’ Cap Duck edition for Art Toy Culture Seoul (5.1 – 5.4).  Limited to just 5 pieces, the new spicy handmade figures come in a fun container similar to those used for the iconic pickled vegetables.  Moving from rare to super rare,  Shon  also collaborated with Korean furniture brand 参和院 COMPOUND Black Cap Devil (ed. of 1). No word on the release.   Finally, look for a new Lil’ Cap Duck Classic Color edition (30 pcs) to be released shortly through his fb shop, tomenosuke, and perhaps also at ATC.


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myplasticheart – Save up to 50% Spring Sale


With NYC finally thawing out from a brutal winter, myplasticheart is clearing out the back room with their more or less annual Spring Sale (through 5.1) on select items.  With savings as deep as 50%, this is a great chance to pick up releases you missed on the first go-around.  There’s something for pretty much every taste, but in terms of newer drops there’s the recent Marvel Labbits, Dead Kozik Bust, and G.I. Joe blind boxes.  For customizers, mph is offering 43% off of the Micro Munnyword diy figures.  Head on over to the official sale page to see what’s good.   Oh, and if you happen to live near mph’s store in NYC, you can take advantage of the buy 2 get one free blind-box sale for full-priced releases.

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Mutant Vinyl Hardcore x Skinner Medicom Exclusive Krawluss


If you can’t get enough of the behemoth, two-headed rage that is Krawluss, you’ll want to try to pick up Medicom’s exclusive edition from Mutant Vinyl Hardcore and Skinner. Featuring  a chilling design with cool blues, whites and grays with a bloody punch of reds and pinks, this one will be available for overseas customers via lottery, closing on 5.10.  The purchase price will be ~ $232 USD (tax included).


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Bwana Spoons – Gizzard Tank (5.2)


Bwana Spoons is putting the finishing touches on a spiffy new Gizzard Tank from Gravy Toys.  A wild melding of sofubi and resin, the new tank features a rampaging lizard atop a translucent tank. Expect a few additional hand-painted details on the final pieces.  Gizzard Tank drops on 5.2 @ 11 AM PDT from Bwana’s web shop.

‘The Suns of Brodarr send these guys out on recon missions to various planets, taking pictures, sending stats back to the mothership, and occasionally partaking in some small battles.’


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Brian Ewing x Hateball x Dski One – Shub Zeroth Permafrost (5.1)


Shub Zeroth Permafrost, is Metacrypt’s newest hand-painted edition of their signature figure from Brian Ewing and Hateball.  Painted by  DSKI ONE. the wildly hued and vibrant Permafrost edition  features several metallic and pearl sprays on a light gray base vinyl. The stunning figure will be released on Thursday (5.1) via Lulubell Toys for $130 (+ s/h).


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Apr 28, 2014

Cacooca at Art Toy Culture Korea (5.1 – 5.4)


Cacooca will be exhibiting at Art Toy Culture Korea (5.1 – 5.5) in Seoul, which is apparently Korea’s first art toy fair.   Known for his signature panda character toys handmade in resin, the artist will apparently be debuting not one but two vinyl editions including Panda Classic and Panda Riding a Hippo (red).  While he’s expanding into vinyl, he’ll also be offering a deluxe hand-made resin, the Spare Tire Panda (Plata Silver).  The 6” figure is limited to ten total pieces, 5 of which will be available at the show (~$259 USD) and 5 of which sold out online.


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Emilio Garcia – Brain Grenade in Black


Emilio Garcia is following up his sold out debut green Brain Grenade resin with a new black edition.  The new edition (65 euros or ~$90) is limited to 100 pieces and will be made available via lottery.  If you’d like a chance to purchase the Black Brain Grenade, head over to the lottery page.

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Kozik x Blackbook Toy – A Clockwork Dim (05.01)


Blackbook Toy is proud to finally announce the release of their latest collaborative figure with Kozik, A Clockwork Dim. There will be a pre-sale of this all Blackout edition at Art Toy Culture in Seoul, which will take place from May 1st through the 5th. Each figure stands 11.5” tall and this run is limited to only 30 pieces. Any remaining figures will be available online on May 16th at Midnight Japan Time HERE for $130 each.


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Peter Kato – Matte Black, Pepto Pink Tint, and White Body Bedtime Bunnies (05.01)


Peter Kato has a new wave of Bedtime Bunnies coming your way! Releasing this Thursday, May 1st at Midnight, Peter will have three colorways to choose from, Matte Black (30 pieces), Pepto Pink (15 pieces), and White body with assorted pink or sky blue slippers (8 pieces). They will all be available in both medium sizes for $20 and small for $12. Make your way to his SHOP this Thursday!

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TADO – Pandazoku Woodens for Sale & Pre-Orders


TADO’s Pandazoku are finally available in their online shop! They’ve got everyone you love from the Pandazoku series, such as Jerry, Piggle, Bruce, Skullboy, Herman, and Bao. Each of which come in different colorways, styles, and sizes! Prices range from £15.00 to £145.00 with some available now and others for pre-order. Start your collection today! Find these awesome wooden toys HERE.


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Pobber x Kronk Bad Ass Mutant A at Thailand Toy Expo (5.1 – 5.4)

It looks like Pobber will release a new Bad Ass edition from Kronk for the upcoming Thailand Toy Expo (5.1 – 5.4).  Going by the instagram teases, it’ll be Mutant A in an off white, blue + purple color scheme.


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Buff Monster – Melty Mifits Kickstarter Stretch Goals


Buff Monster’s Kickstarter for the Melty Misfits Series 2 sticker trading card series is red hot, passing the initial $10k funding target in less than 24 hours!  What’s next? Stretch goals.  First up are Kickstarter exclusive foil editions of the 40 different character cards – 4 unlocked per $1k raised between $16k and $26K.  These foil cards will be available to anyone who contributes $40 or more.  If you haven’t already, check it out.

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Mai Zi – JOURrNEY: Judy and Cody


We’ve been watching the development of Mai Zi’s standout urban vinyl JOURrNEY figures (Chinese social media).  We’re happy to report that he’s recently launched an official project page, Jourrney.com, in anticipation of a release shortly.  JOURrNEY follows the adventures of two road warriors – Judy and Cody, finding adventure and each other.

With their throwback urban vinyl aesthetic, Judy and Cody will likely appeal to collectors who enjoyed the first few waves of vinyl art toys from HK and Asia –- way, way back when.   Mai Zi’s new 9” figure’s catch the eye with their exaggerated proportions and over-the-top fashion.   Set against a shelf of current art toys, the JOURrNEY figures will immediately stand apart.  In addition to the classic editions (350 pcs each), shown above (in a slightly early form), Mai Zi will  also release special editions of each in a different mono paint scheme (150 pcs each).   If you’re interested in these, be sure to follow Mai Zi on instagram sign up for the mailing list over at JOURrNEY


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