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Apr 19, 2014

Jermaine Rogers – Make Your ‘Choices’ this Summer


During Easter weekend it might be heard to believe that not all bunnies lay multi-colored speckled eggs.  In fact, Jermaine Roger’s rabbits just might lay you out instead. First shown in proto form at last year’s SDCC, Jermaine’s Choices figure is on track for a summer release in vinyl. Digitally sculpted by Bigshot Toyworks, this one should be high up on collectors’ buy list.

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Seen: Kuso Vinyl at Wondercon 2014

Kuso brought several new exclusives to Anaheim for this year’s Wondercon.  There’s the new Darko Kid Dragon Minicel from Rotobox and the Tiger Happy Luckitty Pon  plus the Inazuma colorway from Rotobox as well.  While not an exclusive per se,   there’s the new collabo Death Serpent Ghost edition from Jesse Hernandez and Hydro74 , a perfect piece for those looking for a larger, intricate vinyl piece.

In addition to offering several previously released  Luckitty Pons and Minicels including the Voltron-inspired 5Star Cubs edition, Kuso is also treating Wondercon attendees to a preview of their future releases including their SDCC aquarmine Darko Kid Dragon Minicel, and two new ‘Goodzilla’ (wink wink) Pons.  Finally, Kuso brought a selection of their Kuso Pop apparel including caps and jackets.

If you’re dropping by the ‘con on Sunday (4.20), be sure to drop by the Kuso booth [#1247].5_kuso_wcon14


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