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Mar 18, 2014

Skinner – Cave Crawler Release (03.19)


If you are a fan of sleeping at night, you’d better hope you don’t keep your toy collection in your room. Skinner’s Cave Crawlers will be making its escape this Wednesday, March 19th at Noon PST. The Cave Crawler stands 8” tall and is cast in resin and come with leg trophies of other crawlers they have eaten. This run is limited to 15 pieces and come packaged in a cool blood stained dungeon for $100. Find them HERE when the time is right!

The cave crawler emerges from a dark corridor creaking and clicking as it smells your fear and trembling mind vibes! It cannot see as it has grown coldly in the dark stinking passageways of a forgotten wound in the earths crust! A DUNGEON MOST FOUL!! It's eyes may be white milky orbs of blind slime but it can feel your presence! A shambling and rotten skull atop stabbing arachnid legs, it is the worst thing that EVER HAPPENED!!
And it comes for you!

Untitled-2 image(2) image(1)(1) Untitled-4(1) image_4

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