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Apr 14, 2014

COARSE x Amnesty International – “Freedom Candles” (04.19)


Amnesty International has asked the help of COARSE Toys to help design something to bring the world of art and activism together. Introducing “Freedom Candles”, each of which represents three different human rights injustices and are each limited to 10 pieces.

Candle one begins as a political prisoner being tortured. It burns away to reveal thesame man being reunited with his son. Amnesty International is launching a major new global campaign against torture on 13 May 2014.

Candle two begins as a military rifle. It burns away to reveal a pen signing the world’s first global Arms Trade Treaty—a treaty that followed decades of intensive campaigning by Amnesty International and other NGOs.

Candle three begins as a young girl who has been forced into sexual slavery. It burns away to reveal a young girl who is free to make her own choices. Amnesty International believes that it is everybody’s right to make their own decisions about their health, body and sexual life.

As each of the candles melt, they reveal a bronze figure inside, which symbolize the change that human rights activists can achieve. The “Freedom Candles” will be auctioned off for 8 days on eBay beginning on Saturday, April 19th. Every 30 hours they will release one candle. All of the proceeds from the auction will go towards Amnesty International’s work to help defend and promote human rights. When the time is right, head on over to AmnestyFreedomCandles.com.


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Milk Gallery Presents: Amanda Visell in MANTA (05.01)


Amanda Visell will be making her way out to Istanbul for her very own solo exhibition at the Milk Gallery, titled “MANTA”. “MANTA is all about being a girl, how you're perceived, and the giant hiding inside.” The show will be open on May 1st and will be in display until May 31st.

Afterwards, Amanda will be making her way to Berlin on Saturday, May 3rd for Pictoplasma for their 10th Anniversary character design conference. She’ll be there, along with Tim Biskup, Ben Bocquelet, Bubi Au Yeung, Buff Monster, Julian Pablo Manzelli, Diana Beltran Herrera, Sarah Illenberger, James Jarvis, Jean Jullien, Lizz Lunney, Andy Martin, Nychos, Benjamin Van Oost, Mikey Please, Darcel Disappoints, Brecht Vandenbroucke, and Kimiaki Yaegashi.

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Sket One x Mighty Jaxx + Some Luke Chueh - Upcoming Dripple Artist Series


Mighty Jaxx has just revealed the design sample they’ve got going on with none other than Sket-One. After all the teasing that’s been going on, we now know that Sket’s Dripple design will be the platform for an artist series, featuring MAD, Shane Jessup, Huck Gee, kaNO, and Andrew Bell. They are currently working on a Kickstarter campaign to help fund this project, which should be coming very soon! While we’re at it, check out what looks to be a custom of the platform figure by Luke Chueh. Perhaps one of the items for the kickstarter camapign?

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Sergey Safonov - Godot Cosmonaut


In celebration of Cosmonautics Day, Sergey Safonov has sent his very own Godot into space! The Cosmonaut Godot and his little rover friend is now available for pre-sale HERE. Each figure will retail $115 and is a must for your collection!

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Otto Björnik – World War D Part 2 Custom Dunny Series (04.16)


It is now Round 2 of Otto Bjornik’s World War D custom Dunny series, which features a reversed palette from the first release (SEEN HERE). The big release will take place this Wednesday, April 16th at 11AM EST in his online store HERE. Each custom 3” Dunny comes blind packaged with weapons except the two Medics with medical kits. They will each retail $110 +S&H. If you missed out on the first release back in September, here is your chance to score one of these magnificent customs!


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Scott Tolleson x De Korner – Wondercon Exclusive Kookie No Good


Scott Tolleson and De Korner’s  downtrodden Kookie No Good will be at Wondercon in Anaheim (4.18 – 4.20)  in a special exclusive edition.  The third edition of the new sofubi toy features the classic cookie colored vinyl with a white shit and snazzy red bow tie.  Find it at De Korner’s booth [#1153] for $39 (tax included).

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De Korner – Wondercon Exclusive Minicel (4.18 – 4.20)

De Korner will be exhibiting at Wondercon in Anaheim this weekend (4.18 – 4.20) with several new exclusives including their exclusive Minicel (5”) from Rotobox and Kuso Vinyl.  Limited to just 50 pieces, the yellow + black design complete with wings and twin blasters will be available from De Korner’s booth [#1153] for $22 (incl. tax).

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Frank Kozik –- Hateball: Freaky Fritz Release (4.16)


Hateball, aka Freaky Fritz is ready to bounce into your collection.  First shown at SDCC 2013, this severed bundle of rude energy debuts in a set of two unpainted sofubi pieces –- one 4” and one 3” in a random mix of solid mint and solid flesh colors. While you can certainly display Hateballs by themselves, they are designed to fit on to many fight figures and larger sofubi figures as well.

In fact,  since Frank is a  nice guy,  two fortunate customers chosen at random will score an righteous bonus -- one of two full-size figures (Salary Ika bodies) topped with a Hateball.     Limited to just 30 sets with signed/numbered header cards, these WWI + madball inspired vinyl figures drop on Wednesday (4.16) @ Noon PDT over at frankkozik.net for $65 (+ s/h) per set. 


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