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Apr 23, 2014

Kidrobot – Art Of War 3” Dunny Series


Kidrobot has just revealed their newest 3” Dunny Series! Presenting “The Art of War”, where a number of guest artists take on this martial-themed series. kaNO is the man responsible for the package design and boy is it looking great! From what we’ve seen so far, 4 of the artists participating in the series include: Huck Gee, ilovedust, kaNO and Igor Ventura. We can’t wait to see more teasers from Kidrobot to find out who else is in this new series.

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Stranger Factory Presents: Conjuring Mischeif! (05.02)


Stranger Factory will be celebrating 3 years of their gallery with a group show their store mascot Skelve as the platform. Conjuring Mischief will feature customs artworks by a ton of their friends, who include:

Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Chris Ryniak, Amanda Louise Spayd, Robert Hoggard, Josh Stebbins, Jay Hollopeter, Valency Genis, Chet Zar, Cassia Harries, Scott Wetterschneider, Carson Catlin, Stan Manoukian, Scribe, Shing Yin Khor, DrilOne, Leecifer, Travis Lampe, Carisa Swenson, Candice Tripp, Jonathan Bergeron, J Shea, Josh Herbolsheimer, Tim Lee, DISARTICULATORS, Mark James Porter, James Groman, Brian Flynn, Chauskoskis, Seymour, Lana Crooks , Robert Riggs, Andrew Bell and J*RYU.

The opening reception will take place on Friday, May 2nd from 6-9PM and should be an amazing show! Be sure to expect some amazingness to happen at this event!

Stranger Factory
109 Carlisle Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87106

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Kyle Kirwan – Willo Kickstarter Campaign

Kyle Kirwan, the dude behind the Edmund resin figure is in need of your help! Kyle is looking to team up with Pretty in Plastic to produce his latest sculpture, Willo. He has plans of having this 11” figure rotocasted in resin to be made easier to help with shipping costs to his fans. He has almost reached halfway of his goal of $2,500 with plenty of days left! There are a number of pledges you are going to want to check out, the $65 pledge will get you your very own Willo figure in a two color pink Kickstarter exclusive. To help support, check out the Kickstarter Campaign HERE.


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Toy+Life - C2E2 Exclusive Releases


Toy+Life will be taking part of this years C2E2 this weekend in Chicago. With them will be a number of exclusives just for the big event! They will be posted up in The Block at booth #649. Their exclusives include Wasteland Kaiju Racers, which is a limited edition run of resin figures on inertia-engineer cars. They will retail $40 each for the driver and vehicle. They will also be carrying their very own Toy+Life Mental Caps. The Itchy Pink Brain version and Nuclear Zombie Brain version for $12 each. Not only do they have hats for you, but they have some headgear for Dave Bondi’s Akashi figure. Designed and hand-cast by Dave Bondi will be these limited edition accessory packs for his Akashi Figure. These limited edition packs will include a crown, replacement eyes, and hands for $40.


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Buff Monster – Melty Misfits Series 2 Kickstarter


Buff Monster is following up on the success of his first series of Melty Misfits trading cards with a brand new series.  If his first homage to the Garbage Pail Kids didn’t cement him as the world’s #1 fan of the 80’s sensation, the second series certainly will.  To make it a reality, he’s launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $10k to help with the many costs of creating and producing the new cards.

Go big or go home, and that’s what Buff is doing.  For series 2 he’s creating 40 original character designs (80 cards in all with the beloved A/B editions), topping the 30 of the first series.  As with series 1,  Melty Misfits 2 will be about much more than just the standard cards, there will be plenty of chase cards including error cards, signature cards, sketch cards, variant cards and more.  And then there’s the mother of all chases… two  Golden tickets, each redeemable for something ‘unparalleled’. 

If you loved the first series of  Melty Misfits kiss-cut trading card stickers, head on over to the Melty Misfits S2 kickstarter page to check out the various rewards including two packs ($10), four packs ($20), complete base set with Kickstarter exclusive box ($40), and more.


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Paul Kaiju – Jade Green King Jinx Raffle (04.27)


You wanted more King Jinx! You got it! Taking place this Sunday, April 17th at 12PM PST, Paul Kaiju will be holding a raffle for his new Jade Green King Jinx on his website. This KJ features a brilliant green vinyl and features metallic sprays. It also includes a “Screaming Siren” idol figure. The lottery will be up for 24 hours and end on Monday, April 28th at 12PM PST. Winners will be notified within 4 days of the lottery and will be paying $250 + S&H for the figure.


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Sket-One x Mighty Jaxx – Dripple Artist Series


There seems to be more artists than we expected for Sket-One’s upcoming artist series of Dripple figures with Mighty Jaxx. Joining the ranks of Andrew Bell, kaNO, MAD, Shane Jessup, and Huck Gee are Tristan Eaton and Touma! It also looks like some of these figures will have their own unique detail to the platform. The Dripple Series 1 crowd funding begins this weekend on Friday, April 25th! More details HERE when the time is right.


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