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Apr 30, 2014

Coarse at Thailand Toy Expo

IMG_0593 IMG_0589

Thanks to images flowing on the ‘net, here’s a look at what Coarse has waiting for fans and collectors attending the Thailand Toy Expo (5.1 – 5.4).  Let’s start with ‘Outburst’ – a special set featuring 24 black + grey omens surrounding a single white hand-made dancing Omen.  Outburst is limited to 25 sets and most likely will be reserved for exhibits.  For those looking to pick up stand-alone Omens, Coarse is releasing 2 new editions (?pictured? after the jump) in Thailand and at the Stroke Art Fair in Munich.   Speaking of Omen, Coarse is also showing a 200% vinyl proto in Blue (~14”).  These big boys are coming.   

From the pics posted so far, one other interesting figure caught our eye – an Assassin’s Creed x Coarse figure. Look for more details about this collabo project done in conjunction with Ubisoft.

[Pics: Sahawat Mettasat via Coarseheads / cheahpet888 and boydchan on instagram]


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